World of Warships- Top 5 Must Buy Premiums

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys an updated Must Buy Premiums list, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 List Intro
1:44 5. Napoli
6:33 4. Pommern
11:15 3. Mainz
13:42 2. Atago
16:47 HM: Marceau
19:04 1. Kearsarge


  1. Kearsarge is an odd choice if I’m being honest.
    On paper, and perhaps in hands of very good players, it is a lot of potential… But in practice… I see this ship as a chew toy – it seems like a trap ship – horribly easy to misuse. It may have a great skill ceiling, but floor is also incredibly low.

    The planes… I find don’t do that much, but you pay a hefty price in other characteristics.
    The guns are not very good at long range, and while you have a lot of them, they suffer from slow reload.
    Speed is quite abysmal for US standards. 30 knots is not… terrible, but it is no really good either.
    Back to planes – the only reason to use them is when you are in position where you can’t fire your guns. But if you are in such position, chances are you are hounded by multiple ships… that will likely take your planes down quickly.

    The fatal flaw of this ship… is protection. The tumor with a flight deck… This horrid thing eats damage at insane rates and is virtually impossible to miss. My last fight against it was in Atago – I almost won a gunnery duel against it, because it was eating AP damage like there is no tomorrow. A battleship… eating cruiser AP consistently. In that regard, it is worse than French battleships, because they at least saturate very quickly.

    This gives Kearsarge a weird combination of traits – it lacks the flight deck potential of a proper carrier, lacks the reload speed and range to outgun most serious competition (and you can’t shoot while commanding planes) and it lacks protection to act as a proper battleship.

    • @bormos3 they are the most accurate BB guns at T8, only Champagne I think has better dispersion but gets only 6 guns. Also shell velocity doesn’t affect dispersion in the slightest.

    • NC’s guns clock in at 290m+ dispersion. The sigma is 2.0, but even Iowa feels like it has better dispersion.

    • @Aristos Achaion on iowa you can use the dispersion module, making it a lot more accurate. NC is a buckshot in comparisson

    • Kearsage is played wrong most of the time anyway, back of the map pretending to be a CV, with the shell speed it can’t hit anything consistently. Hate having them on my team cause we’re down a BB and stuck with a useless CV.

    • I took Kearsarge a few months ago and hated it because of not being able to really figure out what play style to use. I have just started re-learning playing Kearsarge and realised that this ship should never be played as a CV, it is and will always be a battleship afterall with the planes only to be used as a secondary option. I have been able to significantly increase my damage output (consistently at 100K plus), however, my team always get defeated and ends up my win rate playing with this ship is horrible…

  2. Minor correction, 9.9 is Zaos max conceal. Atago is 9.3.

    Real ones remember when Zao had 9.7 and Atago had 9.1 lol.

  3. Thanks for the vid, I plan on picking up the Napoli with coal next – got the Pom Pom ages ago with coal shes great, and I grinded way back when it first released collab wise to get the ARP Takao for free so I have an Atago with a different Ascetic lol can conirm though as an Atago clone ship its a great time.

  4. I don’t take IFHE on my Pommern either. I think her main gun give enough dps by themselves. The secondaries are more useful for starting fires and keeping dcp occupied.

  5. Another reason to love Atago: 41mm deck and thin hull

    The number of times I broadsided a battleship within like 8-9km and got away taking only overpen damage with it is amazingly high

  6. I still think Kearsage is an abomination. I own everything else and think all are at least good with the stand out being Atago.

  7. I believe the Kearsarge is a total noob-trap. You see a monstrosity, with a huge tumor of a flight deck, good guns and all. A BB with HE attack planes, lol yes. However it’s pretty easy to get rekt in it. Also whenever I take mine into battle, just because of the huge structure, it gets huge amounts of focus and overall HE spam. Which is why it’s harder, it’s the same with Alaska too. Everybody loves to shoot at an Alaska 🙂

    • yea got the same experience, got it recently and while the guns and planes slap it’s just not that fun getting focused down all the time and every shell hits you for 10k+

    • A lot of the good high tier premiums usually are. Pommern is arguably the biggest noob trap of them all, but it’s also trash in this meta anyway. I never play mine anymore.

