World of Warships- Top 5 Money Making, Credit Printing Premiums

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 credit printing Premiums! Enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Intro
1:59 5. Black
6:51 4. Agir
9:44 3. Atago
12:26 2. Mainz
14:43 1. Azuma


  1. Best ship to make money on is one you play well in. If you suck in a certain ship it doesn’t matter how good the money multipliers are.

    • Kind of true. But its also true that some Ships are more flexible than others thus perform better on average.

    • @2Fat4Airborne  yeah of course. But for “best” results, focus on the ships you play best. Pretty much any ship can pull in 1mil + if you play it well. Though for most t8 and t9 games, a good average is around 800k ish per battle. This is assuming premium time is active btw…

      The TRUE best way is just having premium time and getting good at the game. Anyone who already is both of those will probably have access to some of the other better payout premiums.

      That said, not going to knock ships like Black, Azuma, Agir etc… all awesome ships in their own right and fun too!

    • @Ralleo Santi i didnt mean best, but yes.

      I have always the average Joe in mind. There are Ships that even with mediocre skills you get a good payout. Its not only getting good. If the gameplay is to boring for you, all the Credits arent cut it. SO many things to consider. But i think MB is right with the choices.

      Still a drive my Lenin rather than my Ägir for example. Just because of superships. Simply to anoying at times.

  2. usually massa with blue boosters in ops = 800k each round
    Mainz would be a perfect ship if it had a heal – so i take prinz eugen
    also mainz has german he pen , which is like british
    got azuma , and its a good ship , sadly cant farm much creds in co op since torps wreck anything in under 5 mins

    • @Sushi X got the eugen before the economy rework and had a bonus camo for it so it got a better bonus package

  3. Atago, one of first premiums ever and still going strong!

    • Man, I used to say this but nowadays I don’t play it as much. I hate to say it, but the range is killing it since every game has CVs and uptiered every match, don’t get me started on subs. A lot of ships I loved are now in port more than ever.

  4. As a cruiser main. I agree with all the cruisers. Mainz. Atago. Agir. Azuma. And one more Kutuzov is amazing in my opinion.

  5. I get this is a list of ships you can get or and excluding ships with special boosters you can’t get anymore like Roma and Kii but seriously, they deserve an honourable mention. Also Georgia just rakes in cash as well for me but I generally do more dmg with Georgia than any of my other t9 premiums so the result is probably skewed, lol.

    • @Robbert L. Yeah. It’s just so consistent at dealing dmg in heaps because the guns are accurate and you’re so fast you can get into great positions to flank or crossfire

    • @Mcgee are you sure because I am I specifically remember it giving 20% more and doing some other stuff before the economic change

    • @Avatar WarMech I have Kii without the Kobayashi Camo and it’s the standard t8 5% plus the bonus you get with them is 45% with the camo so I’m not sure where 20% came from since they didn’t have any camos you could buy

    • @Mcgee I’m talking about the one for the yamato if I remember correctly before the economic change it had a bonus to credit that’s why it was five thousand doubloons

    • @Avatar WarMech it never had an economic buff. It had the same bonuses as the regular type 20 premium camo that Yamato had. 20% was the standard economic bonus paired with a 50% reduction of the repair cost on any t10 ship

  6. I didn’t know about it at first, but Azuma also has a short reload repair part.

  7. Glad I got a free xp Missouri. Back when this game was amazing and not a second job. It prints money like the federal reserve, the original trump wagon.

  8. christopher shrank

    Thanks for this. I’ve noticed this week that my credits are trickling in. My premium time has expired, I’m out of credit boosters, and MM was terrible for me this weekend.

  9. I think I’m gonna save up the Coal to get the Black as my first ever Coal ship. It’s either that or the Kiersarge battleship/carrier Hopefully, it wont take months, but I do need to grind my Japanese heavy cruiser line up to X, as well as my Brittish DDs and German Battlecruisers…first.

  10. I am terrible at randoms….so take my two cents with the caveat that I pretty much suck. The Mainz is 800-1m credits per scenario with the middle booster and is a great scenario boat. I build out for rate of fire and AA power and there is nothing it really can’t do in a scenario. It has the range and shell velocity you normally need in things in Cherry Blossom, I have something like an 85 AA rating for that mission you escort the French BS to the exit (not uncommon to shoot down 30-50 planes that mission) not that hard to pull 200-300 thousand damage range. I often just take out the Print Eugen tho…just more fun to me even though it does not earn the same, if you end up on a terrible team, the PE can carry a scenario. It might just all be in my head but that 27mm bow heal just feels a lot more tankish to me. The Cossack seems to be my biggest credit earner tho. It scoots around the map, has emergency smoke, 10k torps that reload in 60 seconds and enough guns to get that 150-200k damage per match and I am normally around 1m credits per scenario. If you get the Agis map..all bets are off, you can easily get the Ray achievement I have had 25 torp hits in that map more then once with over 300k damage. Again I am not very good, so not shocking that two of my favorite boats are premiums that are clearly better their tech tree counter parts. The Prince Eugen is a better Hipper and the Cossack is a cheat code at tier 8. It is one of the stealthiest ships at its tier, it has baked in maneuverability it turns and accelerates much faster then any other DD I have driven, it has quick refreshing low duration self defense smoke and long duration hydro, single fire sniper torps that make it easy to start floods and even tho you only get 4 torps, they refresh in 60 seconds. Just a cool boat.

  11. Good picks all. Worth mentioning that with number of blowouts, CONSISTENT credit making is probably best in t8 cruiser, blue bonuses, in operations. Mainz averages 1M per game for me.

  12. Good choice, I’ve got all of those ships and they are all well worth getting and a lot of fun.

  13. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Siegfried was never the secondary BC, aegir always was due to the extra set of secondary turrets on each side

  14. Personaly
    Malta and Kerasarge are making me some really good money
    This month alone i managed to get 2 superships

  15. I would love to see your top ship picks for clan battles.

  16. My best money maker is actually the San Diego. Doing Operations I usually net ~500k with a green booster or ~1 mil with a blue booster (unless the map is Killer Whale)

  17. I own all of these, bar the black, I also have things like Georgia, 2x Jean Bart, Missouri, Benham, sun yat sen, and more, never have issue with credits 🙂

  18. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    I think an honourable mention should go to *Groningen* as she is a TIX premium (thus good economy) and can -somewhat- do what Black does… except a bit worse since she has to use Smoke+Hydro rather than Radar.

  19. For pure consistency in credit earnings, the Mainz and Weimar in Operations simply can’t be beaten once you learn them, with a blue booster, 800k-1.2 million credits per match is what you can expect.

  20. I got the Iwami and it makes me credits every match even if I have awful matches

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