World of Warships- Top 5 Overpowered Non-Premium Ship

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Hello guys, today we have my Top 5 Overpowered Non-Premium Ships, as suggested by you guys! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro/Announcements
2:28 5.Conq
7:54 4.Sinop
12:18 3.Conde
17:08 2.Kitakaze
20:40 1.Nahk


  1. You are not murdering my name, hungrain is impossible to pronounce, even for native speakers like me. Thanks for the video.

  2. Conq on release being able to spec even more stealthy than the T9 in that line was nuts.

  3. Still waiting for that “Top 5 most stylish expendable camouflages”!
    Don’t let me down!

  4. Kitakaze is incredibly frustrating to deal with, I am stuck at playing the Nagato and with 20 something armor all over, when I see a Kita on my flank I might as well alt+F4.

  5. Top 5 best historical ships

    How you rate them is up to you:
    Could be by the prestige and epicness of their story and legacy
    Or historical accuracy in terms of their model and how they are perceived in game (good e.g: Hood @ T7 and Bismarck @ T8)
    Or nice and simple in game performance

    If going down the in game performance route can further do top 5s on ships that were laid down but never completed and ships that never left the drawing board and my favourite WG creations

    • @Preston Garvey Well the Missouri probably should be on the list now that I think about it. I don’t think the Fletcher should be no, it was an impressive class but I can’t recall any individual ship of that class that is really noteworthy.

    • @nicholas melby USS Johnston is a standout Fletcher for sure, along with a couple of Destroyer escorts faced down 4 IJN battleships (one of which was Yamato) 8 cruisers and 11 destroyers in the Battle of Samar
      Radford and Kidd would be two other notable Fletchers but not the the standard of Johnston

    • @Sean Deaconis the Johnston in WoW’s? Is the Radford? I was listing ships that are actually in the game. The Kidd is but it is not nearly as notable in my opinion as the aforementioned.

    • @nicholas melby uss kidd, uss Johnston (taffy 3), uss the sulivans uss cassin young are a few notable examples. They didn’t have the individual merits like you see with aircraft carriers but make no mistake fletcher class destroyers were vital especially in the early years, 42 and 43. They helped provide aa cover, screened for submarines, shore bombardment, convoy protection and many encounters with other surface ships. The only other class that is close to what the fletchers did would be the Yorktown class carriers. Mo and her sister ships were commissioned too late. They were helpful protecting the carriers and having the firepower of those 16 inch shells was nice but did little strategically. The thing with capital ships was countries usually kept them away from action as losing it would be a huge blow to morale.

    • @nicholas melby unfortunately Johnston isn’t yet, but I really hope it’s somewhere down the pipeline for WG, Radford maybe too obscure.
      Kidd however atleast saw action compared to Arizona and Vanguard which are both notable names, but very short in legacy

  6. Moon Cricket Stinks

    What makes sinOP so fun is you can take out other sinOPs bow tanking. It has an icebreaker but the upper part of bow has thin armor that you can overmatch.

  7. I was able to attend a wargaming event over the summer and during the q and a session they admitted nakhimov deals more damage than normal but apparently, it’s perfectly balanced, lol

  8. Conqueror has surprised me to be there in the list, but I can tell only from matches I have met him. It was usually matter of focused fire what got rid off risk to get “another” coming back. Simply kill ASAP.

    (just little own exp having T9 Lion it is already great ship. I was stuck against Petro bow tanking, just hold nerves no turn attempt, popped heal and it did over Petro better dispersion and everything else. When in emergency HP, reversed out of spot and Petro was dead, thx my team. Probably Petro “more favourite” for its bad reputation to be OP.
    But Lion seems to carry Conqueror basic principles already, concealment, superheal, 419mm guns.

    Nakhimov usually to be found in red team.(bad for me)

    I played Sinop mostly in Narrai old ver, when it was just T7 accessible map, Sinop did well for me, I am not above average player, buď Sinop did there almost 250K for me.. I salute to this BB do it for me, closer target, shotgun spread, this stuff has only be aware range (speed to next reload.. to keep Prey infront of guns), reload, then just think of most beefy target.

