World of Warships- Top 5 Overpowered Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Overpowered ships in game! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
0:59 5. Louisiana
5:17 4. Marceau
8:42 3. Benham
12:02 2. Nahkimov
15:03 1. Malta


  1. Agreed 💯 % about balance to teams when it comes to hybrids, a Good Hybrid player, especially multiple on 1 team while as you said the other team doesn’t get any.

    An almost unwinnable match

  2. -That Ronald’s Life-

    Major misconception: Malta is a COAL ship. This means that the average Joe can also choose to grind up and get it. That’s why I have actually seen deplaned Malta once in like 20 games😂

  3. undertakernumberone1

    Hybrid BB Divebombers: “You’re basically guaranteed to hit!”
    Nakhimov: “You can easily hit DDs with bombers!”
    Malta Bombers: “Basically guaranteed to hit!”

    Graf Zeppelin AP Bombers: *sad noises*

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      its used to be good :
      1. HE rocket is all angle… high damage and accurate. EZ kill DD
      2. LOL Flak immune TB
      3. AP bomber is HURT A LOT.
      4. Secondary that can kill Cruiser on its range

      its nerfed to shit now

    • @Skarhabek Greyrukh it had hydro when it was originally released too

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      @Copperhead550 but still… Enterprise is strongest RTS CV LOL

  4. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    I have yet again called Malta a steel ship when she is in fact a coal ship

    • Jacob lounsbury

      Could you do a review on the USS benham like its own stand alone video because the benham is one of the strongest DD’s and game and it would be interesting to hear a review from you about it also there are two ships that you could do look-back videos on the premium tier-8 French destroyer lee terrible and the tier-8 premium french light cruiser Bayard just some thoughts for some look back videos

    • Nahkimov is stronger than Malta, the slower Malta planes means that Malta can take heavy losses it is possible to be deplaned, the Nahk cannot and will generally strike with full squads every time.

    • I was just on my way to comments to tell you this…

    • yeah i was gonna say…

    • Jacob lounsbury

      You know what would be an interesting video for you to do mountbatten is you did a video a while back called battleships dying I think you should do a video on destroyers dying because as a destroyer player destroyers have been absolutely royally screwed over by The Meta in my opinion

  5. Duncan Hamilton

    800 games in Benham. It isn’t just OP, it is utterly broken. 150k dmg is a middling game. 268k is my absolute record. A 3 Benham div is hilarious at herding entire teams into corners of the map.

  6. the bbcv hybrid ships kinda reminds me of the starwars star destroyer with a pretty huge hangar.

  7. Light Blue Waves

    Very nice! And i got a suggestion for your next top list, how about top (as much as you like) underrated ships? Like ships that can perform pretty good but often overshadowed by the popular ships?

    • Tirpitz. I know, I know, Tirp is just a Bismarck that has torps, but she’s really not, irl she was faster, heavier and better armored than Bismarck, and in the game, personally I think she’s one of the best mid-high level BB”s out there, but I rarely see her anymore, I see Bismarck a lot, but not her.

  8. William Neitzel

    My only gripe in CBs, the past few seasons that is, is the excess of MARCEAUs/ KLEBERs allowed; 3. those need to be limited to 1 like other restricted ships. Won’t have that this upcoming season, but I expect an overabundance of MOGADORs; just as bad. Would include the PAOLO EMILIO, but her rate of fire is kinda slow, both guns and torp reloading. And radar should handle her smoke since the PE needs to get REALLY close for her torp-runs.

  9. Kinda find it strange how Smaland wasn’t mentioned

  10. I think when we get at least one or two more lines of Hybrids BB/CV, we will see a change in Match Maker. I think Battle Cruisers should have their own listings in Match Maker personally. But yes, as someone who took a Erich Loewenhardt and 2 Ise div. Ya, the advantage was our team had was insane since the other team only had the CV. Take the Malta and 2 Louisiana…. let the reports flow.

  11. Nakhimov is highly dependent on your enemies showing broadsides and remaining somewhat isolated, poorly positioned.

  12. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Definitely agree with the Nakimov. Three passes of its skip bombers took my Missouri from full health to the bottom of the ocean at the beginning of the battle. Our side had not even gotten within gun range of the enemy.

  13. I have Devstruck DDs with Nakhimov Rocket plane’s 18k dmg in a single strike vs a DD without detonation.
    The one i remember most he did nothing wrong, and it was only about a minute in,he took a few shells from another boat as I struck… just dead.

    I knew the thing was OP but that made me realize how disgusting it was. It just shouldn’t exist in the form it does.

  14. If youre comfortable with that run n gun,kite n flight HE spam playstyle,.. MARCEAU is hell of fun 👍
    Keep your distance,use full gun range,Aim/lead high,and you become a squishy nightmare for any poor thing thats within your range 😂
    Love playing her

  15. The Malta’s bombers are fun in many ways. I like the bombers in that they fly relatively low in altitude, so you can use islands as cover until the last possible moment before hitting enemy ships. Since i have the ship i am sure they will nerf her soon. On the down side her planes are slow and that can be frustrating to not only the player but the team friendlies and most do not understand how slow they are; hence, taking longer to get to the action zones.

  16. RealSeraphimZero

    About the Benham (I think I’m quite good with it): It has some weaknesses and if I see it in ranked in the hands of bad players it can end poorly very fast.
    Also with my Build and Adrenaline Rush I had the CD down to something like 52sec since more often then not I play very aggressive in the beginning and are nearly dead the rest of the game… XD
    Also you should take the Icehockey Player as captain if you have him (more HP).

  17. speaking of nakhimov … rocket plane nerf didnt happen to tune down how OP they were against dds. it was to ensure soviet bombers were better (because first line drop functions as rocket drop), while trying to hide it behind “we are listening to community feedback”

    but hey, thats just a theory

  18. Captain Foxtrot

    IMO satsuma should also be on this list. The accuracy + pen is just too devistating for most cruisers

  19. Ive been proudly playing the french cruisers and honestly im having a blast

  20. I was in my Austin and it completely annihilated a complete Malta squadron before he even had a chance to drop on me. Something about that Austin AA.

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