World of Warships- Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my top five guilty pleasure ships! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:10 5. War Canoe
3:33 4. Mikasa
5:56 3. Monarch
9:36 2. Zieten
12:03 1. Khaba


  1. I just love the O-godnick and I actually got it free before WG went full mobile mode. Watching Mikasa’s main battery shell flight is hilarious they actually cross over each other from the same turret. 🇬🇧

  2. As the Khaba I do enjoy being on this list

  3. Gotta agree about the Monarch. Love playing it.

  4. The hate for the Zieten is because it only have ONE turret on the front. Meaning you have to angule your ship to fire the rest at an enemy and potentially damaging the rest of the other secs.

    • My biggest gripe with Zieten is that she is ugly, the 1 turret in the front isn’t so bad because the rear turret at least tracks across the bow, so unlike ships like the Izmail, she can keep more than 1 turret on target when switching sides during a push

    • no, my top gripe is it’s terrible survivability

    • @ashleyphotog this. zieten is super squishy. even if you angle to get your back guns on target you still eat pens left right and center

    • @Alan M It still is a biggest change in the playstyle. And the playerbase don’t like it very much. You go from Derf > Mackensen > P.Heinrich to suddenly one turret front Zieten and then again P.Rupp and Schliffen. Pretty much nonsense from WG part.

    • @Dav Hot it is WG historical accuary of course, french BB have only front gun because we don t run away, but charge into fight, and the zieten as more gun at the back ( like that cruiser in the tech line) because iti s made to fire will running away XD

  5. I love how one of the points for the war canoe is that people in chat are rooting for you. It’s definitely one of those I still wanna get

  6. My guilty pleasure ship is definitely Perth. I would love to see a vid on her!

  7. Monarch does have an improved Heal. It’s just not the Lion/Conqueror Print-New-Ship heal

  8. I’m loving the main line for germany got Bismarck last night got a few really funs games so far. Was tempted to move into tier 8 for USA next but the main’s accuracy has been wonky as all hell compared to Japan/UK/GER I guess I’ll give the monarch and zeitan a try when I grind out the credits cheers!

  9. Secondary build for Mikasa is fun! The guns are quite crazy, but can deal major damage if it hits. Fun fun fun either way.

  10. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    the hate upon the Monarch had everything to do with the low HP but also lack of improved heal but also not exactly a good speed

  11. The lovely view from the War Canoe ! Have had a lot of fun in that ship. Its so thin you can bow in most BBs at that tier while on speed boost and dev strike them with all of the torps. Another move is to ambush them around an island within torp range then turn and set smoke to disappear. I use HE shells on DDs and normally enough of those 7 guns hit to knock them down 1/3 health in the first strike. I have even caught some light cruisers off guard with an AP barrage lol!!

  12. Seeing YouTubers talk about the Khaba is like having a friend you haven’t seen in a long time tell you he’s been doing ok in life❤

  13. I love Zieten, had very good and fun games when I was grinding the line.

  14. with the legendary module the khaba has a really nice range. I enjoy her and play her weekly.

  15. I have a good time with Monarch, good HE slinger. Once you figure out how to play her you can overcome her bad points ( which every ship has). The Zeiten I played on the P/T server, I think she is a good ship with 406 main guns. I can’t wait to get her. The Okhotnik is a blast, recently got her in a crate & I have so much fun with her.

  16. The Galicia – the tier 5 Spanish cruiser – is one of mine. Having 15 km range on a CL at that tier and torps is really nice. The Cossack is another one

  17. I’ve had both Okhotnik and Mikasa for aeons. I agree, they are both fun to play. I’ve had some great secondary brawls with Mikasa.

  18. One guilty pleasure ship from me is the Erich Loewenhardt, German premium tier 6 CV.

  19. Love the Khaba, I’ve had it since it was released. All I miss now is 10km torps..

  20. finally a video of the fun ships idc about the meta i want the fun to play ships i know this game is a side job for most the players but its also nice/important to have fun once in a while

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