  9. You should do a top 5 hype ships that just made you disappointed once you got them.

    I know I’m in a minority but I do not like the Marceau or the Moskva.

    To made addendum to OP tech line. The Goliath should be an and/or with Conqueror as it’s just a mini Conqueror. I’ve had several +200k damage games with it. The only downside of Goliath is that it’s too much like Conqueror.

  10. Honorable mention: Z-31
    It is so stupidly bad, that none of your enemies will even bother to shoot at you. You can open water pew pew at them for hours safely, because they have bigger fish to fry. That is a very innovative form of making a ship overpowered by underpowering it.

  11. You hit the nail on the head with the Kitakazi. Love it, and as you stated I see little need for the Haragumo. I’m a cruiser player that is trying to be a better DD player. How about a top 5 stupid fun ships?

  12. 27:00 – You begin your attack on the Hargumo at about 135 knots indicated airspeed and 3km from the target. You drop your bombs at 27:04 at 1.4km from the target. 1.6km is just over a mile, but we’ll call it close enough. 4 seconds per mile is 15 miles per minute or 900mph.

  13. I don’t think Kitakaze so OP. And I have her long time ago. I find the Dutch/Pan-EU Friesland and the Pan-EU Halland/Smaland far more effective in gunboating, and they are also great in torpedo boating too, and the superior AA just ruin the day of every CV player.. I know only Haland is tech-tree from these, and I find it also not-op, but they make Kitakaze mediocore at best.
    What I find stupidly OP and idiot proof is the Minotaur. When I play it, it’s like a tutorial of the game in T1.
    You not need brain to game mechanics. You have 1 shell type, the realy good British light cruiser AP, and just spam it. So it’s idiotproof. While sitting in smoke, with hydro and a shtload of torp to welcome anyone who comes too close. If take damage just print a new ship. And it can terrorize CVs by melting their planes too.
    So, it eat CV planes. AP spam BBs which is less repairable dmg than HE hits, same with heavy cruisers, and it can easly citadel to death almost every other light cruisers, even Smolensk has no chance against it. Not to mention DDs.

  14. Top 5 Idea: Best bottom tier performers.

    With the current MM, it would be interesting to find 5 ships that can perform well even when matched against +2 tier ships.

  15. During the tier 7 ranked, I used the Mahan and the Nagato. I climbed through silver with the Nagato. I learned how to play battleships with it, often times taking out a cv or battleship with one salvo. Really enjoyed it.

    • Also have the Kitakaze and it’s one of my favorite dd’s.

    • Christopher Teichmann

      I also really liked Nagato. Got up tiered to T9, and the T9 Japanese BB decided to do a drive by on his T7 little brother. He wiffed and fired too early. I didn’t and dev struck him from 3/4 HP. Respect for the Nagato had been earned lol. The chat from the folks on both teams who saw it was hilarious.

    • @Christopher Teichmann
      Yes, I love those dev strikes!

  16. A few ideas:
    Top 5 Victims of Power Creep
    Top 5 Underpowered Ships
    Top 5 Ships for Beginners
    Top 5 Ships for Veteran Players

    Thanks for the great videos!

  17. was expecting Petro on this list… even with nerfs still a very tough ship to play against

  18. Top 5 tech line ships that are just fun to play. They don’t have to be strong or broken, just straight up fun.

  19. Kitakaze
    In Scenerio Mode: Random Ops: Operation Aegis it is possible for a tier 6 ship to encounter 4 Kitakaze at the same time. While Aegis can be won without too much difficulty I do not find it fun to play as a BB, would rather play Defense of Naval Station Newport or Operation Hermes.

  20. Also, an interesting video would be “best ship type for you”.

    So, for example, try a gunboat DD if you enjoy running and gunning or smoke and gunning. Try a German BB if you like brawling. Try a Nakhimov if you abhor challenge. Try a Supership if you’re a tryhard with too many credit to spend.

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