World of Warships- Top 5 Painfully Disappointing Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Disappointing Premiums, enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:18 5. California
5:11 4. Iwami
9:59 3. Halford
12:29 2. Belfast 43
15:09 1. Kitakami


  1. Jinan can cosplay kitakami quite well.
    I played in a triple Jinan dif lately… 120 torps is the definition of torpedo soup😂

  2. How to make Halford 300% better. Swap the “planes” with a “Airstrike”. Like you call in a Flight of Torpedo/Divebombers that carpet bomb an area.

    And if thats too much just give it Fighters/spotterplane.

  3. Iwami was always designed to be a mid range ship, the problem was everyone saw the line “Accurate secondaries” and wet themselves. The secondaries do exactly as advertised, they’re accurate and will smash a DD foolishly getting too close, the main guns are also accurate and the torps are great for area denial. With her armor layout and massive citadel she was never, ever going to be a good brawler, but again, people saw the words Accurate secondaries and lost their minds.

    • @zoltanhorvath5989

      So it is my fault that WG is unable to create a brawler BB for Japan? Ok.

    • @williamturner7131

      It is your fault for seeing the statistics and playing it wrong

    • @zoltanhorvath5989

      @@williamturner7131 I see your point, but still… In a perfect world a secondary BB means a brawler not a gimmick what no one uses.

    • @williamturner7131

      She’s not a brawler
      She’s a wall

      You’re never meant to push in any IJN ship. This particular ship is the kind that baits brawlers into pushing into her, and then wins because she’s built that way.

  4. Mysore is a real let down, P.Bagration is up there with shockers.

    • @wildmeatloaf8373

      Mysore is just a slightly suckier Fiji one tier down. I don’t mind because I do love the Fiji, but it does have a strange play style.

  5. Siegrfried for me. it completely changed from a fun interesting ship into something completely different .. all that grinding for nothing ><

  6. Totally disagree on the Iwami. Wonderful BB that always delivers.

    • @maltemejlstrup4746

      Yeah but I can see why it disappoints if you get it thinking it’s a Japanese Pommern meant for brawling when the armor means it isn’t. The secondaries are good but it’s still not a brawler.

    • @hapexamendar1093

      Excellent ship! It is a brawler! End game CA/DD crusher more than BB v BB brawler. I play her as a “patiently looking to get close ship” that spams long range torps! She has been great!

    • @@hapexamendar1093 2 minute reload says not a spammer

    • @craigalexander966

      I don’t own it but I’ve never seen one do badly in a game.

  7. nah what hurts the California is its modeled on an AA refit while AA in the game is basically totally ineffective

    • It does hurt my soul that an AA build is largely ineffective on her. Also, that Wee Vee ’44 can actually do AA BETTER than California, thanks to its solid AA stats AND the DFAA consumable.

    • Should have made it a secondary brawler like WV44. Its speed won’t let it dictate a battle but I wish it would at least brawl the heck out of any target that gets into its secondary range.

  8. The only downside on the Bel 43 is her 10s reload. Other than that, your CL guns can pen BBs (IFHE) & is an excellent cap contester. Short duration smoke actually fits the current meta IMO as longer smokes tends to be wasted. Like I said, the only thing that WG needs to buff to make her a good ship is if they buff the reload, then it’ll be a very deadly ship in the right hands

    If you want to talk about disappointments, that’ll be the Tiger 59. Literally WTF

    • @majestichotwings6974

      I don’t think even WG’s hopium huffing balance department ever expected Tiger ‘59 to be good, that thing was cursed from the get go

    • @michaelmcnally2331

      I had some good games in tiger 59 in ranked. Very conservative playstyle but got a build from a player on the forums that played in game with and knows what doing.
      You can make it work however would need to dig out the build after last commander reset.
      I did put a 21 pt cpt on as well.

  9. I don’t have a Kitakami, but I do have the rest, and I really can’t disagree with this. I will say that my experience with premium ships is that there’s usually something disappointing about many of them. Not that they’re bad, but that after you get them and play them, the feeling is “meh.” Due to either WG uptiering it compared to the tech line equivalent, or that at the end of the day, it’s just not any (or much) better than the tech line. So you’re left with the feeling that maybe you should have saved the resources.

