World of Warships- Top 5 Most Hated Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 Ships that most players don’t exactly enjoy! So…Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
0:33 5. Nevsky
3:16 4. Marceau
5:49 3. Malta
9:50 2. Alliance
12:07 1. Louisiana


  1. aNormalShippingGuy

    Great video Sea lord! Now can you make Top 5 best commanders for the next video?

  2. Correction Malta isn’t a steel ship

  3. 1. Any Putin cruiser, 2. any submarine, 3. any CV

  4. My problem with CVs and hybrids is mostly in ranked. CVs just aren’t balanced for 6v6 and hybrids are a complete curse for more than one reason. Firstly, they can become a hindrance and put your team a ship down if the player doesn’t know what to do with them. Secondly, the MM more often than not gives one team a hybrid and the other no. Thirdly, more often than not, they just appear at the end of the game and it’s adios DD and game over.

    Subs are stupid but they can only be in one place at a time and if your team is on the ball they can be killed. As long as it’ not me who is on the wrong end of its dumb mechanics it’s not so bad. CVs and Hybrids shitstain the entire map.

    • They aren’t balanced for 12vs12 neither. A good CV player will be spotting you almost the full match and that’s really annoying and frustrating when playing ships that rely on their concealment to work

  5. In my opinion, the Alliance is from all the submarines the easiest to deal with. Yes, her torpedos are turning like crazy, but they are so slow that you can just drive away, even when you are a slow battleship on medium torpedo range for the Alliance and in addition the Alliance has to ping you and her torpedos are slow, so she has to ping you more often. I played submarines a bit myself and you really dont want to ping people except you have to, because pinging gives away your position, so people shoot at you and send their planes.

    • Her free fire torps are also powerful, but with 7km range, she has to sneak right up to use them. She also has less hp than other subs.

      Having played her, I think the German ones are still more OP and more annoying to deal with.

    • @Joshua The German subs are easily the worst of the lot. I’ve played all of them (save for the Soviet premium) and Alliance is my favourite so far because she has to get in close to do something, but also has the means to evade being that close. It makes for some fun and exciting gameplay where the enemy can interact with you and fight back. The German subs on the other hand are very annoying to deal with because of their stupid range and stealth, but they’re also the most boring to play as you just launch torps at max range, ping once to get them to home, and repeat forever. People complain about shotgunning, but as a DD main I think that’s more exciting gameplay for both sides as the sub has to actually get in close and make the shotgun worth the massive hit they’re about to take unless they really time it perfectly.

    • @Rovel Fox I never said German subs were fun. I think they’re the least fun. But I think they are OP. The range, pings and torp speed and damage add together to make it OP. It’s too easy to do really well in and it outranges ASW.

      I haven’t played the US ones, but Sturdy is probably the worst T8 (not saying it’s bad though). Have to wait and see how Thrasher is.

      All the premiums are good, but they all have drawbacks and generally have to get closer and take more risks to do well.

    • @Joshua I was agreeing with you that the German subs are both boring and OP at the same time. Truly the worst combo to have in a game. Other than that I’ve overall enjoyed subs in game, both playing them and sinking them.

  6. The Malta is where it is because of the nerf to the FDR.

  7. People really like to hate me when I take a Thunderer, but chances are it would be 7 on your list. A Thunderer is a really good shell magnet

  8. I was fortunate enough to NOT encounter the Louisianna in CBs this go around. My gripe was the insane quantity of Marceaus/Klebers allowed. Granted teams were limited to 3, bur REALLY; 1 total, like the other restricted ships, would have been plenty.

  9. Can us Louisianaians at least get an Acadian Flag camo? Also, we need an iteration sponsored by Raising Canes.

  10. Well, never got any problems with hybridships besides triple Ise, so the removal of all subs and FDR is the only priority for me at the moment.

  11. I hear a lot of people complain about Nevsky’s ap pen but at the end of the day they aren’t light cruiser guns thats why it gets ony 8 guns compared to 12-16 on most other CLs

  12. Im still waiting for hybrid Jean Bart (which was acctually planed)

  13. The Louisiana on her Port-side, she has NINE Twin 127mm secondary turrets (18 barrels in total on her Port side where the aircraft elevator is, on her starboard she only has 10 guns like Montana and Ohio) that can fire at a target, having used this ship in clan battles and currently have is partially spec into secondary’s (because plotting room 2 is a must have) her secondary’s can melt DDs and burn bigger ships with a 10% fire chance with flags. she is indeed very overpowered in the right situations.

  14. Haven’t gone through the comments so if this has been mentioned already. Malta is now a coal ship 296000

  15. I was trying to chase down a Marceau in Des Moines. It didn’t matter if I hit the thing with AP of HE; barely anything happened. I missed most of the time, and that was within its detection range. I could see it, but just not hit it at even close range.

  16. Perfect summary of the Marceau, absolutely love playing it. However, its an absolute nightmare to deal with on the enemy team.

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