World of Warships- Top 5 Over-Hyped Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Overhyped Ships! Enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Video Intro
0:53 5. Musashi
5:59 4. FDR
9:54 3. Enterprise
13:31 2. Petropavlosk
17:50 1. Slava


  1. Notice all the ships are slowly screwed over by WG. “Almost” like they change the ships/game after you get them so you have to spend more time and money to get the next gimmic….

    • That’s someone job to get you hooked on as in any other video game.
      If anyone reading this plays Stellaris, you know it’s worst than a cocaine addiction !

    • @clmwrx Clmwrx lots of people forget that

    • No, it is not all the CVs. Right now the only CV which is out of control is the Nachimow. And even as a CV player i say, it is the most stupid design of a ship ever made by WG.

      You can not counter it with AA, you can not counter it with an enemy CV fighter plane and last but not least it drops most of its ordonance out of the range of basically all of the ships aa.

      Right now the way people play in the game aside from the CV players is sitting together at one point and simply don’t move.

      The only CV which can do some good damage at all here is ironically the Nachimow.

      All other CVs get so much combined AA in their face they often can do only one attack run and then they have to call their planes back.

      But you are right in the regard of rebalancing the AA for much more navy bomber presence in the future. Especially when the hybrid battleships are getting released we will absolutely get a rework of the AA.

      But in the end this rework will make all present CVs obsolete despite the Nachimow. And people will hate CVs even more because CV players will ONLY play the Nachimow, because this will be the only CV left to do decent damage at all.

    • @Norodim dude… I play cvs. You are smoking something strong if you don’t think other cvs can’t wreck. Especially the super cvs. We are all now dumber thanks to your comment… I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

    • @Dutch07 Yeah, sounds like you have no clue… Keep living on your own world…

  2. Freedan48 Blackstar

    Ah Enterprise. I loved it when it first launched. Good times in RTS. I agree it is still okay, but not worth burning cash to get.

    • Yeah the only CV i have ever gotten after the CV changes was the Malta. Because the Malta can do everything, even hunt DDs. But i think it will be nerved too in the long rung.

      I regret buying the FDR for Steel. Nowadays when i have enough Steel for a ship to buy, i still wait a whole year, because i don’t want to waste steel or even money on a ship which will not only be nerved but completely deleted out of the meta so you can’t basically play it at all.

    • @Bohdisattva Yeah it will. But i think the Malta will be even playable after the AA rework WG is working on right now. Malta has very good mobile rocket planes which can be used to hunt down DDs.

      All of their squadrons are very fast. Does not matter if bombers, rocket planes or torpedo planes. All of them are very mobile because british CV.

      In terms of the sheer amount of planes she rivals the japanese carriers.

      Her small AP bombs are easy to use and her torpedos are a good against battleships.

      But in the end she will be hit pretty hard by the nerv bat. Especially the AA rework will make most of the CVs very weak.

      I think the only two CVs which will remain playable to a good degree will be the Malta and the Nachimow. And the Nachimow will remain broken, because she simply ignores the complete AA mechanic in the game.

  3. More like ships that got “reigned in” over time and are no longer at their peak due to either nerfs or broad sweeping game changes.
    These ships certainly deserved the hype back in the day.

  4. Petro deserves the hype. At the start of last year, nothing could touch it. Now it’s just S tier.

  5. I would pretty much agree with that list. I would swap FDR and Musashi but that is almost just splitting hairs at this point because they are two different classes. The Meta of sitting at range and engaging every 30 seconds is really getting old. If you do the grind of the Soviet Line, just be ready for a couple months of pain because of how the meta is now. Other than that thanks for the vid, good job.

    • I would have swapped the musashi for the Hizen. Montana broadside at tier 9 for a Japanese battleship made people believe it was gonna be a strong battleship Its sigma is worse than the Musashi, Izumo, Amagi, and Kii. In my experience, any range the shell dispersion is extremely poor, making close range and in todays meta long range ingagements more difficult then the musashi. Never had the Musashi, but it plays better and has an easier time hitting what she aims at mostly.

