World of Warships- Top 5 Free Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Free Premium Ships, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. For some strange reasons, I’m not that interested in tier 10 ships, they cost too much IMHO (materials and time). I play mostly tier 6/7 because that’s my best ratio fun/time played ((love scenarios too). And tbh I only got DoY for coals and it was enough grinding for me 😀

    • @MERT MERT

      I’ve found myself in more Co-Ops now, particularly to grind out those daily wins because of those days or even weeks when on your notifications list it reads…


      It’s like this no matter how well, mediocre or bad you play you’re just on the losing side 80% of the time some days and weeks and I still don’t know why this is, stats/percentage-wise.
      And yeh, the constant bitching and moaning in the in-game chat about ‘noobs’, ‘shit team’ etc (and those are the mild comments) and of course the salt!….oh the saltyness you get over here on the European server.. jayzuz.

      I once got reported by some Euro dood in his HMS Albermarle because I blasted him at very close range, getting cits and sinking him with my USS Georgia.
      18 In’ guns at less than 4km! (what did he think was gonna happen?)
      He was very upset about this t’would seem… after the game I got -2 Karma.
      Hehehe 😉

    • @D D Jay Thats exactly what Im experiencing on both US and EU servers. Constant DEFEATs and in most of them we re defeated devastatingly and very quick. Happens absolutely if I have premium on that day. Premium = Defeat. I really dont know how to and where to complain about this.
      And yeah theres so much swear and curse and language going on in EU server, while people on US server tend to be way way more polite. I feel much much comfy in US server. The ping is the problem though.

    • @MERT MERT

      Aye, the US server seems more polite and the ‘banter’ is better and they actually communicate with each other (from the vids I’ve seen)
      All players speakign American helps of course 😉

      The thing is, WoWs not only encourages, incentivises and rewards selfishness it’s based on it.
      ‘My Kills, My Xp, My Grind, My New ship’ etc.
      The game itself is baes completely on selfishness.
      There is nothing in the game that even encourages teamwork, let alone rewards you for it.
      You won’t even see the word ‘Teamwork’ while int he port screen or anywhere else.

      WG can impliment things for rewarding teamwork (and I don’t just mean the ‘assisted in capture ribbon’) but the choose not to.

      I may give the NA server a go if ye think it’s worth a try ,I’ll see what happens.

      ‘si vis pacem para bellum’

  2. What’s the point on calling first? Need a medal? Here’s the timestamp for each
    X Stalingrad – 1:51
    X Ohio – 6:21
    X Moskva – 10:01
    X Marceau : 13:20
    Honorable Mention: 15:10
    IX Kearsage : 16:55

  3. Since the Nelson was removed there isn’t anything mid tier for freeXP, was expecting something to have been introduced as a replacement at the time (at tier 7), but as yet nothing.

  4. Surprised to see Bourg not on this list. I just got her and I’ve been averaging 183k in her in ranked, and 88k in randoms. (Woulda been higher if I hadn’t run outta det flags and not realized it…) She’s an amazing ship.

  5. Novorossiysk and Repulse…

  6. No Honorable mention for the Bourgogne?? Come on Mountbatten, at least pin something here to remind us of the great French Super Baguette Delivery System

  7. @imanoob1319 while true, they were limited run ships.

  8. You forgot the Salem the des moins with a super heal

  9. Moskva would be a good ship if it wasn’t visible from the moon, I rarely play mine but as a coal ship cannot sell!

  10. SLB…. you missed the most OP ship in the game at the moment… Ragnar is a beast and will be either nerfed or removed… hopefully the later. I know you are bias towards BBs (I figured you had to mention your significant other- the Pomm) but I would think that Gaishu bringing a KOTS team with 7 of these would have been enough of a hint. Lose Moskva, put Raggy at #1 and your list is more realistic. Oh and the Baguette BB as at least an honorable mention since the only thing wrong with it is it’s so good it is a PR black hole.

  11. one thing I am wondering, is there a premium ship with match maker limited to one tier up. I seem to remember one from a long time ago, when CV strafing was a thing.

  12. Stalingrad: Typical Wargambling strategy of creating an OP ship, let everyone get it, then nerf it so that everyone gets discouraged and then buys the newest, greatest shiny OP ship.

  13. There’s still lots of good coal ships in the mids

  14. The problem with kearsarge is that to many people think they are a cv first bb second and sits in the back behind islands using their planes

  15. true, but it is better than straight up buying it outright. Through this way, players who get RB ships SHOULD be knowledgeable enough of the game to do decent in these.

  16. As a DD player I’m very happy with my Groningen (Friesland). It lacks the knockout punch of torps but US smoke and 5k hydro that allows you sit in the US smoke can be quite usable for farming HE.
    The one bad thing is my finger gets sore from rapid firing the entire game lol. It’s a gimmick ship and requires thought out positioning with others spotting your targets but when found it pummels and sets fires with the best of them and it’s a pretty good DD killer too. A-bit surprised that it’s not on the mentioned list but understood just the same because it requires a particular playstyle and can be hit and miss in making points depending on how the game plays out. It doesn’t fit my Lone Wolf playstyle but I’m Glad I got it: worth the one million Free XP chase

  17. 3:30 aaaww, tight about that, i loved shooting bow in Stalingrads in CB with my Monty, 15-ish km away stern in, i smashed them for 12-15, even 17k salvos through the upper bow, since they couldn’t juke much and couldn’t really disengage much either, i have always focused Stalingrads in CB when they’ve been on my flank bow

  18. Is Marceau worth it if I already have Kleber? Loving Kleber in t10 ranked, CVs are rare so it’s fun. Is Marceau more fun?

  19. Just why are u a filthy whale ???? Care about the game? Then pay in moderation… im new and even i know the company isn’t doing well for the players they just pocket the profit and move on. The game has potential but the companies only care of cash

  20. Georgia is fun too, you don’t really play it like other BBs but still a lot of fun and surprises the opponents every time.
    Bourgogne is probably one of the best all rounders, Jean Bart is fun but a bit gimmicky.

  21. I saw someone on the forums the other day describe Marceau as ‘a lovechild of Khabarovsk and Daring, with all the good points of her parents and reduced weaknesses’.

    Also I bet WG made Kearsarge American and not Russian so noone would cry ‘soviet bias’

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