World of Warships- Top 5 FUN As Hell Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that are fun as hell to play, and just down right goofy ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 List Intro
1:48 5. Karl XIV
5:08 4. Jager
8:12 3. St. Vinny
10:54 2. Paolo Emilio
12:53 1. Schlieffen


  1. Mainz is a pretty fun cruiser to play in (At least to me)

  2. PE and Schlieffen are the only boats that keep this game playable I swear

  3. Pre watch guesses, since “goofy fun” is absolutely a Sealord thing:

    Paolo Emilio

    Edit: I almost put the Jäger, dang it. Also, Jâger’s base detection range is only 70 meters worse than the IJN Kagēro family. There are some T7s even lower, but they can’t slot the concealment module.

  4. A Very interesting list indeed, they certainly sound like fun.

    Schlieffen “smaller caliber secondaries”, Excuse me? Isn’t covered in 128mm Turrets and 152mm Casemates? The phrase “wall of lead” is a understatement once those guns get going.

    Meanwhile my idea of fun (and insanity) is rolling out with ANY of the Atlanta Sisters and just going to town on some poor DDs.

  5. Jager reminds me of Okhotnik & I Love the War Canoe. (And the Yolo)

  6. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    I would add the Mainz and Weimar, the Atago, and the Brandenburg is just ridiculous in operations.

  7. There is one sore ship in the German Battlecruisers; the Zieten. Aside from that one though, they’re all fantastic.

  8. The most fun i have in this game ist when i play Colbert or Ragnar. Colbert is so squishy and instantly explodes when misspostioned, but when you pull it off, it’s just perfect. Absolutely awesome. Ragnar on the other hand is extremely tanky and it’s so god damn funny when you out-duel heavy cruisers or drive-by annihilate light cruiser that don’t suspect you. Also hunting down those 17900 Shimas is 10/10 satisfying.

  9. KVJ torps are ostergotland torps, not oland torps. But an interesting list. Id say okhotnik is more fun than jager since it is at a tier where there are no radars ( it sees only 2 radars if double uptiered- rare in t5 games: indy and atlanta)and barely any hydro ships (unless uptiered) and not many players know what they are doing. Granted the last one is true for all tiers nowadays 😂

  10. Jaeger has same stealth as the T5 Fujin/Kamikaze clasd DDs

  11. For sheer fun and oblivious of “tier snobbery”.. the Russian DD Derskey is Hysterical.. It’s a straight up murder machine.. lol

  12. GREAT Fiji kill, that’s just amazing.

  13. German T2 DD V-25. Fast, maneuverable, can stealth torp, and forward firing torpedoes. I badly want a version at higher tier…

  14. I’ve had lots of fun in Austin. Always a frenetic game.

  15. I LOVE the Gokaze. It has good guns and 12 km torps. Its so fast I can wiggle so fast as I kite I have had a number of enemies wonder how I move so fast. Fun as hell.

  16. Salem, Lightning, G.K. or Pommern, Harugumo, & Le Fantasque. Not terribly good with the Fantasque, but she is very fun.

  17. Sea Lord, please think about a quickie Honorable Mentions list before your number 1 pick. I believe the floating pencil, er, the OKHOTNIK would fit in that list.

  18. I’m still on my way going to get schlieffen, nice video sir.. ✨

  19. Schlieffen is my #1 as well. Ive got a recent vid posted where I face tank’d and destroyed vastly heavier hulls just using angles and engagement timing. Such a good boat.

  20. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    It would indeed be great to talk about top 5 fun as hell ships we can actually play. Jaeger was a limited reward ship, so those of us who never knew about it before can’t go after it now.

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