World of Warships- Top 5 Most Overpowered Ships Of All Time

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Hey guys! Today we go over my five most OP ships of all time! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
1:27 5. Thunderer
5:48 4. Smolensk
9:32 3. Benham
11:36 2. Belfast
14:06 1. Nakhimov


  1. Krzysztof Narloch

    Nakhimov… a CV made to abuse every hidden CV mechanic ingame…

  2. Richtoffen when released was very OP, perhaps moreso than Nakhimov. Just it’s less good now and took less time to nerf.

    Edit: also Saipan in RTS days was super OP.

  3. Stefano Crosazzo

    I don’t know, here’s my alternative top 5:

    5) Prior to CV rework, Kamikaze and their 2 variants were unstoppable. They could singlehandedly dominate t5 MM. Only CV spotting could limit their power. Even now that CVs are more prevalent they are insanely strong.

    4) But even stronger than them was closed beta Minekaze. The thing used to have exactly the same torpedoes of Kamikaze, but it was a tech tree ship… so it was free.

    3) Also, Giulio Cesare IS super strong atm, but the first test iteration used to have CRUISER DISPERSION. Not battleship, not battlecruiser, CRUISER dispersion. You could oneshot any target if you had good aim, basically t5 Slava.

    2) Speaking of Slava, remember the FIRST iteration of that thing? It was called Pobeda and used to have much tighter dispersion at ANY range and the OG Kremlin hull, so it was tanky as hell in addition to being able to devastate any broadside target.

    1) I can’t think of a single more OP ship than Iwaki A. Extremely rare, it was given only to alpha testers and it’s a t4 Tenryu (t3 Japanese cruiser) with access to long range, hard hitting torpedoes, 4 upgrade slots instead of the usual 2 (including a special slot 1 dispersion module that turns your guns into sniper rifles), hydro and smoke generator just because, in addition to excellent stealth, speed and agility. Luckily nobody plays low tiers anymore, that thing is just terrifying.

  4. BornRaisedAndLivingInCalifornia

    I was gonna say the Tier 5 Giulio Cesare. I was playing some randoms with a clanmate, he was getting Krackens or 4 ships a game with that thing. She is stealthy, accurate, and maneuverable. Her HE and DPM are very good. Honestly, she is easily a Tier 6 boat in my eyes.

    • USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

      Wee Gee seems to think so too considering Novorossik (or however the hell you spell it) exist

    • I played mid tier a weeks ago in a cl while grinding. These things were everywhere just dominating T4 cvs are trash so there’s nothing to keep them in check. They just smash everything. There were divisions of them 😂

    • USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

      @Bohdisattva you can take out torpedo DDs and absolutely smash them if you’re having issues. They have very little torpedo protection (only 19% iirc) so a couple of 11k+ torpedoes and you’ll do about 1/4 of its health pool. If that’s not something you can easily achieve then you could always use a range advantage. GC has the 3rd (tied with Texas) shortest range of any T5 BB and can get outranged by quite a bit

    • @USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409 I was grinding the new cruiser lines. Range won’t save you a cl bro. They just power thru your HE spam and dev strike you. Picture 3 of them just rushing. It was amazing and scary at the same time 😂

    • USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

      @Bohdisattva oh no, I didn’t mean cruisers made of high explosives. I meant other BBs like Kōngō, Oktober Revoluysia, Rio de Janeiro. Other BBs out range the GC

  5. Nakhimov is the CV that would hunt and abuse the other CVs 😂

  6. There is noway that G Ceasar or E Lowehart did not make this list. My win percentage in E Lowehart was 88% when I played her. Her HE stukas can 2 drop DDs. And you can basicly fly right to the dd spawns and wipe at least 2 out (or cripple them in the 1st 2 minutes. And G Ceasar with the match making…stupid good. Kraken almost every game

  7. Nakhimov might be very broken… but RTS Kaga was just an another league. You could literally nuke ships like Bismarck in one wave

  8. I noticed you had as much success starting main battery fires with your THUNDERER as I do. 67% chance with flags and I am lucky to see anywhere close to 10% fires with MY mains. And, IMO, I think the HMS LONDON is still cracked : 8 x 203s, smoke, torps, HYDRO (i believe) AND A heal; all wrapped up in a T6.

  9. Scruffy O'Donnell

    I think the Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin should definitely be on the list.

