World of Warships- Top 5 Non-Premium Overpowered Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over another 5 overpowered ships that are not premium ships! Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Intro
1:01 5. Mid Tier Italian DDs
3:26 4. Hawke
6:47 3. Nevsky
10:11 2. Kitakaze
12:55 1. Louisiana


  1. Interesting stuff with the ‘Bama. I never seen BB like that before and started to get an impression of how big they are. Specially seeing you next the the 16″ shells. Shame couldn’t get in the turrets, always wanted to see how big they were inside.

  2. That Hawke was really irritating me yesterday. A sym battles,I was in fdg and everytime the Hawke fired a Salvo at me he took out a torrent. Spent 1st few mins of battle without 1-2 turrets dead. Least it’s the only one I saw firing

  3. Moon Cricket Stinks

    Remember guys, these top 5 are just in his opinion. 😄

  4. Kitakaze is scarying enemy mostly to DDs, but also BBs are avoiding push into its range.

    Nevsky, that hurts. Hard for almost every single ship to deal with it. Gun range, velocity, reload HE, AP, maneuverability, -improved heal-, russian radar, hydro, torps. And the player knowing how to bring pain for you.

    Nice picks.

    (corrected on advice)

    • What improved heal ? Nevsky has 14% heal like most ships, standard value.

    • @DrMcZonkers You are right👍

    • Kitakaze dpm is quite good, but you have the same (but torpless with hydro) as a premium, and they both share the same weakness, limited mobility for dd with difficulty to get away if multiple ships push into you. Very tricky to use on flanks with multiple radars which happens quite often.

      It is still a powerful ship, but I wouldn’t put it as high.

  5. Surprised vinny (instead of hawke) and nakhimov didn’t make appearances, also missed opportunity to wait like 2.5-3 weeks for the new pan euro dd line to come out to instantly put gdansk at number 1, that thing dumpsters most other TT ships effortlessly, it’s fast, has the second highest DPM among TT TX DDs combined with great ballistics and smoke radar, no clue what WG was thinking and if this thing gets nerfed into the ground a couple patches from now we’re looking at a horrible trend from WG: releasing busted tech lines during early access and then effectively rug pulling anyone who waited to grind them via nerfs.

  6. CaptainPotatoAim

    I never really gave the Hawke much thought until i put her into convoy and into last weeks brawls. My god shes amazing. Her guns hit hard and no body expects the torps. Managed to win a game after i was sunk by firing my port side torps into a smoke screen and hitting the poor DD who was farming my friendly cruiser thinking they were safe. Just don’t show any broadside or you will do a wonderful impression of the British battlecruisers at Jutland and be back to port in the blink of an eye

    • I love citadelimg Hawke with my GK and Pommern. It’s almost as good of an impression of Hood as it is of the Jutland

  7. Most fun I ever had in the Kitakaze was getting behind an Izumo – all their guns are forward and I was out of secondary range. It was late game, so no other enemy could shoot at me, and I just melted him.

    • USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

      Damn, that must have been difficult considering Izumo has 57mm deck plating over 2/3 of the ship. Lots of fire damage too

  8. Aviere is my fav dd hands down. It was an awakening of loving the gun the run game play.

    • Same here, not long ago I was 10th of all Aviere players on EU server 🙂
      Put there a 21 level captain on it and you are on god-level.
      I hunt DD’s and subs (with 40 waterbombs).

  9. i agreed with the Hybrid BB, cause with other BB once you fire that gun, you have the entire reload to wait around

    But with these BB, you could do something and not get bored out of your mind

  10. Sealord, could you Do a top 5 “Freemium” DDs pls 😢..(coal etc)

    Or a “How to play”Run and gun boats,or Torp Killers like Shimakaze,Neustrashimy,Marceau,Kleber etc..

    That would be soo great man

  11. I’m surprised Leander didn’t get a mention here. Every time there is T6 CB, Leander always ends up on the restricted list and WG are constantly bashing her with the Nerf Hammer and yet she is STILL arguably the best cruiser at T6 and one of the few T6 cruisers that can cope with being double up-tiered.
    The often-forgotten OP tech line ship is Clemson. I’m regrinding the US DD’s and it’s hilarious how stupidly powerful Clemson is, especially when she’s fully upgraded. That ship could be changed to T5 and would probably still be just as effective.

  12. I remember my 1st game in the kitakaze. Uptiered in a cv game. Enemy cv, the russian t10 cv. He attacks me, hits me with 3 rockets, boom, detonation.

  13. There is one thing that rarely mentioned about the Hawke, the (T7) Rooke and to a lesser degree the whole line, but is really useful to know: While the ships have a good surface concealment for a BB, their Air Detectability Range ist pretty bad. Especially with modified Detectability Range it is just a 1,5-2,5 km difference. (e.g. the Rooke at base gets spotted 2km earlier by planes than a Colorado!) So in Rounds with CVs and Hybrids prepare to get spotted alot, don´t trust in your concealment and play accordingly.

  14. I would say all these ships are strong, but I don’t think they need a nerf, though I can’t speak to the Lou (have it, but 0 games). You’re always going to have a few ships that are at the top during Ranked, CB and KOTS, but it’s not like these are the exclusive ships you run into. Good vid.

  15. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Alabama Video:

    So what would you guys add to this list? What would you remove?

    • Add – Sinop, Jutland. St. Vincent. Remove – Italian DDs, Nevsky

    • Sinop, it’s a sin it’s so op

    • RuSomeKindaIdiot

      I would STOP bellyaching about OP this OP that! What do you want, a vanilla fleet? You’re on & on about this so much! Then you cry like hell when WG applied NERFs… It’s like 3 weeks of bitching then a week of crying. Your video follow a prediction pattern like a woman’s menstrual cycle.😂

  16. 12:55 Run in front of it and get reminded why you don’t run in front of the montana
    –> he’ll hide
    –> once hidden get bombed by fast bomber that drop quickly

  17. Curious list. Don’t disagree with anything, but I can see some folks talking about subs or Nakhimov and stuff like that (preamble might have better stated tech line surface gun ships to keep everyone focused). The Kitakaze on the list I find pretty interesting. Not that I don’t think it is a contender but because I find people keep overlooking the Akizuki, its T8 counterpart. That thing is the same ship at T8 (with 10km torp range and no T9 mod slot). An Akizuki can open water duel a Baltimore and win (or really, any T8 cruiser); and a couple CB seasons ago when we were playing T8s that was a regular call for me. So, for broken-ness, I always rank Akizuki above Kitakaze, in part because the 32mm threshold hurts the Kitakaze more than the Akuzuki (just like it hurts that Harugumo even more).

  18. German line all the way for me, Schlieffen and Preussen are my 2 favs, Schlieffen just cause of the mad secondaries, and Preussen because of her big mains

  19. Helena deserves a honorable mention, imo the best ship of the USN CL Line, gets even better if you get IFHE (as you should)

  20. I think the reason why wargaming wont nerf these ships is cause they probably dont want to piss off the free to play players. If they lock all the op ships behind paywalls then f2p players will feel its pay to win

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