World of Warships- Top 5 Must Buy Premiums 2 (Fixed)

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Now with 100% more video and audio quality!

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  1. Hey nice vid! What’s with the Graf Zeppelin joke. Just bought that ship is it that bad?

    • Oh. Oh, dear. Yes. Of all the tier 8 premium carriers, Graf Zeppelin is the wurst. Do a YouTube search for Graf Zeppelin review (make sure it’s recent) and you’ll see the ship is much much worse than she used to be, before CV rework and nerfs.

    • oh rip money its terrible XD

    • Szerintem továbbra is elég jó a GZ szóval ne foglalkozz vele! 😀 Csak nehéz a bombázóival manapság különben elég jól adja a citeket az ap bomba, azért pampognak hogy a legszarabb, mert ezzel a legnehezebb játszani a T8 prém cv-k közüll de amennyire nehéz annyira tudja adni 😀

  2. ALASKA is the shit , best ship ever ans also the best looking.

    • I’m saving free xp for her.

    • straswa it’s well worth the time and effort, great ship .

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Got Alaska as soon as it was released, stuck a specialized build John Doe into her, and have loved her ever since. So much fun to play (basically the love child of NC and Buffalo, all ships I love playing) and much tankier and stronger than a lot of the reviews said (and some still do)

  3. george marnelakis

    I’m in love with my Massa and Bismark, i have the coal to buy A ship, should i get Georgia or wait a bit more to get the Thunderer?

    • Steven Wiederholt

      Neither. You should give it all to me.

      Its worth a shot. 🙂

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      I have Georgia (no Thunderer yet, if I even get it in the future) and I love it. I’ve actually found the accuracy to be really good even out to max range, and the speed allows you to get out onto a flank and pummel ships or push in/out of an engagement and dictate the terms of engagement against most ships you can face. Her raised citadel is definitely a weakness (and I have been hit pretty hard by lucky shots) but if you play intelligently it’s not as big of an issue. Georgia’s basically a faster Iowa/NC hybrid with better guns and Mass secondaries, so if you enjoy the getting in close and brawling style you may enjoy her. Plus if you have a secondary spec commander for Mass you can stick him right into Georgia and have a great captain, or you can use a more normal survivability build like I am right now.

      Thunderer also looks like a strong ship, but in my opinion it’s less tanky and more about just staying at mid to long range where you’re not going to get shot at a lot since it doesn’t have Conq’s heal, whereas Georgia can work well at any range and has the standard USN BB heal with the faster cooldown that Mass has.

    • Steven Wiederholt


      Thank you, good to know about the accuracy.

    • @Steven Wiederholt I cried! LOL

    • @george marnelakis
      Someone has to be the skinny old wise ass. 🙂

  4. Good video quality, audio balance and voice narrative sound really good now. One of the best quality videos production wise that you’ve made so thanks for re uploading it. Only drawback is I’m convinced Wargaming have bribed you to say nice things about the Georgia mate!!! (Just kidding of course.)

  5. Smolensk!!!?

    • Some people complain so hard about that ship and want it nerfed. Honestly I think it’s a bit too tanky. I farm every battle 2mio pot. Dmg and still survive every time.
      I think they should keep it like that or remove it from the armory instead of nerfing. It’s still a premium ship no matter how earned. And I needed around 8 months to get the coal for it. And i only got it because I was lucky enough to get 2x15k coal supercontainers on the 4th anniversary event.

  6. i dont think this ships are top 5 but pretty average (okhotnik is fun no doubt because of 12 torps ).
    imho smolensk and jean bart are the best out of all u can get atm.
    atago is good too and thunderer is okish too but salem really is not worth when u have a des moines, dm is better when u have the legendary module and 10 km radar range v 8.5 km at salem and u have to take def aa on salem while a dm can choe hydro which i pretty much prefer when dd hunting.
    salem is just too nerfed againt the dm and it has practically nothing to compensate for it.
    yes it has superheal but u will just melt away when u think u can go closer to the enemies than a des moines can, so u have to stay at same positions and same range like a des moines but lack everything good a des moines has.

  7. Evangeline Anovilis

    Salem shouldn’t play too much different from Des Moines, because overextending is the #1 death cause of Salems who think their heal prevents BBs from just overmatching their garbage armour right into the citadel. You can brawl cruisers, kinda, but so can DesMo. But against BBs, you lack the armour and the torps to get much from going close range. And AA-wise, a DesMo/Salem isn’t really a better AA platform than your typical T10 BB. Hakuryus with an inkling of skill take it apart.
    Yoshino doesn’t just explode if BBs look at it. It can eat weird cits, but if you angle properly, it usually doesn’t get devstruck.

    Overall, if anyone would ask me for “Must Buy” prems, I’d say “None” though, because some are decent, but none are a “must”. Quite the strong word.

  8. That “Tier eight German Aircraft Carrier…” made my head snap up and look at the screen. Bwahaha!

  9. I just got the Georgia and she’s lot of fun but only if you play her right which is not easy as she’s so squishy those bigs guns are very fickle. I’ve had the Jean Bart for awhile and she’s much better ship overall than the Georgia, more consistent and can get you a lot of credits and is still quite unique and a lot of fun. Whilst I love them both the JB is better and what I’d use in a ranked battle.

  10. Nice vid Sea Lord, I’m saving coal and free exp for the Salem, Alaska and possibly Yoshino.

  11. The rouge spartan

    Didnt expect vangaurd to be on the list.

  12. Georgia with Alex Ovetchkin, extra health and fast turrets…

  13. MidnightPhoenix07

    Have both Georgia and Alaska and absolutely love both of them (running a specialized build in Alaska and my standard Monty/NC survivability build captains in Georgia), don’t regret getting either of them. Personally I definitely prefer Georgia over JB but both are good ships depending on what you like to play (although I feel JB struggles more since her smaller caliber means she _has_ to be on broadsides and the guns are _much_ more shotgunny than Georgia). I don’t _regret_ getting JB if only because she’s still a decent ship but I don’t play her nearly as much as Georgia or Alaska and if I had waited a little bit I would have been able to either get Yoshino or Georgia when they released instead of having to build coal back up for Georgia.

  14. Best Cruiser for Coal is SMOLENSK and it would be my priority number one on any list

  15. My Top 5

    Nr1: Prinz Eitel Friedrich
    Nr 2: Warspite
    Nr 3: Molotov
    Nr 4: Atlanta
    Nr 5: Admiral Graf Spee

    • Of the ones I have:

      1. Okhotnik (It’s just stupid) Too much fun without breaking the law.
      2. Scharnhorst (Just solid)
      3. Dunkerque (I love the crap out of this boat. Yea, it’s squishy… but the speed at T6.)
      4. Admiral Graf Spee (It’s a blast to delete cruisers and double torp with the awesome torp angles. Oh, and getting citadels on BBs brings a smile)
      5. Murmansk (It is my 1st premium “from a random super-container.” I played the heck out of it and love it. Then again, I was sad going from the Omaha to the Cleveland.)

  16. Salem I use Alexander Ovechkin commander with improved heal, turret traverse, and the heal flag. Do the math on what that all means to total HP with heals. I often take well over 100,000 HP damage and live. She recovers 100% fire or flood so let it burn. The reaction when you are at 1/3 health one minute and near full the next is a blast.

  17. If my Tirpitz can citadel Vanguard through the deck armor then that ship is not for me.

  18. i watch till the second place, Alaska? What? you are drunk man

  19. What do you think about the Lenin

  20. No stalingrad, just a bunch ma murica ships

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