World of Warships- Top 5 Most Controversial Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 most controversial ships, enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Video Intro/Carrier Con
1:08 5. GZ
4:26 4. Missouri
9:00 3. Makarov
12:39 2. PR
16:50 1. Yukon


  1. Conroversial ships: subs, CVs, Hybrids.
    Edited: superships.

  2. Ah, that type of controversial. I was expecting Thunderer and Smolensk.

  3. Both Makarov and the Nürnberg are pretty good ships if you are good with cruisers. Makarov is probably only hated because of the Santa containers.

  4. I have 3 out of 5 controversial ships in this list(Missouri,Yukon and 2 variations of Graf Zeppelin). The Missouri with the right economic boosts is still a money printer, the Graf Zeppelin is
    still a crap aircraft carrier, and the Yukon from the couple of games I play is god tier in downtiers and mediocre in uptier! P.s For the Missouri I was one of the lucky ones to get it on the dockyards big santa container lol!

    • I started during the Yukon release and it was the first premium I got in game at all, that it was from a container made it even more amazing to me.
      Still one of my favourite ships.

  5. The M.K. Young Show

    The Yukon Incident probably did more damage to the game’s image than anything in the history of it. When your game’s most effective reps walk out en masse, it says something about management that isn’t flattering. One would think WG would’ve learned something from that. And one would be completely and utterly wrong.

    • LWM was an incredible asset to Wargaming, her reviews drove people to buy premiums (if they were any good) as people had great confidence and respect for her diligence and analysis. Not to mention LWM’s work on the wiki pages was great (you can really see the difference between ship wiki’s before and after LWM left the cc program – based on ship release dates), I don’t know if she did them directly or her stats / analysis was fed into those pages by someone else but WG lost an immense source of free labour when they were unwilling to swallow their pride and treat a beloved Icon of the game with basic decency and respect. Didn’t know her personally, just really respected her analysis and frankly I am a lot more hesitant to buy premiums without her reviews.

    • Completely and utterly wrong? I’d disagree with that. You can argue that they didn’t learn _enough,_ but they definitely became more communicative after that. LSM even lists some of the positive changes that ensued after that debacle.

    • I love the Little White Mouse’s reviews, they are great for everone. But the big point people missed with that incident is that you never and I mean never do a massive amount of work for someone without first getting everyone to sign a contract which specifies exactly what will be expected for the work that you do.

      Just writing that contract causes people to come to what lawyers call “a meeting of the minds” which eleminates misunderstandings. This case would be an excellent example for law schools to use in their Contracts course around the country.

    • @Josh the King Please. The people who are most toxic in the game are probably have parents that are just as big of douches and probably abused their kid physically or psychologically. They had much worse done to them then having soap in their mouth. Every bully I dealt with growing up was very well disciplined. They were also shown that being the biggest a-hole is how you are supposed to act.

    • ​@clansome u are right

  6. Whew, glad I didn’t buy Graf Zeppelin and instead went for Hornet (got a coupon for my birthday that gave me an amount of doubloons depending on what ship I bought for cash, got the Azuma). I’m not a good CV player by any means, but it’s an historic ship.
    Also, wanted the GF because of her secondaries, but I hear now that even DDs don’t fear it much.
    I also want the Missouri- again, historical ship.
    Also, what happened to TLW is saddening. I really loved her reviews.

