World of Warships- Top 5 Influential Premium Ships of 2021

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the year and go over some of the most prolific premium ships of 2021! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. With Santa Crates from New Year Certificates, I managed to get Leone, Nelson and Poltava. Never knew Poltava existed. Maybe tell us more about the ship and how do I play it?

    • Soviet BB with very good armor for T7, but ultra squishy sides. Small caliber guns with high AP pen but standard BB dispersion instead of Soviet BB formula. You need to find broadsides due to lack of overmatch. Decent concealment due to low profile, good top speed but horrible handling, good AA. Decent ship, but kinda hard to get the most out of her IMO

    • I got 4 ships with 8 NYC tickets but my son with 14 NYC tickets did not get any ships at all

  2. What a year, when Leone makes it into this list…

  3. To me WG 2021 is like the Nakhimov, facerolling the playerbase.

  4. If you are to recap this year, it will be the ungodly amount of rework for the rework which was the rework of the commander skill.

  5. Good list, but a title is a little misleading. I’d personally call it the “Top 5 Most Influential Premium Ships Of 2021”

  6. I got real lucky from those 3 crates they gave us and got musashi, and 90 days premium.

  7. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    I still think the new Battle Cruiser 16mm bow and stern armor still too much when viewed against the like of what DD and Cruiser get at that tier .. sure they should not be having the BB typical 26mm , something like 20mm made more sense. I had a hunch that next year we will see premium sub making this list

  8. Last year or year before (they both kind of run together) I got 2 of the premo ships on your list- the Okhotnik and the Cossack -b and both are a blast! The 1st is a meme boat and the 2nd is a DD killer supreme.

  9. How did Napoli not make the list? IMO it’s my favorite cruiser to play, nothing OP about it, just does everything good, and packs enough armor to save you from some mistakes.

    • as he stated, this wasn’t the “BEST”, this was the ones that reflected the game and changes in 2021, It’s like when Time magazine picks Person of the Year”, that doesn’t mean its a good person.

    • It’s just influential premi not best premi

    • @ugaladh That’s fine to say as an afterthought, but the video’s thumbnail literally says “Top 5 Premiums of 2021”, and it’s hard to argue that the Napoli isn’t one of them.

  10. For me the 2021 premium WoWS ships, I will always see the loot crate disaster for that year. I think WG has ruin the idea of buying a new premium ship. I may buy one in the future, but it will be some time.

  11. Ragnar is my favorite special ship of the year. Trolling people with 15km accurate DD fire is wonderful

  12. Yukon is kinda the Franz Ferdinand of WoWS. She isn’t the sole reason for one of the biggest events of the game’s history, but she damn well triggered it. All the underlying problems poured to the surface to escalate the Yukon PR disaster.

  13. Constellation. The true Swiss knife of ships and the best premium this year.

  14. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    To clarify, as explained in the first minute of the video, these are the Top 5 ships that personify 2021 in WoWs. They are NOT the best premiums of the year.

  15. I consider the Monarch a mediocre Ship.
    So having a weaker Version of this Ship one Tier lower makes Sense.
    WG has done this with the West Virginia (lower Tier Colorado) or the Ashitaka (lower Tier Amagi).
    You would end up with the Same Hull and Armor as a KGV but with bigger Guns. This would allow you to use more AP and overmatch same Tier Battleships but you would have a lower Fire Chance on your He compared to the KGV.
    Lowering the Ships Main Battery Range and giving it a Superheal is a Bad Tradeoff.
    Because if you are Top Tier you wont need the extra Range and the Superheal makes you really hard to kill.
    And when you are Low Tier you will really miss the extra Range as you become the Prime Target of the Big Guys.
    A Yukon without the Superheal but with the normal Range might be a decent Ship.

  16. Pre-Nerf Submarines as a whole should have at least got a mention.

  17. “-or the Soviet Gulio Ceasar”
    My mind: Soviet seizure

  18. I’d day the most infuential ships were submarines, premium or not. Half a dozen new mechanics, players quitting, Wargaming threading water on how to balance them – 2021 in a nutshell.

  19. “Top 5 ships that personify 2021 in WoWs” would have made a great title. What you changed it to works just as well. Good job.

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