World of Warships- Top 5 Gimmicky Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Gimmicky Ships! Ships that have one or more gimmicky features about them! Enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Video Intro
1:15 5. Conqueror
4:24 4. Paolo Emilio
7:03 3. Black
8:56 2. Guiseppe Verdi
12:33 1. Sevastapol


  1. coolawesomeepicman

    I always thought the most gimmicky ship was my dad’s old fishing boat.

  2. They should gave Gieuseppe Verdi slightly more secondaries range

    • More range and at least regular German bb secondary accuracy. It would make it pretty competitive as a secondary ship with the sap alpha and having a smoke screen to use your secondaries unimpeded for a minute with spotting. But it will still really rely on having spotting because using your smoke and losing sight of enemies is pretty embarrassing especially since you’ve only got 3 smokes.

  3. I’ve found Vanguard having a very hard to spot gimmick to be an additional gimmick cuz nobody expects it to turn faster than heavy cruisers and have an extended heal duration xD

  4. Kind of surprised that the Austin didn’t make the list.

  5. Honourable Mention:
    I’d argue that Tier 7 Maya would be on this list.

    While this list was dominated by Tier 9 and 10 ships, Maya is practically an adaptation of a classic ship (Atago) with a Reload Booster of all things. Would have helped if she also had the Tier 8 equipment slot to make sure Rudder 1 wasn’t mandatory, and the extra conceal to 10.1km (currently 11.2km) would have been nice to have.

  6. I was expecting to see the Georgia on this list, with its faster than DDs speed boost, its 18″ guns, and Massachusetts/German BB secondaries.

  7. Atlanta: AA specialist with infinite supply of AA barrages…. That does nothing to post rework CV

  8. Here’s an idea for a list: Top 5 or so “over popular” ships. Ya know those ships you see seemingly EVERY battle.

  9. Honestly, I would have put Incomparable on that list. It’s got more gimmicks than Verdi or Emilio

  10. the sevastopol heal is more used like a hydro than a heal. “im gona get shot at for the next few minutes, better pop that heal.”
    with the uber-zombie setup i have on my seva, that is 40k of healing the enemy has to chew through. doesnt matter if i bowtank or wiggle-kite, enemy has a hard time either way.
    and that 3 times a match.

  11. The funniest thing I have ever done with the Palo Emilo was getting first blood on the red CV, I died and got heavily reported for it, but a 3 minute CV kill was worth it.

  12. Sevastopol could be fixed with the smallest buffs ever and yet I know wg won’t do it

  13. The conqueror isn’t say a gimmick for the HE, it is closer to realistic, which is why it feels gimmicky in an arcade game. Perspective, a 152mm naval HE round could tear apart and shatter 60 to 90mm cast armor plates depending on the explosive equivalent in the round, they varied depending on the manufacture. Also often carying an over 1 meter full blast area on detonation.

  14. I got the Black for Steel back in the early days. She can be a good cap contester (when you get caps in game). Here lately WG changes to map rotation i seem to get the maps with only the flags, in those battles Black is not as fun. I wish WG would normalize her torpedoes though, they are so near to useless as you can get in todays game. I have blown up many T10 DDs sitting in their smoke and it is rather funny. Good topic SLM!!

  15. I have to give mention to Renown’44 when it comes to gimmicks, it has:
    BC main gun dispersion (Graf Spee with 2.0 sigma)
    Engine boost
    British acceleration
    40-sec repair cooldown
    10 km single launch torps
    Massa secondary dispersion with 1.6 Daring strapped on each side (Max. range of 8.5 km)
    I guess it has the most gimmicks in the game right now lol

  16. Another gimmicky ship: the Asashio. It’s torpedos can only hit battleships and aircraft carriers, making them very situational. These torpedos alone make this ship gimmicky enough that it’s rare enough to find one in a match. With the current match maker, you may or may not find a battleship to torpedo. When you do, it might be something like a Schlieffen, a fearsome ship for any destroyer.

  17. Can’t forget about Hyuga. T7 Japanese bb with reload booster is definitely very gimmicky.

  18. How about top 5 ships for operations, could be split up into separate videos for destroyers, cruisers, battleships , premium, whatever is best.

  19. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Totally expected to see Tromp at #1. Strong speed boost, Airstrikes, Torps, 150mm guns, low detect. Not surprised Sevastopol got on this list though.

  20. I was thinking the top gimmicky ship was going to be the Tromp. It’s a DD with an air strike after all

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