    • GZ isn’t a terrible ship, it is a ship that was stripped of it’s ability to be good, what it needs more than anything is for the speed on the rocket planes to be buffed to be brought in line with the other planes (bombers / torp planes), it generally results in the rocket planes not being used much purely because of the much longer flight times to targets so players generally end up using the other planes on targets that rockets would be more suited to because the rockets planes are v slow and weak for their tier. The AP bombs are inconsistent against cruisers because of the aiming reticle, and frankly are prob best used against most BB instead, main reason players use AP bombs against cruisers rather than rockets is because the rocket planes are too slow and weak (so they can all get shot down before they get a strike off if they encounter def aa or get hit by any flak)… you buy GZ to cycle quick solo strike torpedo plane attacks and you build for them over the secondaries it you want good damage out of your games, they are slow like American / Brit torp bombers so if you do not take every possible torpedo plane / speed upgrade it will really limit your damage. Only time you use rockets is if you are under dd attack and they are smart enough to dodge your torps / if you run out of other planes. Only time you use AP bombs is in your first strike (don’t risk torp planes while the targets are close together you cannot afford to lose them) and when you run out of torp planes, AP bombs damage is low and unreliable against anything other than BB. Secondary builds are fun but you generally regret using them (in terms of forgone damage from torps) on games that are not brawls with other CV, don’t forget you no longer have access to IFHE for CV so most of the guns only pen 26mm.

  7. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    Haha I think I’m the only person unlucky enough to not get the Makarov in that event. I usually get at least 1 ship, but that year I didn’t get any.

  8. I actually quite enjoy playing my Makarov. Mountbatton’s point still stands.

  9. I think Atlantoco fits this category!

  10. OM and PR were before my time, but picked the latter up this last time. Not a CV player and Yukon is pretty garbage, but I’m not a fan of main line of Brit BB. Mak, like the Nuremburg, at tier, is a great ship. I have a win rate of nearly 60% in that ship.

  11. Many people understand the Makarov issue, but few explain it 100% succinctly and correctly. Here it is simply: “With the older Christmas boxes the average Joe player thought every Christmas box they bought had a chance, however tiny, of dropping say a Thunderer.” If they had few premiums they actually had ZERO chance. Similarly with the daily ‘Try Your Luck’ containers the average Joe player thinks they have a chance, however tiny, of getting a premium ship every time they click it. They do not. This goes into the dark magic of Super Container guaranteed drop sequences and the ship-drop ‘pity’ mechanic.

  12. The Missouri fiasco is when the player base began to deserve WG’s BS.

    Months prior WG removed signals from achievements and then fast forward a few months they try selling a “fixed” Missouri while tinkering with the OG version. The bean counters at WG hated the fact Missouri printed credits, which can in return buy signals.

    It was not hard to put two and two together.

  13. This replay from the Mighty Jingles of a full secondary build Graf Zeppelin shows what is possible. Absolutely hilarious!

  14. Excellent video, the PR is still the only dockyatd ship I didn’t get during the first release. I did get her during the second though and for some reason don’t play her that much.

  15. The PR disaster, the biggest issue was that many of the challenges past i think week 3 of the challenges where starting to be siloed to a certain nation and ship type. you had to complete each challenge separately from of each other, no synergy with other challenges like today’s dockyard. and many had challenges that was outlandish in the later weeks, once it was past week 4 it was the beginning of the end, like more then a ten million credits in a certain nations ship class and another was over 100k base XP for a specific nation and ship, and the numbers would continue to rise. I think only about 3 people managed to complete the PR completely free after grinding their souls away.

  16. The biggest one you missed the original the original HMS Belfast Which pretty much kicked it all off

  17. You missed Smolensk, the HE spammer with smoke after WGing said Minotaur would not have HE in smoke because it would break the game…

  18. I got the Graf Zep in a container a few months into playing the game. I knew nothing of it’s history on the game, so I thought I had hit the lottery. I played it a lot in those months and it basically taught me how to play CVs. Looking back on it, it was probably the most fun I’ve had playing CVs because of that. It forced me to learn how to setup for torp and bomb runs correctly. Yahh, there is a lot better CVs in the game, but it’s always going to have a lot of sentimental value for me.

  19. Another fantastic video! Only thing missing is the most recent controversy over the introduction of subs and maybe selling tier 10 ships! 2 things the wg said would never happen!

  20. I Still Remember the Missouri Re-Release (i only joined World of Warships in like, early 2020), and When i completed the missions i thought i’d get that free Missouri, But instead when i learned its just to earn the Ability to purchase her, i was like “alright, thats a bit stupid but thats fine”. What Really Got me upset was When i learned It was only a Limited time to purchase! And To this day i am Still Salty about it.

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