World of Warships- Top 5 Future Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at some ideas for upcoming premium ships! Just a reminder that these are just ideas that I am spitballing here, let me know what ya think below!

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  1. The Ersatz Monarch-Battleships (k.u.k.) might not be real steel ships, but I‘d definitely love to see one in-game!

  2. HMS Rodney also should have Torpedoes since historically she is the only battleship to score a battleship to battleship torpedo hit

  3. Hi SLM, I think your proposals are quite solid.
    Although it’s a missed oportunity to just tinker on already existing ships in the game.
    There are lots of completely uncovered real ships by WG, like for example South American BB’s, swedish BB’s and Cruisers or Spanish Light cruisers.

  4. Definitely a U.S.S. New Jersey bundle with Ryan Szymanski as skipper!

  5. Finnish coastal defence ship Väinämöinen would be interesting premium ship.
    T4-5, Really really slow, good AA, accurate long range 254 mm guns.

    So basicly slow Graf Spee without torps and slower than south carolina without engine upgrade.

  6. If I was going to add a T8 Rodney, I would give her 1. a speed boost to acknowledge her engineers heroics; as she somehow managed exceeded her design speed to chase down Bismark, despite needing her engines replaced (also means she might cope a little better with T8 MM) and 2. a couple of torpedo’s in the hull ala Mutsu (WG have said they don’t want below-waterline torps so I’d do a lil fudge to make it happen).

  7. For a meme I would create HMS Glowworm, based off the Gallant/Icarus. I’d put it at T7, give it slightly faster turret rotation to go with the two quintuple torp sets which she was the test ship for. I’d increase the health-pool and maybe a small heal, depending on how it fairs with T7 Matchmaking.
    The meme would be I’d ‘bake’ a ramming flag into her hull, so if she rams without a flag she takes the 20% less damage and deals 50% more by default and then the ramming flag adds it’s own bonus, so she could do insane damage in a ram, even against a BB with ramming flag. It would almost never see use but any time an enemy recommends a ship and her crew for a valour award, it’s a special ship

  8. HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, a.k.a. “the floating island” 😉
    A T1 Dutch cruiser (its actually a minesweeper, therefore T1) with its “island” cammo scheme which makes the ship looks a bit like an island (but still the ship should be partly visible), very stealthy ship but you only have 1 very fast firing 3 inch gun.

  9. Hells yes for the Johnston and also need an AA heavy Laffey.

  10. I really want to see a refitted HOOD at tier 8 with vanguards improved AP pen and range with repulses speed boost. Would be amazing… Could even give her the AA gimmick back

  11. One ship that I hope we get in the game would be USS Hornet, CV-8. The reason for it is that it could be sort of like the Immelmann or indomitable because of the B-25 Mitchel Medium bombers. It would be a tier 8 but would only have a squadron of big health pool bombers that would attack either one plane at a time or two at a time and would drop 6 he bombs each. Another set of aircraft it would have is torp bombers. Specifically the TBF Devastator squadrons it launched at midway.

    • Or they could have the first Wasp carrier. It was a smaller ship because they ran out of treaty tonnage. I’m surprised they don’t have the ships involved in sinking the Bismark. He mentioned the Rodney but how about Norfolk, Suffolk and Dorsetshire? They have ships of the same class but not the three most famous ships.

    • So a downgraded FDR? Huh

  12. For me a top 5 of premiums i wish we had in the game would be:
    Lützow: T7 variant of the Graf Spee with a hypothetical refit that would give it the 128 secondarys from Hannover and the scharnhorsts guns
    Rodney: T8 Nelson with torps improved armor and otherwise as SLMB suggested
    Shinano T10: A T10 CV based on the hull of yamato focused on long range support. It s gimmics would be 9km Torps with slow speed but high alpha, HE Bombers with low alpha but many Bombs and Another flight of torpedo bombers with less range (4km), low alpha and 6 torps dropped per drop. Also due to her history, she cannot dmgcon sonarpings.
    Z50: T9 A downtiered Z52 with 6km torps but improved AP angles and T9
    Louisiana: T10 Researchburo ship: A Montana with 35 Sek reloadtime, therefore with improved AA, AA consumable, Heal and Russian DMGcon

  13. Johnston should have the Sims maneuverability and Evins should have an increased health and reload if it has sunk a BB.

  14. USS Washington (BB-56) North Carolina Class. In real life it fought at night and used her secondaries and main guns against the Japanese Battleships Kirishima and the Heavy Cruisers Atago and Takao (surprising them as they were engaging USS South Dakota and didn’t even notice Washington until it started firing at less than 7700 meters). In real life Admiral Lee was known for gunnery accuracy, so either a secondary build or give it more accurate guns. Either way, better stealth would be fun, especially for a secondary build. Also, make Admiral Lee a special Commander. He also won 5 gold medals in the 1920 Olympics.

  15. I’d like to see more ships in game that are real life museum ships… with a percentage of their sales going to the museum they represent… USS New Jersey, Wisconsin, several Essex’s, etc… the Essex’s could all be identical except for their camos making them look like their respective museum counterpart, so really it could be buy an Essex and the corresponding camo for the museum you want to support. Let’s not forget about the various other cruisers and destroyers around the world on display that could use some financial help as well.

  16. if they’re going to add a New Jersey with secondaries, they should also add in the Wisconsin with increased ram survivability. It IS the only one of the Iowas to ram a ship… a friendly ship… in 1956, and had its bow replaced with the incomplete Kentucky’s.

  17. Marsh1947 FlyFightWin

    Love to see the Lutzow or known earlier as Deutschland, or the Admiral Scheer. Love to see Graf Spee’s sister ships. Especially since Admiral Scheer sunk the most tonnage of any of the Kriegsmarine surface warships during the war.

  18. I would love if Wargamming included some of the USN dd classes that have yet to be in the game.
    1) Maybe the Porter-class destroyer at tier 8-9 with (8 127 mm guns) and maybe shorter range torps (2×4 setup).
    2) How about the post war Norfolk-class destroyers (8-76 mm guns possibly HE and SAP and good torps (2×4 setup) at tier 10 or super ship.

  19. USS Oregon City – Lead ship of the class – Giver her Radar instead of smoke but make her Tier 9 and Give her 10 second base reload and better concealment.

    Also, Gneisenau 1940 – Tier 7 with less HP but improved secondary’s with the 283mm guns with similar reload speed to Scharnhorst. Also, Give her a choice between a 8km Radar or 6km Hydro.

  20. Rodney is my favorite of these suggestions. The ship that had the biggest part in taking down the Bismarck deserves to be in the game.

    As for tech lines, I want to see British battlecruisers, but with the German ones and Repulse having been so successful with the playerbase, I can’t imagine they aren’t already in the works.

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