World of Warships- Top 5 Fun Premiums

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Hey guys, today I discuss 5 premiums that are a blast to , enjoy!

: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. The fighter planes on the lenin are nigh useless, compared to other l fighter consumables. They might as well not bother.

    That said, the Lenin is amazing. And its my favourite Premium even surpassing the Enterprise.

    Bow tanking is hilarious, correctly positioned youre basically an impenetrable wall shooting deadly AP shells.

    • I got the Lenin as one of a “Summer Sale” bundle… it is now one of my favorite ships at Tier 8.

    • Sons of Odin World of warships

      I have a 56% win rate on 14,000 games. I have a 31% win rate on my Lenin after getting around 30 T10 games out of 40 games played. Not really fun.

  2. My favorite premium is the October revolution , one of -if not- the best AA for a t5 bb, 12x305mm pack a punch , I always have a blast playing it

  3. You forgot the Ochotnik. This thing is so powerful on t5, when played correctly.

  4. Scharnhorst is a great ship, it’d be my number 1. Fast turret rotation, torps, fast reload, good speed, decent armour, nice secondaries. Can be played as a true battleship or a battlecruiser. 11 inch guns obviously aren’t ideal, but I think it’s worth it for the reload speed (especially at tier 7).

  5. Graf Spee could use a buff, but I am having a blast in it. You can really shock some cruisers who aren’t in the know. I’ve obliterated some people with the big guns. As long as you run AR and stick near a BB, it can be really fun. I know many will disagree, but I love it 🙂

  6. Add Bayard to the list: fast (34 Kn before speed boost), maneuverable (9.3 sec base rudder shift), with awesome firepower (8 sec reload 4×3 152mm with 1/5 HE pen before IFHE) and a main battery reload booster. Its squishy, but very hard to hit, and a real blast to play even when up tiered to TX.

  7. lee christmasgaming

    just curious, are you going to the anchors away at Kidd on the 22nd?

  8. I wish they would give the Alabama at least the improved heal that all US BBs have now. Even the Montana got it with the latest patch.

  9. you forgot the cruiser Molotov, the T6 Stalingrad.

  10. Not my choices but interesting, I have most of them but don’t play them very often, maybe I will give them another go. Thank you for sharing.

  11. During the last ranked sprint me and a player I faced in a Graf Z decided to fight with secondaries…. My Massachusetts didn’t have IFHE at the time and he was rekking me….
    I own all the others on your list and love taking each one out…..

  12. The Guns on the Nelson can actually rotate 360 Degree. And the Number 3 Turett is not blocked by Turret number 2 like the Izumo so you can rotate all 3 turrets from left to right in short time. The difference beetween Nelson and izumo is that the Nelson has 25mm plating like all Tier 6 and 7 bbs (overmatched wich 15 Inch guns), a conquerer-like superheal and brittish sheals.(great He and ap with lower fuze time that is still very good thanks to the caliber of 406mm). Lenin has 32mm plating because it is Tier 8.

  13. I wonder when and if they will bring back the Missouri

  14. Scharnhorst is my go to ship when I need to have some fun, uptiered I play her in a similar style to a heavy cruiser with attitude, I’ve found myself grinning like a Cheshire Cat ?

  15. I will defend Graff Zeppelin to the ends of the earth. It is not only my favorite carrier in the game but up there in the running for favorite ship full stop

  16. There are three constants in life: Death, Taxes, and Mountbatten including Massachusetts in his countdown videos

  17. Nice vid buddy 🙂
    Just have 1 thing to say about lenin: you can actually use all 3 guns without getting penetrated. As soon as the third turret can fire you maintain a perfect angle thanks to the extended belt armor, but you shouldnt turn more than that.

  18. My favourite one is the tier VIII Atago. Fast, high manovrability, decent cannon damage and good “stealth” in the little passages between islands. Unfortunatelly it’s a bit squishy and take damage easily, so it’s difficult to use it in the right way to survive and at the same time remaining in the front line to capture points and to launch torpedos.

  19. I just started playing like not even a month ago and I’ve been jumping around the different BB lines, I started grinding the German BBs first cause the Bismarck is cool as hell and I want it, holy shit your telling me they used to be more inaccurate? They can’t hit anything at range and still potato shots up close, and that’s if you find an opportunity to get close so you can be of some use. I’m also on the Kongo and Queen Elizabeth and I don’t have any problems in those ships, even though the Kongo gets trashed by Russian BBs. I’ve had one stellar game in the Gneisenau where the guns just worked, one. Brawling is really fun but getting into a brawl is so difficult.

  20. Through ignorance or just being attracted to shiny things, most of the premiums I’ve bought have been… Not great. That said, I really love the Haida. Super stealthy, creeping smokescreen, great gun range, a secondary battery! Torps are so-so but being able to single fire them lets you keep an ace up your sleeve if you need it.

    My most recent purchase is the Abruzzi. With Sansonetti it’s a decent ship, just gotta level him up more. Next purchase will probably be the Scharny.

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