World of Warships- Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my Top 5 guilty pleasure premium ships. Ships that are considered to be not worth it, or bad ships, but I enjoy them, enjoy!

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  1. I did got Mutsu from a SC back in Christmas (not form a Santa Container, from a regular SC); while i don’t take her out that often, i’m using her as a trainer for my Izumo captain while i’m waiting for a discount on the Upgrades, i do have enough credits, but i prefer to wait (also because i’d like to get the upgrades for Jean Bart too)

  2. LuckyGuyOnLuckyShip

    I think the torps scrapped some paint of your Ohio at 8:06 ;-p

  3. My most guilty pleasure ship is Mikasa, that thing just chews up poor tier 2 cruisers with her secondaries. Additionally, since there are no other tier 2 BB’s, if you play when there are few players online, you can get duel matches.

  4. i really like the Lenin! One of my favorite ships. I think people dont play soo much because it have terrible side armour. And yes! Japanese premiums need love. Its no a single japanese great premium a can get nowadays.

  5. Trazyn the Infinite

    Torpits has called, it hates you now.

  6. Evangeline Anovilis

    Noone bought you Mutsu actually. Someone donated the money on the Paypal so you can buy the ship yourself, because they could not gift a ship accross server boundaries.

    If you like Vanguard, get a Thunderer.

    • Does that technically count as buying? in a very indirect way.

    • Thunderer is beast don’t even compare with vanguard

    • I just got the Thunderer was going to get Georgia but after falling for the Vanguard I was like Ill go thunderer. Holy hell is the thunderer a great ship. Legit first day of ownership got 3 High calis 2 in ranked 1 in random.

    • You can buy premiums “As a gift” for other players in the store. I don’t recall him saying it was from a different server.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @John Skeels He didn’t say it was from a different server, but some people remember and he did still remember when he made his Mutsu impressions vid.

  7. You also forgot to mention how epic the special camo on the Lenin is

  8. My guilty pleasures are:
    – Graf Zeppelin
    – Texas
    – Kii
    – Ashitaka
    and finally… the girl, the legend, the bunny girl: Shimakaze

  9. Yea Lenin is really damn strong, i would say its stronger than Vladi at tier 8, but for some reason its not that popular. By the way Conqueror with the legendary mod has 8.3 second rudder shift speed.

  10. Love love love the Vanguard. Heal can reprint the ship, murderous HE and you can throw her around like a destroyer! Suits my play style down to the ground. Just watch your angles and have a blast!! Kinda funny rushing smoke screens then dancing around the torps with ease!

  11. Gneisenau
    Nassau with those fast-reloading guns

  12. I have the lenin and highly recommend it as well. Just dont show broadside to battleships

  13. The Graf Zeppelin is essentially a very tough, fire resistant light cruiser with its own air group.

  14. Lenin doesn’t get played because of the easy-to-hit citadel and the long range dispersion. There are better options when it comes to surviving, but I still like mine and play it.

  15. Try an accuracy build on your Ohio instead of full secondaries… I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  16. I got Lenin from a crate last christmas.. it’s a lot of fun!

  17. Poor old Vanguard WG Did not even give her the right secondary guns. Your so right about the Lenin SL even I get some great games out of her 👍👍

  18. I love the Vanguard. Got her in a Santa crate. Easily can kite and win 3v1s all day. Super underrated ship but can see how many could dislike her… second you show side without angling half your HP is gone. I just got the thunderer and it is literally the same style of play angle away switch shell type a bunch, kite. It is pretty fun. Basically British Prem BBs are all the same thing, Warspite , HOOD, Vanguard, Thunderer are all the same 2×4 fast kiting style of ship. (except warspite is not fast) out of those 4 hood is my least favorite WG made her too realistic if you get what im saying.

    I also got the Lenin in a Santa crate… it is super hit or miss for me. Either high dmg great games…. or absolutely wrecked. Fun time though.

    My Guilty pleasure ships are USS KIDD because most say she is under powered hard to do dmg…. but i built her with brawling in mind and she is amazingly fun. Every time i play WOW my first game is a KIDD game. Todays KIDD game 3v1 a Tripz, Mahan, Perth… killed all three with literally no help and lived. Was the weekend so not the best players.
    Next would be enterprise because very easy to get great games and a money maker.
    Then probably my HSF Graf SPEE just a fun ship in general.
    Lastly is USS Monaghan, it is the ship everybody gets in the Santa Crate and with the better torps ya only get 2 guns so super odd and not the best. But the torp reload booster OOOH man is that good for knife fighting. Catches so many people it is hilarious.

  19. Why are you pronouncing “Lenin” like it was spelled “Linen”?

  20. If a i had to choose one, Irian for fun, if i had another pick… the OG Russian monster Imperator Nikolai , if theres no CV,that ship is brutal.

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