World of Warships- Top 5 Money Printing Premiums

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys an updated Credit Printing Premium Ships list, These are ships that will be printing you guys plenty of credits if you take these ships into battle, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 List Intro
1:05 TSIOF is Recruiting!
1:36 Top 5 Money Printing Ships


  1. For me, i prefer using Dakka ship in Coop or Operation

    Slap in a camo and a flag and you have around 200k-300k (plus premium)

    I just hate having to go into PvP and get absolute roll over and get nothing in return (oh and it take ages in those battle)

    So i prefer consistent mild money making and still have my sanity intact

    My money making ships are : Belfast T7, Atlanta, Indianapolis (for match i knew i can citadel bot full salvo AP) and Mainz

  2. I just got tier 10 Stainless steel camo for 10,000 steel and mounted it on Yamato 50% off post battle service + 20% credits it makes a big difference.

    • Complaints Department

      was the camo worth the steel cost? i regret dumping my steel into the FDR given how absolutely terrible that CV is to play, made even worse by the rocket plane nerfs. 30~ matches into playing the FDR and I regretted not getting the Shikishima instead.

  3. Josiah Ricafrente

    That sneeze synced right up with that Montana citadel hit, and I don’t know why it made me laugh so hard.

  4. I’d give a special mention to Ashitaka also with the Kobayashi camo, it’s just a lighter armored Amagi at tier 7. A bit less effective than Kii, but also cheaper.

  5. Kinda shocked to not see Groningen (or Friesland) here in place of the Azuma, their cannons are so scary and you have a lot of game impact with your utility and ability to just melt destroyers.

    • First person i read saying azuma is relevant to the game. I play with it a lot. Its certainly not easy to help your team on that ship. Requires extra care not to get deleted as soon as you get to the action

    • @MISANTHROPE00 No no, I mean that the Azuma is less impactful than both those DDs, I would definitely not call the Azuma a scary ship. I think you misunderstood my comment so I thought I’d clear that up.

    • @MartinWTB tbh neither Azuma nor Yoshino was ever a relevant/strong carry ship. Your impact is boiled down to: stay at 20km, shoot HE and pray a yamato/thunderer does not find you submissive and breedable. As soon as you enter any range that could influence the game with anything other than HE damage to BBs, you just explode. And at that point why are you not playing Thunderer or Henri, doing the same and mucb more without the dying part.

    • @Yhorm The Midget refer to my reply to misanthrope00

    • In ranked, I watched a Friesland teammate burn down a BB who was afraid to push on the DD smoke despite me reminding him in chat that there are no tops on the boat.

      The thing about Friesland is that the guns are going to frustrate a lot of players, they’re worse than UK or Marceau floaty shells.

  6. My work horses are obviously Missouri (1-3kk/game) and Chkalov(~1kk/game) But with premium every tier 10 does more or less profit.

  7. I love kii so I play her a lot, I like spamming the torps and sometimes I get em to hit. She’s just a bit of a target so you gotta be moving fast when your playing the kii and you’ll be good all of the armor is in the back for some weird reason maybe kiting who knows tho

  8. Tier 10 special ships are cheaper still than the tech tree as they get another 50% reduction in service cost. Don’t need to drop dubs on them like you do a camo.

  9. Also both kii and Roma make the same amount of credits it’s about 17.5% more than musashi can make but 6% less than Missouri

  10. I always wonder about this recollection of what you used to be able to do in WOWS.

    Many players are often hammering down the point you can’t get close with battlships at high tier, but honostly, when was that moment when you could just rush in risk free?

    I’ve been playing the game since open beta and I think that the battleships class overall has more tools for being brawling close range ships then ever before.

    With the advent of russian, Italian and german battleships there is more focus on close to mid range firepower.

    Either from main gun (russian and italian), secondary batteries (germans and american premiums,).

    Some ships that are are focused on long range are still powerfull when pushing in due to other unique features (yamato torpedo protection for example, or French reload booster)

    Getting close is always a risk, no matter what ship class you play, what makes the current ‘meta’ so much different now the before?

    Often times the gameplay I see in the background is battleships operating at less then 12 km, so the gameplay featuredn seems to contradict the point that battlships can’t push in.

    It’s a point that has been stated are rehashed since the game launched 6 years ago, so I fail to see this romantic mythological golden age of battlship closer range dominance.

  11. 14:09 That is exactly what I would do because I’m use to pushing with destroyers

  12. Special shout out to British BBs with the new submarines the British BBS get great depth charge air strikes aswell as there meme heals and meme HE

  13. Wouldn`t steel cammo be even better? As you theoretically don`t need to buy it using doubloons, rather use steel. Or are steel ships even better?

  14. Thanks for the information. I have the KII. Wargaming LLC announced they are closing their Russian and Belarus operation ( Saint Petersburg and Minsk-Lesta Studios). Perhaps you could do a video on this development.

  15. Finally there is more love for Kii. She is like a Jack of all trades, decent in everything but outstanding in nothing. she is adequate for most scenarios I face in randoms. AA is a god send, so many times CV have stopped attacking me after the first squad was ripped up or badly damaged. Torps also helps with sudden rushes from sudden ships, along with the secondaries

  16. From this list, I have: Azuma and Alabama, also Kii, Roma, and Ashitaka with the Kobyashi camos.

  17. Best creditmaking ship: every tier 9 premium (preferably coal, rb or free xp) that you are good in and enjoy playing. It’s as simple as that.

  18. 2:37 Any Tier Ten ship with Perma-camo
    4:20 Azuma (Blaze It)
    7:30 Alabama
    9:59 Roma with Kobi-Camo
    12:37 Kii with Kobi-Camo

    TLDW: Ships like Missouri or Jean bart not included because no longer available

  19. I think the Kronstadt is removed. But, if you have it it’s an amazing credit printer. Regularity get over 1mil if I flag it up. I have the old Missouri, and I prefer the Kron for credit grinding.
    Curious what others thoughts are.

  20. Quick List:
    5. Any tier X with perma camo 2:35
    4. Azuma 4:22
    3. Alabama 7:31
    2. Roma 9:56
    1. Kii 12:37

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