World of Warships- Top 5 FREE Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 free premium ships! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
1:14 5. Mecklenburg
4:19 4. Azuma
8:43 3. Stalingrad
12:36 2. Marceau
14:57 1. Malta


  1. For me, my top free Premium is the ARP Takao. Back when that was available in an event in Asia server, I didn’t even have tier 8. Just grinded my ass off to get that Atago clone. My very first premium too.

  2. Mecklenburg “it has battlecruiser caliber guns” my brother in christ, we have battlecruiser with calibers ranging from 356mm to 508mm

    • Incomparable is battlecruiser?

    • @Admiral J yes

    • at low tier we do have BCs with 305s and 283s, but these are when their matching BBs are the same or similar caliber. There is no such thing as BC caliber, the whole point was for them to be cruiser speed ships with battleships guns, in the 1940s, the 305s weren’t battleship guns any more (not counting legacy ships and treaty restrictions on Germany).

    • This is one of those terms where I will defer to the curator of the USS new Jersey museum ship– battlecruisers always mounted the same guns as contemporary battleships. The Alaska was not a battlecruiser, because she did not mount 16″ guns. The type of ship that mounted 305 mm guns, while battleships were mounting 16″ guns were the “large cruisers”.

  3. Yeah, id say thats a accurate list. And only 2 of them are steel ships so thats a good sign.

    Marsceau is that French Speed boat with 127mms right? SO MANY PREIMIUMS!

  4. in sea lord world all ap’s from all ships hits like a truck😂

  5. Would it be possible to do a tier listing of all of the Dockyard ships?

  6. How about Salem?…. I use it to rank out each season. It’s my favorite

  7. Maxwell the luxray

    My only premiums i have are 2 T5 ARP ships and i got them back before a lot of anime collabs happened in game, kinda sad the ARP collab stopped happening. Really want the rest of the ships

  8. Unless something changed since the last time I played, I would be honestly kind of wary of recommending tier X premiums. I personally treat them more as special ships than full-fledged premium ships.
    It all boils down to money-making – tier IX are excellent money makers, while tier X simply mitigate own upkeep.

    So here comes the thing – if you are in need for a free premium ship, you probably need a money maker – which narrows it down to tier IX or lower.

    Speaking of this – Azuma – that is a weird ship. She is HUGE and made of paper, and depending on who you ask, she is either fantastic or utterly useless. She does farm credits like there is no tomorrow, though.
    She does require specific playstyle. You might be lured into thinking the is a bigger Zao, and that will get you killed – she doesn’t have nearly enough concealment to pull anything like Zao can. Stay at maximum possible range and make yourself scarce in early game, unless you have the opportunity to fire constantly from relative safety.
    Azuma is the type of ship that becomes more valuable in later stages of the game, when there are fewer ships around and when she is less likely to be focused down.

    • Just got the Azuma last week. Using Commander Azuma too. Still learning it but I tend to have a good time. Even with my below average skills she makes me a lot of credits. That will help off set grinding through the Kongo and the German DD line to get to their tier 6 sub.

      Just have to remember to have patients in the Azuma. She has good speed but it can get you into trouble.

    • @LordFinite Absolutely agreed about patience – this ship requires it and reserved mind.
      It is a relatively fast ship, but you must never forget how fragile you are – the speed is for keeping distance and almost never for pushing in this one.
      Same applies to tier X equivalent, Yoshino, was it? The only difference are torps that you can use as area denial or incidental damage.

    • with the bonus package of t10s being 50% bonus credits, I find them far better than t9s for credit farming, even just tech tree t10s with the normal repair cost. Normally im making around 300k a battle relatively reliably

    • @Communisticus You must be pretty good then. After getting the Iowa I was doing okay but never good enough. Then came the long streaks of losing. Finished getting the XP for the Montana and never bought it. Still don’t have a tier 10 ship.

    • @LordFinite I dont think im that great, have a sub 40% win rate in my Halland (which is my bonus package t10). I do tend to do quite well regardless of if its a win or a loss with over 1.6k base xp average, but that’s mostly due to the Halland being the perfect kiting ship. I also struggled a ton with credits until I got a t10, and I also had mine unlocked for a bit before I could buy it. I just went up a similar line and farmed enough credits on the lower tiers.

      Biggest thing for credit farming is t10 is easier because the 50% boost means you barely need to do anything to make up the repair cost, and you are far more likely to do something as a t10 in supership games than as a t9 (or hell even t10 games for some t9s)

  9. Geoffrey Stevens

    Grinding the Yamamoto Campaign in my Tier IX Carnot and Kearsage, and I’ve been sunk a few times by Marceau and Malta. Not happy either if the enemy has a Black, Conqueror or Thunderer either. I’ve also noticed the frequency recently of Santander and San Martin. They fire up their combat instructions, farm down your HP, and you wiped out by a salvo from a battleship you can’t see and can’t hit. Tier X subs are not fun to deal with either.

    • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

      You’re not playing against the ship, you’re playing against the player. If the player sucks it doesn’t matter what she they have. No ship magically makes a bad player good

  10. Александр Ванюков

    Aigle (available for coal) is pretty cool, can be played as “Tier 6 Kleber”.

  11. For me it’s Naploi. Not because it’s amazing, but because it’s so much fun. Ship has insane amounts of utility.

  12. Wow, no Pommern?? I thought that one was your all time favorite 😮

  13. I am surprised, I was expecting Kearsarge to be on this list, you sing that thing’s praises every chance you get, and she is available for coal

  14. Steel is an example of ‘All things come to those who wait’. I am saving up for my third steel ship and I do not play ranked, at all. My first steel ship took forever to get (about two years), as I got all of the steel through daily missions and snowflake and anniversary events. Now that I have a healthy number of tier VIII and tier IX ships, the snowflake and anniversary events provide much more steel than the free Battle Pass

    At the lowest tiers, 305mm is a caliber for battlecruisers. Past tier VI, 305mm guns are really “large cruiser” guns.

  15. Official Boomtish214

    My top free premium, back when it was available: the Nelson. Because nothing is more satisfying than literally being on fire half the game and then 3D printing your entire ship almost back to full HP, to the absolute disgust and dismay of your enemies before you hit them with 406’s to the face.

  16. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    you should do a video on your ship thoughts for the upcoming clan battles season. been wracking my brain on it I’d like to see your ideas. cheers.

  17. One of my fav ships is Haunghe.
    Tier 6 that should be tier 5.5
    But it is well equipped to slaughter DDs en mass!
    Good guns, Torps, good AA.
    Decent speed, smoke, hydro.
    Awesome concealment.
    Just don’t get hit….
    By anything!

  18. If we’re talking only premiums, I’d go German all day long. I have GK, Pommern, Tirpitz and Brandenburg and love all of them (GK and Tirp being my favorites). I want to get Mecklenburg but like you said, she’s harder to get and I don’t have the time to really grind on her.

  19. Haven’t played since the sub update, wg changed gpu min specs. All these new ships look fun.😊

  20. Would love a tierlist or any other type of list that rates mire the tier 5 to tier 8 ships because I feel that those tiers are the first ones where you have to put way more time into if you just play randoms for fun. For me are many ship to tier 4 very much alike and after tier 5 you really know what each techtree has to offer you.

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