World of Warships- Top 5 Future Premium Ships

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Hey ! today I go over some some ships that I would like to see as ships in the !

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  1. USS New Jersey in secondary build is very good idea.

  2. Agree with the first ones but not another bloody iowa, and the Scourf, well if they do subs, sure later. But not another Iowa. Have the USS Lexington as designed or something (8 x 16-inch guns on a hella fast hull but NO armour) but not a bloody Iowa!

  3. Glorfindel of Gondolin

    Great video, I respect your opinions. Pretty much all of those ships would be awesome to see. I’d personally like to see the USS Lexington in her battlecruiser form, or Lexington CC, at T7, maybe? Another ship I’d love to see is the Northampton-class USS Houston CA-30 at T6. They already got a handful of ships in the game that were at the Battle of the Java Sea, why not the last one to go down swinging? It’s one of those ships that carries a story of epic proportions of heroism and bravery and could be fun at mid tier. Just, for the love of God, give it a historically accurate paint scheme and don’t do what they did with the West Virginia where they had it in historical Neutral Grey, then change it to something that that configuration never wore, Measure 32/D or whatever. Anyways, those are just two ships I’d love to see in game, but I did like your video. Keep it up!

  4. I would love to see the Hms Repulse in the game, But i don’t think she would fit at tier 6. She’s too lightly armed and armoured. Post refit she only had a main belt of 229mm. I can’t see that handling well in the current MM spread fighting Bismarks and Amagis. I think she would better fit at tier 5.

  5. USS New Jersey, the last battleship that saw some real action.

  6. Michael Meyer-Palmer

    I’d like to see something like HMS Royalist, after her planned refit when she got the autoloading 4.5 inch guns 10 of them I believe. Tier 7/8 premium AA cruiser, no torps and the same 3-inch guns planned for Minotaur.

  7. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys for Olympia I meant to say “oldest floating steel warship”

    • Isnt really true either. HMS Warrior is technicly not floating right now but she is floatable.

    • Dear friend form 5 to 2 I can agree. But the N. 1 OMG 🙁 That was one of the most terrible project that proved to be totally useless.
      What about focusing on the Italian Navy? At least BB and Cruiser were REAL not like the Russian BB that pretty much never exhisted.
      Antway nice video especially for the historical movies.

    • Ironclad, I think

    • I was thinking that the New Jersey could have “live” secondaries. That is to say, equipped with a secondaries camera that could be aimed by the player. Press 4 for HE, 5 for AP, and maybe even press 6 for FLAK.

  8. Really great ideas, would love to see some of these iconic vessels in game as well!

  9. i think they would better focus on a pan european line
    with european cruisers and dd,s and maby a battlecruiser and/or lower tier battleship
    or the italian navy
    and while brainstorming ,,,,, i was wondering why not bring out 1 tier every week and not tier 1 to 10 all in 1 go

    • Just bring out the Dutch fleet already. Couple of DD’s and a couple of CL’s, with a bunch of coastal defence battleships and paper battleship designs for a hypothetical BB line.

  10. The HMS Habakkuk the ice carrier is already in the game files >:D

  11. Would like to see the 3rd Des Moines-class Cruiser, USS Newport News. As a secondary cruiser for USN. Because you can do some silly things with IJN Zao secondaires.

  12. It’s actually pronounced “suhr-coof”.

  13. While Shinano was converted into a carrier, she only carried about 40 aircraft, and was mainly used as a shuttle to move aircraft .

  14. Well Secondary main Iowa should be a really interesting ship but my No.1 pick for future premium is HMS London, the only County Class CA to get the newish RN BB like bridge(In my country people call it Castle bridge but donno how it is officially named). I think HMS London could be at T7

  15. Can not agree with you more aboit the USS NJ. Many playrrs I know would love this ship added to the game. Would be cool to have a set with the Wisconsin added as well!

  16. •_Lumia Art_•

    I want the revenge class BB Royal Oak

  17. No KNM Eidsvold, very disappointing 🙂

  18. Olympia is the oldest floating steel ship? And her name is pronounced Sir-coof?

  19. Evangeline Anovilis

    USS Olympia likely wouldn’t keep her torp tubes, nor would the Repulse. WG does not implement these old-timey torp tubes.
    Shinano being a brawling BB… ara ara… not just is the main reason Yamato doesn’t brawl not her secondaries, but her silly large citadel, which you won’t get fixed in a brawling-type BB (just as Massachusetts stays just as squishy as the Alabama), but even if the CV fans are a minority, the IJN fans will start a riot if the Shinano becomes some fantasy BB instead of its historical configuration just to cater to BB mains.
    Surcouf would first need submarines in game. Which by itself is kind of nonsense.

    Frankly, if you want an IJN brawling BB, I’d argue you’d be better served with something on lower tiers, like Yamashiro or at T8 with the Tosa. Reason I’d suggest those would be that, yes, while Fuso is likely the easiest to citadel on T6, the ship does have a large array of 152 mm guns, which at T6 are still ok as secondaries. Tosa as a T8 would need some refit from her original plan, but is basically like an Amagi with torps. Tosa sadly lacks a decent secondary outfit though for her tier, unless she gets fitted with Kii secondaries, which brings up Kii… which is basically 3-5 km secondary range away from being a decent IJN secondary range, as it already has torps and the highest secondary dpm of any BB (and most can pen 32 mm with IFHE).

    Personally, I don’t have a lot of ships I wish for. Basically just:
    – Haruna, as an improved late-war Kongo at T6. Better accuracy, 25 mm extremity plating, a bit lower concealment maybe, late-war AA (given it’s mostly additional 25 mm guns that got nerfed hard in their range, it’s not going to be much of an AA fortress). Basically what PEF would be if it had proper pen instead of being some secondary/AA abomination (latter which got nerfed into the ground).
    – A Nr 13-class BB, which would be T10 likely, as it’s basically a 457 Conq with torps. Obviously gets IJN ammo and a fantasy AA refit.
    – Any Asashio-class, just to have a representative of the class that isn’t absolutely retarded.
    – HMS Ajax, as a premium Leander. We already have the Exeter and Graf Spee.

  20. British and German BC lines (from ww1)

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