    • @daniellambert1217

      when i started 6 years ago all premiums (well most apart from a few exceptions (looking at you t7 belfast)) would have a side gimmick with penalties vs tech line stats , increased reload times or a missing consumable . i get that paying extra to play a ship should feel like an improvement but to my eyes the biggest advantage was having ships you could move captains around for free . which for me is fine since i`d rather not be in a pay to win game . so yeah definitely MEH i agree but half the fun is finding out how to make them work imo

    • @@daniellambert1217 There are some premium ships I’ve been happy to have, like the Wichita, the Atlanta, Tirpitz, and Warspite. Not for every type of battle, but in various situations, they really shine. Some of the others, like Duke of York, aren’t bad, but made me wonder why I blew the coal to get it. If I get them in container drops, well, that’s OK.

  10. @williamneitzel2249

    Agree with the list. It HAS been a good while since I acquired a premium and thought ‘ this ain’t a bad ship’. Still recovering from the KITA event; what a waste.

  11. Shinome for me. Started the game playing Japanese DDs, so when I finished the campaigns to get her I was pretty excited. Almost never play her

  12. @jamescorrigan8645

    Saipan is my biggest regret just now and I got it in a container with a captian that looks like a monk

  13. Worst thing to see are some HALFORDS, sitting behind an island, just waiting for another Airplane cooldown, cause normally they would be descent cap contesters…
    Specially in cv games they’re pretty useless imoo

  14. OOOOOOOOOOOK-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain! ♪♫
    I don’t have it, but I think the Iwami is a good ship.

  15. Thks for this analysis. Just one remark regarding the California. I think she’s not as bas as you say. She’s slow for sure but she’s able to do significant damages.
    And yes, she’s totally outclassed by tier X but many ships are in the same case. It’s a nonsense to mix 3 tiers, specially if your ship is not fully equiped. But that’s the philosophy of this game.

    • First of all, your California should NOT be engaging Tier X ships, ’cause that’s a fail div 😛
      Secondly, even with the small (NECESSARY) buff she got, she’s definitely measurably better, but she’s not quite even in terms of overall power levels with her near-sister, the Wee Vee ’44. And Wee Vee ’44 is quite balanced across the board for a Tier VII battleship.

      That said, while I would love a 45s turret traverse on California or even DFAA consumables or something like that, I sincerely appreciate the fact that Wargaming FINALLY buffed Cali after nearly 4 years since her poorly-received release (and justifiably so).

  16. @TheGuardianofAzarath

    I like my kitakami, i got my highest damage recond it in, sure it was asymetic, but still, i do like the ship, and in a no-cv game it can be _lethal_ I nuked a skikishima with 11 of the fast torps from pretty much full health to zero, that was a fun match. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it performs in the upcoming asym mode too

  17. I am one of the old commanders in the game since 2016, I have the original Belfast. WG should have kept 43 at T7 and the other nerfs may have been about right with adding the torps. I still play the original now and then and with the Dunkirk Brothers, radar Mod and using signal flags to extend hydro and smoke she is still very strong. Played right she can hold her own in T9 games. However, she may be a bigger glass cannon than 43. When Bismarck hit you at the end of the match, i believe the original would have popped like balloon lol. I agree 43 owners may have been expecting more than they got. I see fewer originals in the game than 3 years ago so most new players have no idea what they are encountering with the original. o7 SLM keep up the good videos!! 🚢

  18. @carsteneckhardt6572

    Love the Halford and the Belfast ist pretty awesome I think. Iwami looks so cool, but yes, not great.

  19. With the small buff California got recently (just took nearly 4 years, no sweat 😅), she’s definitely measurably better, but she’s not QUITE even in terms of overall power levels with her near-sister, the Wee Vee ’44 (and Wee Vee ’44 is quite balanced across the board for a Tier VII battleship imho), let alone the rest of her Tier VII battleship counterparts.

    That said, while I would honestly love a 45s turret traverse on California or even DFAA consumables to allow her to build into her strength (AA), I do sincerely appreciate the fact that Wargaming **FINALLY** buffed California after the aforementioned near 4 years since her poorly-received release (and justifiably so).

  20. I have all these ships … yay me …..California, when all you got is guns, they need to be good (but they aint). Iwami – I run her out in small battle modes sometimes, ranked or brawls, she is meh in randoms. Halford, something different for sure, losing control of your DD is not a good feature, having some super spotting is handy sometimes. Belfast 43 … better utility than Belfast, but damn the DPM just blows. Kitakami .. it s everything I expected, I have no buyers remorse on this one. Not saying she is good or a beast, but she is what she promised. Really sucks to push a flank with a Kita defending it. Good list Sea Lord, keep it coming.

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