World of Warships- Top 5 Future Premium Ships 3: According To You!

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Hey guys! So today I have another top 5 future premium ships video, but this time it’s all according to you guys!

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. I like the idea of the tiger, I really want to see the addition of a county class cruiser. I would really like it if they added it as one of the commonwealth cruisers.

  2. Well…going by War Gamings current power “creep”…Im expecting to see the USS Zumwalt within the next 6 months! lol

    • considering its a toothless paper tigrer with no guns they should make it T1

    • Martin Golay seeing as your dum you should have been swallowed the zumwalt could destroy every ship it faces at range literally has anti ship missiles which could out range any bb no problem

  3. The R class RN Battlecruisers for me.

  4. Johnston charged the Center Force, launched a torpedo at a heavy cruiser and took its bow off, fired at more ships in the Center Force, and charged at a light cruiser and 4 destroyers attacking the carriers (taking a crap ton of damage in the process). R.I.P Captain Evans

  5. the Salamis would be interesting premium battleship.

  6. So lmao with that LOR bit very well done mate 🙂

  7. The game needs HMAS Brisbane Or Sydney heavy cruisers in it, they also need to add Haida and vampire to the commonwealth tech tree !

  8. You nailed it with the Johnston and its commander.

  9. Nice vid Sea Lord, I really hope the De Ruyter is added.

  10. Inb4 video copyright claim

  11. How about putting the New Zealand cruisers in the right tech tree – HMNZS Leander, Neptune, Achilles. Or at least adding one premium to the commonwealth tree like HMNZS Gambia or Monowai. Most of these ships were either in service or loaned to the New Zealand Navy pre 1941

  12. Bring back Kitakami, friendly torp damage for days.

  13. How bout the version of the tillman that had 18 inch belt armor? Hahaha

  14. They call me Orby

    USS Pennsylvania 1944 refit

  15. USS Nevada AFTER REFIT
    USS Houston (Northampton class)
    IJN Shinano
    HMS Ramillies
    HMS Lion

  16. The dream ships for me are Shinano, the carrier conversion Yamato, and USS Barb, the rocket-slinging submarine that killed a train.

  17. Man, I like your videos alot Sealord! But, when you pronounce Yamato…

  18. I want the Lexington-Class Battlecruisers Constitution and Constellation.

  19. That Lord of the Rings clip killed me???

  20. I’d rather see the Tillmans as a line split than as premiums. It could easily accommodate 1920s South Dakota at T8, then end with that final Tillman at T10.

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