World of Warships- Top 5 Overpowered Ships

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Hey guys, today I have an updated Top 5 OP Ships list, enjoy!

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Server: NA
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Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 35K Giveaway
3:43 Top 5 OP Ships
4:47 5. Petro
9:36 4.Smaland
12:58 3.Smolensk
16:06 2.Thunderer
20:24 Honorable Mention 1: FDR
22:17 Honorable Mention 2: Ohio
24:37 1. Nakhimov


  1. IGN: kittenNmittens
    Server: EU
    Dreadnought achievement should be changed to apply to ramming a submarine.

  2. László Attila Dózsa

    The hate against CVs and subs are the things that holds the player base together… And the possible fear from nerfing.

    • Surprised Eagle wasn’t on the list.

    • Mackenzie Ouellette

      @RS2Russ no superships l, he said at the beginning. Plus United States would top Eagle. No contest.

    • @Mackenzie Ouellette in term of farming other ship class, US is one of the best

      But if Eagle and US were to 1v1 each other, Eagle would win because her carpet bomb can penetrate US’ deck

    • @Janitor I cant say about the 1v1 prospect, but that’s not how I would value or compare them. The US is the better CV of the two for general regular gameplay by a noticeable margin.

    • @Shawn Elliott sniping other CV is very important

      I always seen US’s getting sniped and sunk by Eagle not even 7 mins into the match

  3. IGN: Lord_Hectorius
    Server: EU
    I wanted to buy Moskva with coal, but heard his AA defense was nerfed recently…

  4. For dumping skip bombs on destroyers it’s best to go for the second line. That way there’s less of a chance of overshooting the DD as the bombs come in at a shallower angle compared to dropping them directly meaning the area you can hit a DD in is much wider when dropping on the middle lines.
    And the final line is actually kinda treacherous because the bombs no longer bounce, and it actually cuts the area a DD can be hit in in half.

  5. KohanC
    Nothing witty to say, instead a massive congratulations on 35k. Your videos are awesome, can’t wait to see what the future holds for the channel.

  6. Thank you for all of the work you do to support the community.
    Go on SLM!
    IGN. DaHoGi
    Server EU

  7. IGN: mihaitha
    Server: EU

    I remember when you could have a Thunderer that could spew shells that overmatch pretty much every cruiser nose and HE pen 60+ mm of armor, at over 24 km, every 22 seconds, with cruiser dispersion. I hated myself a little more every time I took it out.

  8. Manuel José Ferreira

    Thank you for your dedication to the game and the community, it has been a great help to everyone. Keep up the excellent work. Grateful

  9. IGN: ERock314
    Server: US

    Thanks for the videos! They’ve helped me as I learn the game more. My highest tier ship is the Bismarck. I’ll watch out for these ships whenever I get up-tiered which happens a lot, haha.

  10. IGN: GoldWolf_1
    Server: EU

    Congratulations on reaching 35k! You deserve all the success you get, I enjoy these types of tier list videos. Keep up the good work!

  11. Aristos Achaion

    Imagine a Småland, Petro, and Thunderer/Ohio platoon. They could potentially carry a game by themselves.

  12. Give this man a Medal..for the TIMELINE 👍

  13. Thank you for the videos and perspective. I know there is a lot of work and time involved in producing/editing them. Your efforts are appreciated.
    IGN: Uncorrupted
    Server: NA

  14. Hey SeaLord! I’ve been watching your videos ever since I started playing wows, and I appreciate what you do! Thank you and good luck to the others!

    IGN: Arvin_1___
    Server: NA

  15. IGN: KaptVic
    Server: EU
    Just want to say how much i value your channel, the dedication you put into it, your community and to try to improve this (damn) game. Thank you!

  16. ING: Rostumwandler
    Server: EU
    Keep on going! You doing a great job educating floks in this game! Lerned quit a bit

  17. IGN: Osgilion
    Server: EU
    Congratulations for the 35k subs, your guides helped/helping me a lot. You are bringing value to this community, so i am very gerceful for it. Are you planning to do videos about your favourite historical ships? It would be great in my oppinion.

  18. Petro’s gimmick in clan battles was bow tanking. Sure if you show it broadside it has extraordinary shells to make you regret that, but NOT at long range (that is what Moskva + UU is for). But, okay. Lets nerf it into oblivion for geopolitics’ sake.

  19. Thanks for your great Videos and guides you make. Its really fun to watch, and i learnt a lot from you.

    IGN: GermanDalek

    Server: EU

  20. IGN: Captain_Theodore5
    Server: EU
    I Learned so many things (like how to grind the dockyard ect.) from you and your videos are amazing and describing every detail added to the game and congrats to 35k subs you deserved it!

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