World of Warships- Top 5 Most Hated Ships

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Hey guys, today we take a look at five ships that have earned the ire of the playerbase! Let me know what ships should have been included on this list below!

Ross Rowley:

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Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 List Intro
0:43 5.Conde
4:46 4.FDR
8:38 3.Smolensk
12:04 2.Nahkimov
17:16 1.Any Submarine


  1. It is maybe just me, but nowadays I don’t think that Smolensk is that “bad”. They are fairy rare, and most of the time they are not anymore annyoing than a Kitakaze or F.Sherman.

    • Same for me. Smolensk is annoying to play against, but it doesn’t have that much battle Impact.
      I hate fighting Smalands way more. It has the tools to deal with any class, is an annoying HE spammer and doesn’t even have a citadel in the first place.

    • @An idiot My personal demon in this game is the Kitakaze, insane DPM, very powerful torpedos, no citadell and japanese HE

    • Agreed. I would probably have replaced her with USS SUS

    • I remember on game like 2 years ago in my Smolensk , I must admit I was pretty cocky when game started I invidend enemy team on grill 😉 , and i delivered 6 kills 240k dmg , confederate 29 fires , a loot achivements … I was called cancer , and in many other ws , I was reported several times … but damn I had time of my life :))) … now days you can meet Smolensk in co-op because is useful tool for fires and hit ribbons .

  2. I can remember my early days of WOWS, years ago, probably 2016 or 17, when the two ships I hated most were the Atlanta and Helena. (Sighs) good times, gooood times

  3. Another thing on Nahkimov – it’s invulnerable to fighters. Let me explain – fighters have been programmed to attack only planes that still have ordinance and not waste ammunition on planes that do not pose a threat. This works fine for most aircraft carriers. But russians … do you see the problem? The Russians may ignore the fighters, because even if the fighters start attacking, the Soviet carrier will drop its payload and the fighter planes will say, “These planes are not a threat. Looking for another target”. This is stupid because a Soviet aircraft carrier can drop a target, even with fighter cover, without losing any aircraft. Your aircraft carrier IS NOT ABLE TO PROTECT YOU. Welcome to world of warships

    • This also means CVs can’t even defend themselves against a Nakhimov.

      And yet still there are “people” who cut this company slack.

    • @Aristos Achaion I got some really good games ruined because my fighters would do shit against a Chkalov. So stupid.

    • Nakhimov and to a similar extent Chkalov and Pobeda get colossal immunity periods to AA damage. I’ve happily deplaned multiple FDR’s. It’s almost impossible vs Nakhimov, even if the player is disabled and *tries* throwing aircraft away…

    • Maybe its almost like the old system was better?

    • @SteelxWolf not judging by what people complain about still. Which is being spotted, terrible CV players on their own teams, and damage. They did about as much damage with the unicum players, they did a hell of a lot *More* spotting, including torpedoes, and few CV players were even “okay” above tier 5.

  4. Ah yes, Smolensk… Never forget, Smolensk was considered toxic low-skill gameplay and overpopulated the matches, so she got three different mechanic changes to screw it over and a nerf to her armour scheme to make her midsection overmatchable by the heavier cruisers.

    And then people discovered that Thunderer, released at the same time, was just as much a lazy toxic ship that overpopulated the queue, so it got a nerf of its range to “only” 21 km. That’s it.

  5. My biggest gripe about subs is that the damage control usage to clear a ping leaves you so vulnerable, not least because the damage control cool down is much longer than that of the sonar ping. The sub just pings you again or you get set on fire or flooded by something else. Puts far too much pressure on one consumable. I have seen a vid of someone from WG saying “we know people hate subs, but what can we do?” So what do they do, fully release them anyway. They do not fix the many existing problems or bugs whilst introducing even more problems and create even more imbalance. That’s before things like the matchmaker not even attempting to create even matches so you get constant roll overs. The latest waterline also talks about implementing cross server matches for new player games (likely to be expanded in the future for higher tiers), which is clearly due to a lack of new players. They are so greedy they just don’t get that they are most of the problem and I doubt they ever will. Upgrading my PC soon as I cannot see me playing this game into 2023.

    • Yeah, at least if the DC to clear a ping would last a minute, long enough for them to look for someone else…

    • the only real change they could do is give the ping the same cooldown as the torps

    • Exactly my beef with subs. Using Damage Con to mitigate a sonar ping is the dumbest thing that Wargaming have ever put into the game. Why is it so hard for them to just add another consumable to counter a sonar lock. I need a damage con to actually heal bloody damage. Not to waste it on countering a stupid sub.

  6. At.least when Submarine players make a mistake they can be punished via being targeted and destroyed, even if you have to stop what you are doing to kill them. A CV player is only punished if they make repeated repeated bad attacks on heavily heavily AAd targets. Even then, do they lose health? Do they die? Nope. They just take a break and get more planes.

  7. Conde, they simply need to make a localised lockout on the reload booster when the F mode is used, so they are seperate choices that can’t be used in combination. I’d put USA and Eagle top, simply for their ability to spot the entire map within seconds of the game starting. As a DD main, I’m more annoyed at being perma-spotted by CVs than I am by having to dodge CV attacks (as much as I despise that too). I’d also add ships no longer in game. I’m lucky to have many of them, including the main culprits (Smolensk, Smaland, Thunderer) but what are new players meant to do when they face these ships and the game says ‘tough, you will never have them’? I’m fine with things being very time consuming to get, but I think it’s a real kick in the face to attracting new players when some of the most OP ships they face will literally never be available to them.