    • I think people completely missplay it, kearsarge is by far one of the most powerful bb’s at tier 9. it’s armored flight deck can protect it at range from ap and HE. using the planes to bait out dcp then proceeding to smash them with 12 406 HE rounds can completely melt bb’s

    • @Stephen Hemmings I have the Kearsarge, and while I’m not that great in it, I know for a fact it’s not the best Tier 9 BB… that title belongs to the Musashi, and it’s not close lol.

    • @Aristos Achaion that is really the sad truth. You can’t just play it in randoms because of the meta. Such a good ship but so frustrating to play in this long range HE spam with BBs hiding behind cruisers meta.

  8. I think a few other ships that are worth getting would be Cossack, Forrest Sherman, Groningen, and Congress. And for the people with the personality of a wet cardboard, Kaga and Chkalov

  9. Pommern with secondaries firing on both sides is just glorious!

  10. Napoli is great. Almost broke my dmg record with her yesterday reaching 250k dmg when the enemy team reached 1k points by having all my teammates killed.

  11. I’m so glad you talked me into the Pomm. What a blast and the 12km. 2nd-Aries rock too. Flame on.

  12. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I recommend atago as anyone’s first ship. I believe it was the first premium ever added into the game. She represents the perfect balance that wg used to be many years ago. High punishment/reward that is based on how you play. Plus the double rudder upgrade feels like you’re driving a large dd than a cruiser.

  13. still dont know why people keep saying kearsarge is a bad option.
    so easy to reach 100k dmg on an average match and provide valuable spotting, yet it decays when your team is totally noob

  14. I know I know, but yoshino… Her guns are laser accurate even at 20km and her he hits super hard. Plus the 20km newb tube torps. Just stay at 18km or so and enjoy consistent 100k dmg games.

  15. Where’s Ohio? I mean, all research bureau ships are *technically* possible to outright purchase.

    Jokes aside I’d say this list is mostly solid, except for Pommern. Depending on the meta that dominates your server, your mileage with it may vary. I have all of these bar Kearsarge and Pommern sits at the bottom in terms of usefulness for me, and that’s coming from someone who used to play ONLY that ship for a while.

  16. I’m sorry, but the Kearsarge as 1st on the list is a weird one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had amazing games on it (250k+ dmg, 5 kills with almost 3500 base xp), but that ship is a trap for average or noob players. Go in too deep, you’ll be focused down quickly and die in 1 minute. Stay in the back for too long, you’ll be sailing across the map with nothing to shoot at, waiting for the planes to reload and end up having 500 base xp. That ship is a massive target for anyone caring to look at it’s general direction.

  17. Kearsarge is criminally misplayed by most. I saw a guy ignore a fully broadside Richelieu and instead launched planes. It happens way too much. Everyone ignores the great guns.

  18. Cossack is missing one of the best DDs around and in the upcoming T8 CB the concealment is goan be awsome

  19. Well reasoned choices I must say, even if about half of them are not what I’d have picked myself. I considered getting Napoli, but I like Cruisers that have team support capabilities, such as hydro or radar and Napoli offers nothing in that regard. I have Pommern, and it’s not a bad ship at all, but the existence of the german Battlecruiser line makes her feel redundant to a large degree, turning Pommern into a “get her if there is nothing else of interest available” pick, imho. And finally Kearsarge is just visually too ugly for me to want to play her, no matter how powerful she is in many ways. Also: did anyone else notice the other DD in the Marceau clip (Yugumo, I think?) order SLM in game chat to stay away from him in order to not draw fire meant for Marceau his way? xD

  20. As far as the Pommern goes, it’s like the Kurfurst, many guns means you will at least hit some shells. With the Bismarck / Tirpitz, never really had issues penning tier 10 armour, the problem is getting shots on target. I mean the Jean Bart has 15 inch guns, no one questions it.

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