  6. Yeah i remember when they rereleased Big E after the rework, one time i got 12 hits on a Japanese DD with the rockets and took half its HP off! She is certainly been hit with the proxy nerf bat, but she is a Versatile Carrier. She’s basically a Japanese Carrier but with BETTER planes (more rockets and bombs, less hard hit torps) but is easier to spot, and she doesn’t have that hidden armor belt like Lexington does.

    When it comes to DIVE BOMBERS, play with the Throttle (this applies to all dive bombers). If your going full speed the bombs tend to fly forward and spread out, but if you go SLOWLY (like the bombers tended to do with their dive flaps) the bombs will drop straight down and tend to group up. RNG aside of course, its a matter of figuring out WHERE the citadel is and HOW to get to it with the bombs.

  7. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Had a game last night in Stalingrad, super cvs, 3 Satsumas on each team, supercruiser on each team.
    No one entered a cap that entire game.

  8. Video idea : top T6 ships worth keeping.
    Be nice to hear your thoughts on the mid tier ships instead of always hearing about T9+

    • Can’t stand the Musashi. Poor man’s Yamato.

    • @Padan Fain As a t7 player Musashi is utter bs, t10 ship at t9 with bit worse accuracy and AA big woop, it counter every other T9 and T8 BB because it face punches em with barely any good counterplay. apart from burn him as he is likely too smart to be torpedoed and even too smart to be cooked too much, so you get good players in a undertiered ship you get a big mess. Wish the game worked like Warthunder a bit more, I’d happily fight a Yamato with my Orion, but not my Yorck, dats wack, id prefer a t4 ship over a T7 to fight a T9

    • @Nineonine Georgia is far far superior. Musashi is just slow and stupid with terrible dispersion.

    • @Padan Fain Looking forward to even a monarch burning Georgia into a pile or mush, while Musashi would nuke her off the face of the planet

  9. Petro was first or second T10. Play her at tier almost exclusively. Nerf of deck armor hurt her most. Now, usually in moskva.

  10. I started playing around 4 months ago, enjoyed CVs the most and while grinding for the T8 german CV I got Enterprise from a random supercontainer. Ever since then it’s been my go-to CV and a blast to play

  11. Slava and Petro – yes you can overmatch theirs bows but not cit due to hidden plating so you can only scratch them

  12. as someone who bought the FDR 3 weeks ago and was a mid tier CV player who doesn’t know how to dodge flak, i agree. an amazing ship in the right hands but my hands aint right

  13. When tested, Petro was completely ridiculous. Great armor, decent speed and agility, rear turret doing 360deg turn plus the option to use both sonar and radar.
    To compensate for this, the ship got ridiculous guns with great ROF, accuracy and insane penetration.
    You could kill enemy BB at ANY range, pretty much.

    Now Petro is just somewhat normal, but back then it was a bad joke.

  14. Would be nice with more about T6 to T8… Those ships are actually most fun to play today…. I play less and less T10 nowdays… so broken in my opinion.

  15. At this point they should bring Moskva back to the tech tree and make Petro a premium

  16. Good list. The one advantage that Musashi retains is other team has to bring a T9 boat as well, and Musashi often brings more to your team than their choice.

  17. I think the ships which will survive all the meta changes up to the day this game dies will be the sniper boats. Especially BBs. I was a beta player and even back then a lot of people loved to sit at the end of the map to snipe from the last line.

    This is the reason why i think even the introduction of mines won’t change much to the meta. People liked to sit in the last line since the first day. This goes for the submarines too.

    Yeah the submarines gave the death blow to close combat ships. But let’s be real, WG knows most people like to play very static. There is a reason why ships which are hiding behind isles are being played so much.

  18. One more thing about the FDR: Once you have fully aimed the reticle, the FDR is one of only two CVs in the game (the other is Malta) that can turn and the reticle won’t widen.

    FDR’s torpedo planes also have a very long attack run time.

    This means, and quite literally, you can turn a full 360 degrees on an attack run on a ship behind an island and your reticle WILL NOT be penalized – with 8 TORPEDOES. This is a massive point and why FDR is so strong. You don’t have to wait for an opportune time to strike, you can literally just turn the planes and MAKE the opportune strike.

  19. Love the Slava, proper beast of a ship. Great guns, good AA and regardless of what you say it is proper tanky.

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