World of Warships- Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure premium ships! Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
0:54 5. Hyuga
3:24 4. Graf Spee
6:37 3. Oklahoma
9:47 2. Graf Zeppelin
13:05 1. GK


  1. Hyuga is not the only one. Maya has reload booster too.

    • True, on of my favorite Ops ships, even after the rework, and back in the day, one of the few to be able to beat a Weimar to the top of the leaderboard in Narai, and I’m not talking about a noob with Weimar and a vet in Maya either,

    • I think he specified Japanese battleship having it.

    • @popgaming SLM specifically says “surface ship” in regards with the MBRB

  2. Hyuga works quite well as a secondary ship with IFHE… not bad for use when T7 is in ranked.

  3. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    My guilty pleasure is the T5 British Agincourt with Jingles as my Captain. I hate it and love it at the same time. My other one is the Japanese Mutsu. That one, I absolutely love.

  4. For me it’s got to be the Giulio Cesare. I love playing it but feel guilty at times because it is more than a little OP. It probably doesn’t help that I have played it so often I am very familiar with it’s pace and guns.

    • Not sure if it’s OP, but Wows is a game of imbalance so having a ship that’s decent in all aspects is pretty powerful

  5. Graf Spee was my first premium and love her to death to this day! So much fun.

  6. YESSSS, I was hoping to see graf zeppelin on your list! It’s crazy fun to play!

  7. Hyuga is a fun ship, I sometimes take her out for a spin and I am often pleased with the performance

  8. I have a radar Mino with “Cap” as a 21 point captain. It can stealth drop its torps. When you fire over an island for ages and take something out, Cap says “Wha wha wha”.

  9. How can Okhotnik not be on the list?? I always loved LWM’s description: “This thing looks ridiculous. As a weapon system, Okhotnik looks as subtle as stuffing a brick into a sweat sock and swinging it around your head. It’s cumbersome, awkward and things get horribly stretched out. It’s also absolutely devastating when it lands a blow.”

  10. Love the Oklahoma, it’s a beast at T5 (albeit a bit slow). The Agincourt is good too at T5, but doesn’t have any AA which the Oklahoma does.

  11. Never thought to build Amagi’s secondaries, but seeing that they preform pretty well un-built in ops, I might consider that lol.

    I’ve always felt like it’s better to build into tanking/guns on the Scharnhorst, simply because Gneisenau’s guns are less and because it’s a bit more tanky.
    Still haven’t gotten Lutjens, though I’m saving coal right now. But I think I’m going to transfer my current bis special commander to Scharn so I can get the improved torpedo mitigation skill. Just not sure if I’m willing to give up fire prevention for that.

  12. Okhotnik is by far my favorite guilty pleasure. This boat (aka “The Log of Doom,” “The Death Pickle,” “Commie Canoe”) can oftentimes outgun DDs regardless of tier; it routinely citadels cruisers off the map; and when you can set placement up right, you can run in between two BBs and torpedo each of them out of existence at the same time. It is soooooo much fun to play this boat.

  13. I would say Tiger59, I can’t recommend buying it, but it’s a lot of fun playing it. Another one is the tier 6 french carrier Bearn, I would say that is one of the “hidden gems” in this game, as it seems people are not too familiar with it (it’s one of the best DD hunters in the game).

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      how the hell you are having fun cruising Tiger59? the ship literally give me heart attack and nightmare. its move like battleship and any AP flying to your direction give PTSD of explosion. yes, it can work…. but having fun with it?

  14. Can confirm with the GK… had a recent battle where I knew about a Yamato behind an island was able to turn on it. My secondaries did over 40k of the damage to it while I worked my mains to get lined up. Can’t think of another situation where I could have won against a Yamato (aside from RNG, obviously, or bad aim), but it felt good to see a BB melt like that to my secondaries while it’s so hard to get into position with the current meta for that.

  15. Maybe this seems silly, but how about a video on each one of the commander skills show us what ships you would use it on DD BB Cruiser Sub CV how effective it is to your style of play, and what it looks like when you use that particular captain skill, and when you would use it

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