World of Warships- Top 5 Lines You Need To Grind

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Hey guys! Today we go over five lines I highly encourage you guys to grind out! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:20 5. French DDs
4:04 4. Japanese BBs
7:14 3. US Heavy Cruisers
9:01 2. French BCs
11:11 1. US BBs (Mainline)


  1. US BB’s was the first line I ever did, not for Montana but for Iowa since my dad served on her from 1987-1989 and now works for the museum which I also volunteer for

  2. Thank you for this, it came just in time, as I am actually thinking about which line I should grind next…

  3. i find the kongo more sluggish that years ago when i started playing,but still love it ( that and having the 4 ARP version XD).

    for me the line i nejoyed would be IJN BB, French BB DD AND BC ( i m a liiiiitle be biased i think XD), and also st vincent , DM and montana line ( and the minekaze one too, even if i rarely play it due to the RB usage)

  4. Worst IJN tech line BB is Kawachi and thankfully you get through that PoS fast. Rest is pretty solid. Myogi is 3 turret Kongo at T4, which means 29 knots of speed, good range, decent hp and armour and you now get 2.0 sigma. The Kongou is one of the best T5 tech line BBs, because speed, armour and hp. The Fusou mostly is dpm and armour, as accuracy is bad, but yeah. At least still not as slow as NM and it has better dpm than NM. And better armour. Nagato is… standard for T7. I might even call t second worst in the line, because Nagato is just fast and accurate with big guns, but has crap armour and overmatch proliferation at T7. It’s not bad though. Amagi is back to many guns but meh accuracy. Speed at T8 is bog standard these days and otherwise only thing worth mentioning is that it has the highest dpm after RN BBs and a good torp protection that also makes the sides very resistant to HE. also turtleback, lol. Izumo got buffed to the wazoo, kinda like Furutaka and has now straight up better deck than Yamato and guns with ballistics and pen like Republique, as well as 2.0 sigma. Yamato needs no explanation.

  5. The second list, French Battlecruisers (“super heavy” cruisers) starts at 9:00

  6. French DDs are powerfull. But in my oppinion nothing for newer players.

  7. I’m loving the tech line content. Thanks for showcasing it for us plebs

  8. I’m working on all of them, except the French DD line. I’m going to spark that line up now. Thank you!

  9. I did the us bbs and cas, had no knowledge whatsoever, just saw the iowa and des moines, purely because I grew up there. Turns out, they are both great lines!

  10. I grid whichever line happens to gab my attention while grinding the previous line. Lately, about half the time I use free xp to get to tier 9 and then use blue ship boosters to get from tier 9 to 10. The other half I am working on getting as much out of the early access or other spacial event as I can without spending a ton of money.

  11. I think the Euro DD line, especially the branch with the Gdańsk beats the French line easily. And I think the British DD line is also better

  12. ThatInternetGuy J

    Love french dds. Tier 7 was a little rough, but the whole line has been fun so far (im on the fantasque right now)

  13. Been around since the Closed Beta Test days and honestly I found the biggest struggle in the American BB line was 100% the Colorado just because it could face T9s. Not saying T8s in a New Mexico was much better but her armor and insane torpedo damage reduction definitely made it a much more enjoyable grind than Colorado to NC.

  14. Coming from a new player your videos in general have been a great help with some insight on which lines to grind. Thanks

  15. random youtube Commenter secundar account

    Go for petro and kremlin if you want close range tanking and good ballistics point blank.

  16. Great Indianapolis video!

    I need to get back to grinding French DD’s… I’ve kind of neglected them for a while. I still need to get Yamato in my Japanese BB line. I’ve got all of my US CA’s, (including U.S.S. Indianapolis) sans the newest premium and specialty offerings. I have Dunkerque and her lesser copy…no other French Battle Cruisers. U.S. BB’s up to North Carolina…have some of the premiums (Arizona), and grabbed Georgia a while ago. Got Alabama a few years ago as part of a “Summer Mystery Sale”, where you paid full price for 1 premium ship and got two “mystery” ships of the same tier for next to dirt. I purchased Alabama and received Lenin and Prinz Eugen as the mystery ships.

  17. Got my highest damage against one ship in the Kleber in ranked, 168k. He kept pushing the flank I was on by myself, and gave up trying to hit me after about 7 salvos at 12km range. Kleber is an excellent ship, torps are fabulous for smoking BBs hiding behind islands. Hit hard with great firing angles and crazy fast reload.

  18. Izumo is ONLY Rough when Carriers are around (after the buffs) first time I got her it was before the buffs but now it’s only real weakness is carriers

  19. Honourable mention to a torp heavy line of DDs as the other lines seem to put up key points in play styles.

  20. I have two lines that I am working on, the American BB main line and the German BB line. On the American line I am at tier IX as well as the German line. I am now going to concentrate on both lines and finish both off. Next on my list to finish will be the Japanese BB line.

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