    • Super CVs cant spot the entire map that fast, they have the regular T10 planes for a couple minutes before the jets come online, the spotting isn’t that much better than T10 carriers, it’s the ridiculous damage and a complete inability to react to the jets that’s the problem. Sussy torps do obscene damage per drop and this is AFTER wg nerfed it several times.

    • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

      I have all of them except the Eagle 😂 for now 🤣

  8. For mid-tier players, Kamikaze, and Giulio Cesare, would be good adds to this list. A lot of Giulio and Kamikaze players have an insane number of games in these ships and use them as exploit or farming vessels. Check the stats on them. Giulio::1.3MM battles, 57% WR. Kamkaze: 2 MM + battles, 57% WR.

  9. I hear you regarding the Conde from CB, but if it were nerfed (burst mode removed) you’d feel the same way about the annapolis. It actually has 3 salvos instead of two like the Conde. The truth is, all the T11 shouldn’t be allowed in T10 CB, AND they need to call them what they are: T11.

  10. As far as CVs or subs being worse, I think it depends on the situation and what class you play. I play a lot of DDs and CVs make them super unfun to play. I will add that sub’s at least have to take a risk to do damage, there is a chance to find it and kill it. CVs get to hide the whole match and do damage with impunity.

  11. I still remember when the FDR was in testing. Being in my Venezia, seeing a squad of rocket planes get to me, shoot me way before my AA even activates, then HALVES MY HEALTH.

    God that thing is nuts

  12. I like the fact that the Kearsarge, you know the half aircraft carrier and half battleship doesn’t get anything to deal with subs. Like yeah they get their tiny tims but no asw planes or anything like Really?

  13. If you think Eagle is broken – i today had the “pleasure” of playing against a Sekuriyu.

  14. Submarines have totally changed my opinion of how much fun it is to play WoWS. Now I mostly just play Co-op to avoid them for the most part. Random is NOT fun anymore.

  15. In my opinion, a huge problem with subs, while trying to avoid being hit by torpedoes, you are forced to maneuver your ship in a direction that will get you blapped by any other surface ship in range. CV’s have no counter play to Subs. So, like the typical person who is willing to play this class of ship (while it is broken), will go straight for the CV knowing this… People complain about CV’s in general, however AA is more effective than given credit for with the newer AA DDs. A Holland and a few other high tier tech line DDs will shred a squadron very quickly by themselves. Having said all that, FDR is broken for sure and it does deserve it’s place on your list.
    One major complaint with WG is, they appear not to care about these problems. They won’t listen to player feedback and make changes accordingly. They have received my last dollar last year and After my premium time expires, I will probably just stop playing this game as much sometime in 2023. Been playing almost 7 years. Starting to feel like I am in an abusive relationship… I love the game, I hate the company. Time to move on suppose.

  16. I’m surprised Thunderer wasn’t on here. Feel like you were the number one person advocating how broken that ship was during a time everyone was like “It’s just really good not OP”. I still hate dealing with that thing. The range nerfs to it helped with the problem sure but just like with Smolensk: It’s one of the most annoying surface ships to deal with to this day.

  17. the fact the Russian carriers unlike regular carriers is that they can return to the ship controls when the planes attack an enemy. so they can deploy another attack when your strike aircraft and skip bombers drop their bombs. having played them up to tier 8, i can say the are really broken. i seen a thunderer on my team a while back when they first came out, thunder and the enemy nahkimov where the only two ships left in the match. down to the wire. both ships were separated by an island in the center of the map. the thunderer was at full health and the cv was at 80%. in less then 1 minute and 43 seconds the nahkimov completely destroyed the thunderer from full health to dead. it blew not only our minds but the enemy teams as well. russian CVs with the rocket assisted takeoff makes all Russian cvs more dangerous at close range which is a powerful advantage unique to them and their statistics.

  18. FDR the big nerf was the torp spread was larger increasing the dispersion. A good CV player with a bad BB player would make this change neglegable

  19. Im a new player to WoWs, around 400 battles, i stick mostly to tier VI crusiers and when i see that the ship have to drop the depth charges manualy on top of the sub instead of having a plane i basically assume i have no protection against subs. Trying to chase them is pointless cause they are fast like motorboats and if i leave my cover to depth charge them im being nuked by enemy team and even if i sacrafice and hit them with all my depth charges (I was palying huanghe AA and anti sub build, 4 drops, 3 bombs in payload, once i scored 9 hits and the sub was still floating) its not guaranteed u will sink it. Having hydro is also pointless to fight them because 2km spot range is ridicoulous. Like… I can spot little torps from 3km away but cant spot thick fat underwater metal trashcan from the same distance?

  20. Trying to grind tier 7, the Musashi has really got on my nerves. The presence of a CV means that it would be either kept in check or given spotting so that it can aim better. The worst part about it is that is can see tier 7 ships who stand little chance against it due to it’s armor, health, guns and range that it fires at. I had to pray that the Musashi didn’t obliterate me in a single salvo when facing it. It’s not as bad if you are facing it at tier 8 or 9 or as a DD but it is still an absolute pain for tier 7 players. And to top that, it’s range means that it can CV snipe given that it has sight on the enemy CV. The Musashi is also hard to get to thanks to being far behind enemy lines which means you have to either get through them or their AA and by then the Musashi would have either disappeared or have killed you

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