World of Warships- Top 5 Future Premium Ships 2

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys another list of ships that I think should be made into premium ships, enjoy!

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  1. As a Greek person i can say that the pronounciacion on the Averof was pretty spot on. Cheers!
    Edit : You could have also mentioned it basicaly routed the Ottoman Navy twice in the Battles of Lemnos and Elli almost singlehandedly 🙂

  2. george marnelakis

    This ship George Averof, that’s how its called has a bigger story behind it, It chased and crushed the whole Turkish fleet single handed during the Balkan war in 1920’s. It became the fear of Aegean Under the command of Admiral Kountouriotis and the captain of the ship Sophokles Dousmanis, Turks gave the nickname “Seitan papor (Satans ship)” and the Greeks called it “Lucky uncle George”. Now the ship operates as a Naval museum in Trokadero, a small port near Piraeus!

  3. Vittorio Veneto will almost certainly be the t8 tech tree Italian BB

    EDIT: spoke too soon

  4. The Vittorio Veneto, you almost got it right, when you said Veneto I heard a i somewhere, it has none in the Veneto pronunciation

  5. If WG can’t make a split main battery work on the Greek ship then they can always reimagine it with Single Mount 9 inch guns on the side. Give it about 24.5 knots speed and stick it in tier 5.
    I think it would be fun to play and play against.
    I also like your idea about the USS Tennessee, I had forgotten just how badass that ship looked.

  6. Do it with me
    Vit to rio
    Ve ne to
    Vittorio is good
    Veneto, read TO as you read it in vitTOrio 😛
    Then you are close to pasta perfection 😀

  7. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    Thanks a LOT for talking about the Averoff and choosing it for this top-5 ! This ship makes every Greek person shiver in proud !

  8. I just want my goddam British battlecruiser line

  9. For the Averof, you could have a fictional refit replacing the main guns with 7.5″ (190mm) or all the main and secondary guns with 8″ (203mm) giving a broadside 8 guns. Or you could use 6″ (150/152mm) with 3 gun turrets replacing the 2 gun 9.2″ (234mm) and 2 in each of the 2 gun 7.5″ (190mm) turrets, giving a 10 gun broadside. It’s something WG might consider, and if it had been done in real life it would have made fire-control much easier. Personally I favor the 6″ (150/152mm) because it makes it easier to defend against DD’s.

  10. I would love it if wargaming went completely crazy and added something like the danish coastal defence battleship. With only one 240mm main gun, it would likely play as a cruiser sized Mikasa.

  11. It will be good if wargaming brought ships of the Royal Indian Navy under the Commonwealth flag.

  12. No British ship Mountbatten?! shame *rings bell* shame *rings bell* shame *rings bell*

  13. Manligheten
    Emden (1925)

  14. See I’d like to see a pan-European faction – throw in the Blyskowica, add ships from Sweden (Tre Kronor), Netherlands (de Ruyter) and the Yugoslav DDs- Dubrovnik!

  15. Herrman Thee German

    KMS Emden the ww2 light cruiser. Germans needs some ships

  16. I’d much rather have Tennessee come as part of a 2nd USN BB line than as a premium. California would be a much better candidate for that #4 spot.

  17. I played the roma in the last week and i think wargaming has fix some of the accuracy. It really sucked about 2 months ago

  18. Go back to 1880 for lower tiers… forward to 1965 for top tiers.

    I would love seeing the Pan European Tree, Italian Tree, expanded Commonwealth Tree… More “sister ships” of current in-game and premiums. Would like the ability to have more than one of a specific ship with different modules and dedicated captains for each configuration. How about letting players choose an historical configuration for a specific class and assign a name other than the standard…someone who served on a particular ship could have their ship in game…like a cosmetic “transmogrification” process for credits/doubloons say.

    USS Olympia
    ORP Grom
    ORP Orzel

    I would love to see the submarines added. If/when that happens, I would like to see new ships besides DD’s… DE’s, Corvettes, Frigates, Sub-Chasers, Motor Torpedo Boats, Maybe a Seaplane Tender with ASW Consolidated PBY Catalinas?

    Also Mine Layers, Mine Sweepers (this is a thing elsewhere now). Attack Cargo Ships, Q-Ships, LST’s.

    Maybe coastal fortresses which defend their specific caps depending upon which team holds the cap?

    Hoping the Pan European line comes to include the Spanish, Austria-Hungary, Greek, and Ottoman Empire ships. A great concept would be to have the submarine HMS E-11 interact with the Ottoman ships for a scenario…

    In addition to HMS E-11, other famous submarines would be awesome! USS Holland, IJN I-58, IJN I-400, SMS U-20, and ORP Orzel for instance.

    And my own personal favorite, the Fletcher Class USS Abbot DD-629, which rammed an aircraft carrier during WW2 and was able to sail back to Pearl Harbor under it’s own power with main battery guns intact. It didn’t do much damage to the carrier (USS Cowpens CVL-25), but it also didn’t explode upon contact.

  19. HMS Dido – UK Lolanta
    HMS Royal Sovereign / Freebie USSR version
    USS Johnson
    HMS Tartar

    Italian Navy needs some serious love. And Royal Navy needs a cruiser split, CA and CL.

  20. Amazingly navies other than the USN do exist……. There are more than enough standard US BB’s in game.

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