World of Warships- Top 5 Most Controversial Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today we cover 5 premium ships that caused a bit of an uproar upon their release, enjoy!

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    I think I got a idea for a other top 5 video, Top 5 Premium and Tech line Ships that need a buff.

    • @ScallywagBeowulf If I were going to make German BBs better I wouldn’t nerf other ships. Something like the Montana is already power crept and if you look at why German BBs perform below average it is because of long range HE cancer. In order to make them more viable I would buff the armor on the deck, bow, and stern to make cruisers with 152mm guns or smaller do less damage while still being able to light fires. Other nations like the U.S. and France DEFINITELY don’t need a nerf lol.

    • Zao BADLY needs a HP buff, 40k HP now is sad when the average Heavy Cruiser HP is right around 52K. The Zao is literally starting each battle with a Citadel hit deficit of HP. Heck, the Russian “Light Cruiser” Alexander Nevsky has 50.9k HP.

    • 1. GRAF ZEPPELIN AP bombs
      3. GRAF ZEPPELIN Plane speed
      4. YUDACHI
      5. GRAF ZEPPELIN Torpedo speed and spread

    • @ScallywagBeowulf They’re russain they hate Germans 🙁 WARGAMING we invaded a generation ago why you holding us to account 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • yes buff the french please

  2. I remember CBT, those days when Kitakami roamed. Truly, one learned very quickly the art of torpedobeats.

  3. Okay before i watch the video, PR will be number 1

  4. Obiteljski Tablet

    Ideas for part2: Nikolai, Belfast (there is a reason those two are not in store), Krasny Krym, Viribus Unitis (both are IV ship in V), Giulio Cesare (they wanted to uptier her to VI), Missouri (insane credit earner).

  5. WG didn’t see during testing that Odin was to powerful they realized its German and the Nationalist working at WG hate Germany so everything German must be bad

    • The best part is that you might not be landing far from the tree on this take lol

      Gosh, its soo fucking petty if true –“

    • PerfectPotato_EU

      Being a german myself I can absolutely say that this is not true! They definitely like my money! XD

    • That’s not true! The Bismarck for example has nearly as much pen as the Petroleum-Papaya! … obligatory sarcasm check … Look at their other games. In tanks, german vehicles are below average at best, buffs and rebalancing getting postponed for years (e.g. E100). In Planes you have actual statistical downgrades going UP! in the german techtree. I would not call them nationalists, that’s just adding fuel to fire and defamation isn’t nice.

  6. I vaguely remember a version of the PR directives released where you literally could not grind for the PR unless you had every single tech tree T10 because a big chunk of them were things like “do 80k damage in Japanese T10 BBs”

  7. I am going to guess no.1 and if I am right you must like(even though you actually dont have to Idrc about likes)

    Edit: dammit I am wrong

  8. Congrats You found my Channel

    For once I’m exited for an Aircraft Carrier Line.

    *I simply cannot wait to witness helpless Smolensks fall victem to the German Carrier Blitzkrieg Armour Piercing Rockets. The Soviets will never expect it…!!! :D*

  9. I would argue that the smolensk doesnt belong on this list because it isnt controversial. Its universally hated

    • Not universally hated, just universally hated by those who don’t have it or end up facing it……

    • All the whining about smol is nonsense…it only has 2 smokes..good players can still nail you anyway. It has no armor, no radar and yes it has good aa…which doesnt stop cv from getting you. It was not op at all..:it just added to the HE meta…which nobody really wanted. This game needs new ships that are unique from one another…not more HE spammers.

    • I dont know, it a bit anyoing facing it, my pc is trash so i lose a lost of fps when being hit by it, still though, i oneshot smolensk so many time i lost count

  10. Smolensk should’ve been given the kitakami treatment and removed *entirely*

    • Agreed. Refund the coal and delete it.

    • Kitakami is returning though

    • Here is an honest question:

      If the Smolensk is so OP, why is it not still ubiquitous?

      Did the players manage to adapt, so the Smolensk had a hard enough time that it stopped being as OP as it was when no one had figured out counters?

      The vast majority of my matches are in co-op and scenarios, so my experiences with the Smolensk are not the same as everyone else’s. I did not get the Smolensk, when it first came out, but after it had been out for several months. My Smolensk is owned by Des Moines cruisers spamming HE and Minotaur cruisers rapidly firing AP. Surprising a bot Smolensk and scoring six hits for two fires and four citadels with HE shot from my Thunderer still gives me warm fuzzy feelings. The Smolensk is a glass cannon. A lone BB caught in the open, at range, by a Smolensk with an available smokescreen still suffers horribly, but I never saw it as commanding a club in a match of ‘World of Pinatas’.

    • @Richard Bell you play co-op mostly so you dont understand the pain this ship causes and the *disgusting* passive playstyle that this POS of s ship encouraged.

  11. WG absolutely needs to revisit the old tech tree tier 10 DDs. The Gearing and Z52 need buffs with this crazy power creep. WG is pushing out rediculous ships for $$$$$.

  12. 2017 wg said that we cant release the British cruiser line with HE because it will break the game. They need that person back in charge again…

  13. We need to get Sealord to do patch notes.

    “Plane go fast now.”

  14. I think you´re missing another really big one when it comes to controversy, I mean it´s not like the Stalingrad was well received by the public.

  15. The thing about Odin is, is it worth getting her when you could just get tier 9 Agir with free xp? Agir has more HP (62,000), runs faster (33 knots), and has cruiser dispersion on the same 305 mm main turrets, while possessing all necessary tools on Odin such as hydro and heals. I personally would prefer the latter.

  16. The graf zep thing is a little confusing so here is the full version: Back before the cv rework they gave her to CC’s, she was a relatively good ship with weak fighters, good strike. But on release they made a last minute change and she was complete garbage. After her release IChaseGaming made a rant video complaining about wg’s bullshit in a vulgar way and wg removed him temporarily from the CC program and threatened to strike his youtube channel, they didn’t in the end. after much uproar from the community they put the zep back into testing and went through several versions until the final release still pre rework, this zep was a monster with powerful torpedos and dive bombers that could 1 shot tier 7 battleships(you can find replays of this on farazelleth’s youtube channel) and she continued this way until the rework hit, and post rework as we all know the zep is trash right now.

  17. Im going to say it and its just because I have and actively play odin, she does not have the best armor of t8 bb’s not even remotely close she eats citadels in a similar way to yammy, for some reason that boy just gets penned at the right spot while getting that 3rd turret on target and just enough broadside is shown it can be citadeled by cruisers, I’ve citadeled it in balti, tirp/bis, nc, amagi, shcarn, gneis. Its kinda sad more than anything to me because i love that ship but once you find its citadel it gets nuked like no tomorrow and finding it isnt as hard as finding it on tirp/bis.

  18. Moskva going premium is bs. Giving everyone else the premium camo that many of us paid good money for.

  19. The whole controversy about the PR was the reason i installed the game for a while. Because for some reason i felt so offended because i am from Puerto Rico. I was disgusted with WG handling of the whole situation

  20. The only thing worse than them adding the Smolensk to the game, was when they removed it from the shop. That just means now only some people have the total BS, everyone newer can never get it, making the power imbalance even greater.

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