World of Warships- Top 5 Meme Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my top 5 meme ships, that you break out when you’re feeling a bit memey, enjoy!

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  1. Best meme ship: Atlanta

    That all

  2. the best thing about graff spee is that you can over match all of T5 bbs, and aall of T5,6,7 cruisers.

  3. Atlanta was my most hated ship to play against, now its the smolensk.

    also HE spamming a slow colorado: exact reason why i despise it.

  4. dont forget the krasny krimm, shes pretty much a T6 atlanta with 3km more range, russian guns and longer range torps.
    im pretty sure there are even AAgunmodels on the viribus that arent even calculated into her AA. the should realy make them actually work, they are already there!

  5. I personally have a soft spot for Huanghe. The combination of 8km detection range, good AA and guns that shred DD’s makes it a very good destroyer escort. The smoke and sonar allows you to play her as chinese knockoff Belfast. This is balanced by an abysmal HP pool terrible range and no armor.

  6. I really wanna british rainbow HE ships… Dido-class….in pretty much any of the existing armament variations( 10×4.5in, 8×5.25in and 10×5.25)…

  7. I call Deutschland an “amaizing contraption”. Btw, Graf Spee has a dispersion formula of her own (the formula is the same as the Georgia, Alaska) and also, Graf Spee doesn’t really have the same guns as Scharnhorst, the caliber is the same, but the Scharnhorst guns are 1 or 2 calibers longer than Graf Spee guns, or to be more precise, the Scharnhorst guns (28cm SK C/34) were the improoved version of the ones mounted on Graf Spee (28cm SK C/28).

  8. I cant stand my nelson, stright to tier 9 most games, getting belted at longer rnage by most of the opposition and AP dive bombers. Shine sin its own tier, but dont get that very often

  9. Colin van der Voort

    Graf spee needs a buff! Main guns And secondarys!

  10. Man, the Graf Spee is amazing. It’s the single best cruiser killer at T6 and also quite good against T5,6,7 BBs

  11. Graf Spee shotguning cruisers

    [Yami Marik] evil laugh

  12. Richard Strickland

    Love playing the Asashio. Gotten some pretty good games in it.

    Thanks 4 accepting me into the clan. Try not to let you guys down.

  13. You are deleting them cuz someone forgot the meaning of ”heavy” and gave them all 16-25 mm armor XD

  14. Václav Posledník

    If you want Viribus Unitis that’s actually good, go for Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. Brutal armour, 12 accurate guns, enough heal and ok AA.

  15. Enterprise, Kaga, Stalingrad, König Albert, and Friesland.

    Because you already mentioned at least half of mine ?

  16. ship prices as of feb 9 2020(rounded to the nearest USD) #5 $12 #4 free xp ship #3 $37 #2 $21 #1 $20

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    *Today isnt Monday*

    Edit: Also the Battle Canoe has 4 torpedo launchers not 3, y’all know I can’t count

    • Still my fav dd… guns and torps for days… and honestly a really really good looking boat

    • When did they nerf the okhotnik torps from 4.5 to 3.6. WG Wiki still lists torp range at 4.5 km. I played her last night to get torp hits. She’s great at racking up torp hits.

    • Swoladin of Swolland

      I love and play all of the ships you listed, except for the Nelson. I’ve been really tempted in getting it, but my dreadnought medal farmer is actually the Boise. You should check her out! She’s a Helena with 1 km shorter range, no radar, but she gets a super heal. Idk if she’s available on the shop though, since I got her in a Christmas container

    • And that youre a pussy

  18. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    Ah yes, the battle canoe! Where is Jingles to appreciate its beauty?

  19. Graf Spee is the only ship I have bought. Had to have for the family history.

  20. can we talk about how memey Friesland is? Damn ive deleted to much dds in that thing. (Probably the next Smolensk)

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