World of Warships- Top 5 Must Have Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my updated Top 5 Must Have Premium Ships. These are ships that if you asked me about them, I 100% would recommend them, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I bought a ship pack to get into closed beta. it was Gremyachy, Sims and Atlanta. when wows released, you got refunded your premiums for dubloons. i used the dubloons to buy the Atago, and its still one of my favourite ships today! (it was also given as a replacement for the stupid Kitakami torpedo cruiser)

  2. A ship I highly recommend is the tier 5 BB HMS Agincourt. You have no AA which is a downside, but for the rest….you have 14 main battery guns of 305 mm! And not only that but you have a lot of secondary that you can upgrade they can reach 8km, which is a lot of range at tier 5! You’ll be setting fires and deal a lot of damage to everyone. Even the most tanky tier 7 ships will get punished badly if hit by her broadside

    • Agreed 100% I picked up an Agincourt for myself and for my wife. Such fun and good ships! Definitely worth the money, especially compared to the overly pricy higher tier premiums.

    • IFHE…
      For higher tier matches…
      And being that their are no fires really being set…your targets won’t notice that there he is being eaten away at a nice pace.

    • Beat me to it!!!! Secondaries on that lol w. Capt Jingles for good times 1 of my favorite ships to play

    • Got mine for free out of a container a while ago, absolutely love her, shes an amazing ship, awesome secondaires, great guns, awesome for brawls

  3. Atago – I have Takao, which is functionally identical – it is a good ship. With solid, if slow broadside, good torpedo armament, good speed and agility. Some basic utility with sonar and plane.
    AA is disappointing, honestly, and range on guns is not excellent (sometimes you need to get a bit too close for comfort). She is squishy but can kite like crazy.
    That said – you have to learn that the C turret is a bit of a trap – but also an indicator – if you are angled and you can fire this third turret, it is like an indicator that you became vulnerable.
    And the fact that Atago survived the monstrous power creep of this game and remains rather viable is a testament to her design.

    I would honestly not put tier X prems on the list – one of the key features important for your average Joe is earnings – and tier X premiums do not get the earning bonus as the other prems do – they do get lower maintainance cost due to the camo they come with, so they will not bleed you money, but won’t make much either.

  4. Atago was my first premium ship and I still love it 6 years later. I have all of these ships except Napoli, and Kearsarge is a beast when you play it like the battleship it is, instead of the CV that it isn’t. Though I disagree with Marceau I think the Colbert is a better choice. Nothing brings the HE rain like that thing.

  5. For a tier 6, Arizona is a good choice. She is great at ranked, and just like Warspite does not care if she is uptiered.

  6. I know it’s a bit old but I like playing the 1.Hood as a T7 Kongo so it’s my favorite, but for fun the 2.Kearsarge has become a close second. My damage isn’t that great in it but almost every game so far has been good fun supporting pushes. It’s weakness against subs has hurt lately. I play 3.Marlborough as Hood with double the guns and a weak bow and it seems to work well. 4.Mikasa is just great for the lols. 5.Repulse used well is an absolute beast. I know some of these aren’t available easily yet but they’re my 5 favorites.

  7. I bought 2 from last year’s list; the Cossack-b and the Okhotchik, and have Thoroughly enjoyed them both.

  8. I started using Atago in ranked (Tier 7-9) and its honestly amazing even if most ships are Tier 9. You just burn them down to hell and if you find an enemy behind an isle you can easily torp them away. Your conceil is amazing and in matches with no DDs you can have a strong impact on the game.

  9. Something you didn’t mention about Atago:
    1) her single biggest selling point. She gets HEALS.
    2) 32mm torpedo bulges and 41mm armored deck. Stooopidly tanky if you angle properly.
    3) two of her torp launchers have FORWARD arcs, so Atago is the only Japanese cruiser that can yolo without immediately dying.

    Pretty good list btw

    • it is tanky? i find it very easy to citadell even from the front, there is some exposed citadel, or maybe i found it fragil because it’s a cruiser.

    • @kao chat from the front yes, if it’s perfectly bow in you can smash through the nose right into the citadel. But I wrote “if you angle properly”.

    • @kao chat if you angle right. Your nose and stern are very easy to overmatch, but at the right angle you bounce a lot of stuff. The heal makes it so you last longer, your fast base rudder shift gives you an easy time dodging shells, made easier by the thin profile you have nose-in.

  10. I’d also put the new Sherman as a ship to have. The SAP does a lot of damage against lightly armoured targets, and it has great firestarting capabilities against things it can’t pen. Can gunboat in open water decently if you take AFT and actively dodge, as it has Austin shell arcs (Which is actually slightly better than the infamous Smolensk) and really fast 360 turrets. Hydro is a good bonus for protecting yourself against torps, but can be used offensively in a pinch if the opportunity arises (Such as locking caps/flushing a smokescreen). It’s also free (Coal ship!)

    Main downsides is that its slooow, and you can find yourself out of position where it takes eternity to get back into the action. It can be somewhat remedied by positioning (Ideally, you want to be somewhere around the center, or the flank receiving a push). There’s also the fact that the torps are minimal and inconveniently angled, but that’s really not the point of the ship- its all about the guns and you want to shoot as much as possible. You can easily get 100k games by cycling fires on BBs and shooting SAP on broadsides. It takes a bit to understand the ship but does really well once you get it.

  11. I got atago for free as the Takao. Not bragging, just reminding people how cool WG used to be

  12. I highly recommend Kearsarge the most Unique and powerful ship in hybrid era

  13. Top 10 ships that could or maybe should be on this list. Since SLM included coal ships that mean other resource ships are fair game. Listing these in no particular order….just that these ships are good and deserve consideration.
    1. Ohio
    2. Ragnar
    3. Forrest Sherman
    4. Bourgogne
    5. Cossack
    6. Mainz
    7. Vampire2
    8. Druid
    9. Salem
    10. Kidd

  14. World of Tanks is exactly the same .

  15. I think I heard somewhere that the Pensacola actually had a better secondary accuracy than Napoli, but I could be wrong

  16. Another lovely thing with Kearsarge is the fact that you have your own in-built spotting with those rocket attack planes. You can launch your flight, spot a good target, initiate the run, then swap to your guns and fire off a volley before the spotting wears off. It’s silly and stupid, and I love the thing.

  17. SLMB, loving all your posts mate. Having all of these ships except the Kearsage (saving up coal for it atm) I can wholeheartedly support your recommendations. These are all great ships, especially when you can get three of them for just playing the game. Atago… actually has pretty good mid-section armour if you bait players to shoot at it (angled) rather than the bow/stern. Warspite… mmm… I’m still waiting to have one of those magical games where the rounds actually hit per unicom experiences. Otherwise it can be so tanky if you play it right. Napoli, like the Marceau, is stupidly fun to play. It encourages over-extesion because you get so confident of your secondaries and ‘get-out-of-jail’ torpedoes to actually listen to your sensible side of your brain. This leads to situations such as; 1 v 4… ha! Bring it on!…. oops! Wow, that was fun… …. I can’t wait to see what the Kearsage will bring me in terms of entertainment.

  18. I’d love to see a video of you playing the Kearsarge as you mentioned, medium range. I’ve got the ship myself and can see the potential but honestly… well, I’m mediocre at best in general. Some games are decent-ish and a couple have been pretty damn good. But yeah, a video highlighting this ship would be great!

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