World of Warships- Top 5 Future Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 historical ships/designs that I believe would be interesting premium ships in the future! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
1:33 5. Tennessee
4:49 4. Lexington
8:56 3. Kentucky
13:14 2. Surcouf
16:55 1. Johnston


  1. Uss Wisconsin, more like a T9 brawler with Georgia levels of dispersion and accuracy with its guns, with the short cool-down heal.

  2. I would like to see some more Aussies, such as the county classes Australia, Shropshire and Canberra. It would also be cool to see the British R Class battleships.

  3. I want to see Tosa in game, I wouldn’t want anything radical, it would essentially be a slower, but tankier Amagi, but it would be cool to see a historical japanese battleship design that was never built (Kaga was going to be a Tosa class battleship before the Washington naval treaty, and eventually she was decided to be converted to an Aircraft Carrier)

  4. Light Blue Waves

    Honestly (since i’m a Dutchman) i would love to see these ships:

    – A techline of Dutch destroyers.

    – A alternative branch of Dutch light cruisers starting after Eendracht.

    -The 1913 proposal Dutch dreadnought
    (Very ironic, just like ww2 battlecruiser project it got cancelled due to a world war) .

    – Karel doorman, used to be a British cv of the Colossus class, sold to the Netherlands, than later was sold to Argentina.

    – And also perhaps HMS prince of wales, her gimmick could be she can deploy a smokescreen like the italian ships (considering she did in RL deploy smoke to escape bismarck and prinz eugen) and status wise a kind of inbetween of kgv and doy.

    – Oh and also HMS Rodney, what could set her apart from Nelson is that she has torpedoes like she had in RL, but in exhange she gets a regular heal, no super heal and perhaps slightly weaker HE shells.

    – And finally, a pan European cruiser tech line.

  5. In the early 20th century, South America was in the middle of a Dreadnought race, Argentina, Chile and Brazil fighting to see who would get the biggest and baddest BB of the bunch
    The ones made were Latorre (Chile), Rivadavia (Argentina) and Minas Geraes (Brazil)
    I’m unsure if WG is holding them for a LatAm BB line, but they’re real steel ships that could be in the game

    I’d like to ser Gotland and Ooyodo as well

  6. I don’t know why the Battle off Samar isn’t a scenario already, or Surigao Strait for that matter. There’s other options from real world battles that sort of baffle me why they weren’t turned into scenerios. You could easily create two from Jutland.

  7. Yeah, Surcouf is so large and has such an impressive dive capacity, she still hasn’t surfaced since her last dive.

  8. I am still a fan of the idea of the USS Washington an Lee as her unique commander. giving her something with radar/sharpshooter since that was Lee’s ability in rl would make for a very fun and possibly dangerous ship. And only USN ship to engage and sink a enemy battleship in WWII.

    • That would be great. I always wondered why Washington State didn’t save their North Carolina class BB the way NC did.

    • @Chris Austin You and me both. But then again the entire country could not get together enough funds to save their greatest warship from WWII, the USS Enterprise, a ship with the most battle stars and participated from Pearl until the end of the way, so many things are curious.

  9. think the Johnston, Hoel and Samuel B Roberts that should be Praised and blessed. And why not the “Sammie B” in game? a DE might make for intersting game play.

  10. S’cwene’yti

    Surcouf is my biggest ask, such an insane boat. Also, you didn’t mention the rotating, side launching torp tubes it had at the rear! Could almost function like the Elbing, designated cruiser killer.

  11. I would love to see the USS Samuel B Roberts in the game as a premium, that would be an interesting ship to have. Another great one would be the USS San Francisco, along with a Guadalcanal Night map.

  12. When the super ships were introduced into the tech tree WG announced that eventually all branches will have a T11. Your hybrid proposal would fit into that quite well as a T11 after Loiusiana and it would then make sense to actually give it some planes that United States has. Would not be a premium then, but still something that might make its way into the game.

    • And speaking of hybrids, I can’t wait for the IJN submarine/CV hybrid. Would have expected that (I-400 was it?) on your list. I would play that for trolling the haters alone XD

    • Imposter Flareon

      Whoa! I can’t even imagine one day having a super Vermont.

  13. 4:25 – Funnily enough, Tennessee does appear in World of Warships: Legends on the console, where she’s a tech tree ship (Note that the tiers range from I-VIII; she’s tier V), but she’s in her pre-refit hull compared to California being a premium and in the same tier as her.

    • Problem with those old US dreadnoughts is that they are so slow they are hard to play. If you don’t guess right where the action will be you might not get more than a few shots off before the game ends. As much as I prefer US ships if we are going to see an old BB I’d rather see a British or German ship that can actually get to the battle before it’s over.

  14. Edward Thompson

    My suggestions would be Almirante Latorre (previously HMS Canada) as a Tier 6 Premium Pan-American Battleship and a R Class Battleship as a Tier 6 Premium British Battleship that would have more tankiness than the QE class but slower. If mines come into the game, HMS Manxman ought to be considered. Give her over 40 knots and loads of mines with concealment and smoke. Great fun.

  15. Good call on the Johnston plus add the 16.5 klick torps to the Johnston which will counter the subs, CVs and all the radar existing in today’s game

  16. I would have liked the Japanese NO. 13 class battleships, they were a design that succeeded the KII class designs that would have upgraded the main battery to 8, 18 inch guns. she would be a fast battleship with Yamato guns.

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