World of Warships- Top 5 Hidden Gems

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 list for those ships that are Hidden Gems, those ships that often get overlooked. Enjoy and let me know what ya think below!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
1:16 5. Indianapolis
4:26 4. Ark Royal
7:49 3. Huron
10:05 2. Hyuga
13:23 1. Hawke


  1. Ark Royal is too slow these days, since the release of Bearn it is completely ineffective when it faces Bearn. Hyuga is underestimated, long range guns, good AP when aimed at the upper belt and the secondaries can work well with a full secondary build + IFHE. Armour isn’t great against Sinop but it works as long as it isn’t being focused down by multiple ships so pick your battles.

  2. Hawke is actually pretty good, just need to be careful with its armor

  3. These ships are sooo good that they let down the enemy players.

  4. Remember any ship is worth playing if you enjoy it!

  5. My hidden Gem is the Constillation. I picked her up using the coupon not too long ago and shes an amazing ship if played right. Just a shame i dont see her more often

  6. The Indianapolis (CA-35) was not a Pensacola (CA-24) class, it was a Portland (CA-33) class. The other Pensacola class was Salt Lake City (CA-25).

    • He doesn’t mean in class, he means in terms of performance.

    • @Austin Hawkins If he had said the Indianapolis is basically a Pensacola with radar at tier7 I would have let it go, but he literally said it was a Pensacola with radar at tier 7. If he means something he should say it. Quite frankly I would not buy a Pensacola with radar even if they returned the buffs they removed when during the cruiser split. Having radar would not make up for the general suckyness of Pensacola.

    • @richard cutts in regards to your last statement, thats what the New Orleans solved was the “Suckyness” of the Pensacola. The New Orleans is in the Tech Tree after the Pensacola. Thats what Tech Trees are for in the game. Evolution.

    • @richard cutts I’m with you dude. If he meant something different he should have said something different. Sealord isn’t the best at accepting criticism, but that’s okay.

  7. In my experience every premium has been a let down. I have learned to manage my expectations.

  8. I love the Indy! You forgot to mention that the ap can hit some battleships citadel up close. I’ve learned this the hard way.

  9. For me, my gem is the T6 British cruiser HMS LONDON. She may only have 6×8″ guns (think EXETER); but she has the trifecta of torps, smoke, and a heal (very rare on ships other than BBs or CVs). I may be wrong, as I ONLY have 506 ships in my fleet, ao there might be another on a ship I don’t have.

  10. 11:23

    Maya, the premium Tier VII cruiser, also has the reload booster for her main battery. Not sure of any other ships sadly

  11. I’ve got Indianapolis, Huron and Hyuga and I do like them. Indi suffers HARD when double up-tiered but when top tier she can be superbly effective and her radar can catch a LOT of players out because she is so rare. Huron is just a fun ship, I did worry that she was just going to be a worse Haida copy/pasta but the tweaks WG made make her very different and is very good at being an angry gunboat. I’m not a BB main, but got Hyuga in a crate and is surprisingly fun, and in large part because the guns do mostly shoot where you point them.

  12. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Indianapolis was a Portland class cruiser, not a Pensacola. The ships do play very similar and have very similar characteristics since the Portlands were modified Northampton class cruisers, which were essentially slightly better armored Pensacola with a 3X3 gun layout.

    • Sir love from India
      Plz Plz teach us how to play Japanese DD YUGOMO

    • On release the Indianapolis was effectively matched against the Pensacola (also Tier 7 at the time), had better armour (barely), and a better gun layout and a radar with Tier 10 range, though short duration. But the US Cruiser rework, saw the Pensacola demoted, and the Indianapolis paired with the (formerly Tier 8) New Orleans (the NO being a marginally better boat, by similar levels to the former Indi to Pensa comps), the US CA radar was normalized to 10km, the Soviet radar was increased in duration, So it’s radar is distinctly weaker, but it’s natural gun range is better than all the other US CA’s. Still, doesn’t detract from the fact that the Indi is a rocking ship – and my 3rd most played ship in the game (behind the Kamikaze and Minekaze)!! People just don’t respect US heavy 8″ AP!

    • @FunBirds AdiTYa Yugumo is very good. I personally build into guns and play it as a hybrid. The torps are good, but the guns are also pretty decent (better the Shimakazes).

      Yugumo is pretty much Kagero with better guns and torps. What are you struggling with?

    • Commander skills and upgrade for ship

    • So a Slightly different New Orleans or whatever the tier 7 Heavy cruiser is called.

  13. For me the best “hidden gem” is easily the D7P… my favorite light cruiser, it’s not even close. of course i don’t have a smolinsk, but still, the d7p is just too much fun. i’ve put up some massive games in her, and even a few hard carries. not the strongest ship in the game, and frankly, her AP is some of the worst out there, but between the solid rate of fire, the high fire chance on her HE and those bombers (plus the spotting range and good speed) she’s a great all rounder. And the best part about her? The matchmaker does everything in it’s power to keep it out of matches with CVs (it has functional AA!)

  14. I tend to judge ships on how they performed when uptiered. T6? How’s it perform against T8 ships, how well does it survive? Can it survive? How is the AA? ASW? The Hawke at T8 seems viable but against T10? Rather have an NC and trade shells at +20km like all T10 games are now.

  15. The Swordfish unknowingly exploited a flaw built into the Bismarck’s anti-aircraft fire control systems. The fire control computers, as a cost saving measure, were only designed to engage aircraft attacking the ship, itself, so the assumption was made that no fire would be directed at aircraft not flying towards the ship. To improve precision, the range of possible aircraft relative speeds was limited to exclude absurdly low speeds. However, the Bismarck was steaming into the wind of a strong gale, so the closing rate of the Swordfish torpedo bombers fell below the slowest anticipated closing speed and the gunfire computers could not generate a solution. Anti-aircraft escorts, like the USS Atlanta, had to be able to engage aircraft attacking other ships in the formation, so they needed to be able to engage aircraft flying past them, as well as away from them, so they were more expensive, but did not have the problem of not being able to engage aircraft with relatively low closing rates.

    A fun thing about the Huron, which is true for all DDs using the UK 4.7″ (120mm) gun is that the AP will penetrate to the citadel against many of the light cruisers in the game (as well as many of the IJN cruisers).

  16. Point to note. The Haida is a canadian ship too. In actual fact the ships badge that you see for the yukon in game was actually from hmcs yukon, dde 263, A mAcKenzie class destroyer.

  17. Yes the INDY can be easily overmatched due to her armor. Have to keep moving, show no broadsides and use her guns at distances. Got it to use in tier 7 Ranked battles. Not as good as I had hoped.

  18. For me, Bayard. Great kiting ship w/ low concealment and reload booster can punish DDs.

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