    • agree.. if there is no CV to spot you, you can nuke out the entire enemy team without even getting spotted once. I had a match some time ago where i made around 150k and 6 kills without getting spotted AT ALL

    • not really, Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin was the same ship as the Minekaze
      all japanese torpedo boats were more dangerous in the past. Shimakaze has 20 km torpedoes that hardly anyone uses now, but these were a lot faster and more stealthy in the past

  10. I remember getting the Belfast and after awhile wargaming wanted to buy it back for dbs. I said to myself, “it must be too good” so I kept it.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    The two closest to almost making it on this list were: Enterprise & Smaland. There were a handful of other runner ups, anyone care to take a guess?

  12. Smolly is cracked, especially in the Convoy and Airship modes. I was averaging 200k+ with her when the airship mode was active.

  13. You did not mention the Smollies “best” feature, the shells did not render until they were halfway to the target (maybe a little earlier). So even if you are good sniping smoked targets, there was no way to find the thing.

  14. When Belfast came out I wasn’t playing that high of tier as much and watching content creators mostly. Fast forward to post deadeye patch when I really started playing and learned to play the game in the scharnhorst. Took out the abomination Belfast and truly appreciated the power potential as advertised from years ago.🎉🎉

    • Fun fact I was invited to the wows beta testing but never accepted because I went into the military:( . Tried accepting the invitation a couple years ago but link didn’t work lol.

  15. Fun fact: Though perhaps lame, I stayed up for the release of the Thunderer in the armoury and was the first person (non super-tester, etc.) to play the Thunderer on the NA server. Played the match and my game was the only match listed on the stats sites.

  16. My favorite Thunderer salvo was a target of opportunity, 19km away. Eight HE rounds went down range, five hit the target, and three started fires. As my victim’s damage control party was already on cooldown, those fires burned for some time. I am so thankful that I was not playing pvp. My most awesome Thunderer match had two bot Yamatos steaming just far enough apart that my guns could reload in the time between passing each ship– eleven citadel hits and two kills, in less than 25 seconds!

    The Smolensk was the third(?) ‘DD with a citadel’, after the Atlanta and Flint. With the 19.2 km range (commander skill that boosted the range of MA below 139 mm caliber) it just farmed fire damage. Being a Russian ship with 990 m/s muzzle velocity, the AP is also good. I used AP at the end of one match when I caught the opposing Smolensk broadside and forgot to go back to HE at the start of the next match. I was at 60k of damage when I began to wonder why I had started no fires.

    An amusing coincidence is that, without signals and commander skills that boost fires, the Thunderer and Smolensk have the same expectation value for number of fires started per minute

  17. Stefaan Lambrecht

    5. Kamikaze: during the early days the Minekazi was extremely powerful until WeeGee nerfed it to the groud and introduced this thing back as premium ship with another name.
    That’s how they have balanced tech tree ships ever since. Kamikaze is still a very powerful ship in its tier.

    4. FDR: upon release this thing murdered every isolated target, but after its rocket planes got nerfed it became somewhat balanced it’s not very good against DD’s nowadays.

    3. Petropavlovsk. An absolute noghtmare to play against it tanked better than most BB’s, sat lower in the water than a sub just to name a few of its pros.
    Received some nerfs but still one of the most powerful vessels in the game.

    2. Conqueror. Completely busted it incinerated everything in its path, almost impossible to citadel.
    It was so powerful that the Thunderer fell under the radar when it was released because “why spend 248k coal on the Thunderer when the CQ is around and for free?”

    1. Belfast: completely dominates tier 7 and still does it today that’s the reason it’s on my #1

    Other ships on my shortlist: Missouri, Chkalov, Saipan RTS, OG Khabarovsk, Smolensk, Stalingrad, Kremlin, König Albert, T61, Smaland.

  18. Pre Nerf 4 torp Hakuryu needs to be on this! She still holds the highest damage recoard at over 550k

  19. CrusadingSamurai

    Played a match this weekend with Smolensk. My team had no faith in me. I went broadside to a satsuma basically point blank range. Team thought I was gonna get murdered and Satsuma of courses fires AP shells at me. Needless to say I survived and ended up winning the match. I won’t ever get tired of playing Smolensk even these nerfs.

  20. Both my Cesare and Nikolai have >70% win rates. Nikolai has lost a step with the CV rework, but Cesare is still a guddamn killer.

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