World of Warships- Top 5 Old, But Good Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today we take a look at five old, but still excellent premium ships. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley: i=1553897018&app=itunes

0:00 List Intro
1:30 5.Scharnhorst
5:37 4. Atago
8:25 3. Warspite
11:23 2. Salem
13:40 1. Moskva


  1. 1:31 Scharnhorst
    5:39 Atago
    8:26 Warspite
    11:24 Salem
    13:42 Moskva

  2. Pretty please 😀 could you do a guide-like video on how to play Schlieffen in this meta?

  3. Psychological Tirefire

    Scharnhorst with speed flag and that skill what gets you a speed boost if ur not spotted. It can haul ass up to 34kts, which at tier 7 is blazing fast.

    • le pas très gentil

      Gneisenau is faster, has better guns and secondaries
      Scharnhorst is not relevant anymore

    • @le pas très gentil I like to play Scharny more then Gneisnau

    • Psychological Tirefire

      @le pas très gentil In my experience Gneisenau just doesn’t have the DPM to do enough damage. The guns might be bigger but you only get six of them with old german dispersion. The secondaries might be better but it’s not the way one should play Scharnhorst. Scharnhorst should be set up with a main gun build. The speed difference is literally 2kts, it’s not THAT much faster. Gneisenau needs it’s secondaries to work because it’s main guns kinda suck.

  4. Just finished regrinding Germsn BBs for research points last month, and tried playing them full tank build. However, the poor gun accuracy really affected my gun damage, to the point where I had to respec into secondaries just to get the ships to make any significant impact in battle.

  5. Secondary build Scharnhorst is my go to ship for tier 7 ranked

  6. Salem and Moskva arent Premium, just “special”, wich means just a premium camo and the ability to transfer for free commanders. No other in-built currency bonuses like true premiums.

    • They do have reduce post battle service cost as well, I tested this with GK and Preussen, when the latter was introduced, both with perma-camos and the same flag loadout, and the GK cost 30k vs Preussen’s 60k, but no, they don’t have enhanced income

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      They have
      -The ability to transfer commanders for free
      -reduced service cost
      -increased income from their premium economic bonus

      The only thing they’re missing from a straight up premium is the baked in economy bonus

    • You’r both rigtt. It’s still a big difference economy-wise from a premium.

  7. loved scharnhorst so much i bought the black version too
    also gneisenau is pretty decent as secondary toon

  8. Warspite is free if you start a new account and do the recruitment link. Still such a great Teir 6 BB. I would argue Sims is a very good destroyer at Teir 7. She used to be terrible but at Tier 7; played right she is amazing and so cheap. They gave you Sims if you bought the Beta pack. That is actually the oldest prem ship I beleive

    • In my opinion Blyskawica is better that Sims , I have mine few years now I bought it for DB (2 month later WG gave to armory I got no refund -_-) , but that is great ship , I have 38 battles on her and … 100% WR !!! in random , that is my oly ship with that kind of score , but I need to say I play her rarely mostly in ranked , scenarios or in brawl , but I am Polish and i have sentiment for Blyskawica , so I guess people from US will have same for Sims 🙂

  9. I have Scharnhorst, Atago, and Warspite. I’d like to add Salem to my American line. Particularly since Salem is the last real American CA remaining and is not that far from me in Quincy, MA

  10. I play a lot of T6 operations. My premium short list includes ARK ROYAL, PERTH, WARSPITE, and ARIZONA. Would like to hear your thoughts on ships for operations

  11. Scharnhorst is the epitome of a German BC especially with 12 inch guns. Fast reload, sleek design, and high speed with buff making 34 knots. Literally a big boi Cruiser and it’s a dream to play. Might I add it’s one of the most beautiful ships I’ve seen hands down

  12. agree with 4 but not with salem.
    salem is just a waste of precious coal , its worse than dm in many aspects and the socalled “superheal” does not make up for it.
    just take the dm and u will be much happier.

  13. I have two most loved BBs that are premium, the Kii, and the Sharnhorst B. They consistently give me good results in battles. They were also the two I first bought with money.

  14. HSF Harekaze and Asashio, great ships.

  15. One thing you forgot about Warspite: she has surprisingly good secondaries for a British battleship. Even with the hybrid build I run, I can reach out to 6.6 km; most of them are 152mm; they have quite a good reload; and most of all, they are all mounted in the foreword section of the ship, unlike say Bayern or Mackensen which have them along the side. So if you can keep your nose pointed at the enemy, you can do serious work with your secondaries at minimal risk to yourself, all the while pounding the enemy with those accurate 15” main battery guns.

  16. About the change to the German battleship dispersion ellipse @2:15
    I am sure how much the German dispersion changing from what is now the “French and Italian Battleship dispersion” to what was called the “US and UK battleship dispertion”” really makes a difference or if it’s a placebo.
    According to the WoWS wiki page on “Gunnery and Aiming” the horizontal dispersion difference is tiny
    at 10Km: 160m vs 164m
    at 15Km: 210m vs 213m
    at 20Km: 260m vs 262m

    Unless the ever mysterious vertical dispersion also changed which it might well have done, but I thought this was more to do with shell velocity and how flat the ballistic arcs were but maybe wrong about that.
    Otherwise I don’t see how a few metres of horizontal dispersion changed things.

  17. Love my Shiny-Horse, was my first Prem purchase. Still best cruiser in the game…

  18. West Virginia 1941 is the king of t6 premium BB. Check out wows by the numbers, top of the list in win rate and average damage done at t6.

  19. Scharnhorst can be unstoppable train IF the MM gives equal or close of that players grouping, happens 30-45% of times in the current WG algorithm

  20. I could deffinetly name much better premium ships than Moskva, and perhaps Salem:
    Tirpitz (not as good as Odin, but surely better than Anhalt, Zieten or Brandenburg)
    And there would be more, but not sure which got removed and which did not. (You can still get Musashi in auction premium crates. Same for JB)
    Moskva is in a weird spot where she tries to do everything, but sucks at everything. Cannot HE spam due to the long reload and the fact that you cannot show side to fire all guns, meaning you got only 6 guns firing every 10 seconds. She cannot use her AP like Stalingrad. She cannot tank due to massive size and superstructure. She cannot manouver etc.
    And Salem. Well, it’s basically a Des Moines with a superheal, which is useful in only 25-20% of the cases, since battleships would chunk you before you get to use it.

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