World of Warships Top 5 Epic Plays #1

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Welcome to Top 5 episode 1! Let me know what you all think of it and enjoy the moments! 😀


  1. Trying something new 🙂 let me know under this comment what you all think ^^ thanks!

  2. No offence but I believe you’ve shown more jaw dropping gameplays than these..

  3. Could you please do an Iowa commentary any time soon? I’m struggling to get the best out of it in the current meta.

  4. I think if you show the clip with the UI first, then the “action replay” bits second, it would make the clips better. No UI can be disorientating at first 🙂

  5. Hey, iChase. Thanks for the feature!

    Just wanted to mention that the Shiratsuyu played by Uradora was a big help on that kill by baiting the Blys into the ambush. We didn’t communicate it, but it just came naturally.

  6. This is absolutely amazing. I love the fact that there is so litte narrating. There isnt anything else to add besides what you already say and the images speaks for themself. The editing and filming is top notch and spot on ichase. 10/10. 🙂

  7. Chase did 9/11 confirmed ……..

  8. Can you show older replays btw? I mean from a different pacth?

  9. What so special about no. 1?

  10. next time, don’t show 3 versions of the same replay. maybe with that time saved, add more replays.

  11. Music volume was too loud. Add commentary instead.

  12. Niemand Wichtiges

    your videos are getting better everytime keep it up!

  13. Andry Randrianantoandro


  14. What do u use to capture gameplay and edit videos?

  15. These were mostly relatively normal/not so interesting moments,sorry but i did not like the video

  16. Cinematic mode is cinematic.

  17. f u google no real name

    Other than the torp dodge, other plays were just mediocre. Nice music

  18. Can you put the email in the video description for submissions? enjoyed it 🙂 specially the skycancer destruction haha

  19. I dont like that you show the scenes without HUD first

  20. I very much enjoyed the vid and have a very worthy clip (from this patch). I was wondering how I may send it your way?

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