World of Warships- Top 5 Personal Favorite Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys an updated top 5 favorite premium ships, enjoy!

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  1. My favourites in no particular order:
    Oktobryskaya Revolutsiya

  2. For me it goes Thunderer – Massachusetts – Tirpitz – Moskva/Stalingrad

    • Tarquinius Superbus

      I would put massa on first and thunderer on second. I dont have tirpiz so i cant say anything about her. So i would put JB on third. And i agree with moskwa/ Stalin or Alaska

    • Antonin Dufort-Gagnon

      I will have enough coal soon to buy either the thunderer or the moskva. Which one should I pick ?

    • @Antonin Dufort-Gagnon Thunderer is borderline overpowered but Moskva is more fun imo

    • Tarquinius Superbus

      @Antonin Dufort-Gagnon well i got the moskva when it was a normal line ship. so i didn’t have to decide but i personally would go for the thunderer i think. Thunderer has amazing guns. they are very accurate and as a british bb it has amazing he but still very good ap. if a ship sits bow in spam it with he (most of the salvos a fire sometimes 2 per salvo) and if they show side you wreck them with ap. for only he play concourer is better but if you also use ap thunderer excels.

    • Thunderer is silly fun….in the most humourous way. 😉

  3. I remember two days ago I managed to do pretty well with my California into a close range duel against a Musashi, even though he finally managed to take me out, I damaged him a lot aswell, while bouncing several shots from him too (though because of it’s 14 inch guns I didn’t manage to score a citadel onto him even at point blank, only normal pens or maybe I had aimed at the wrong spot). And in general I tend to be sometimes the “loving the unloved” type, which is why I got some premiums that not many people find good like California or even Roma, and manage to do good job with them anyway.

  4. Would have thaught Massa was on this list.
    But its a good list, would not have picked Odin though.

  5. I have an Odin and enjoy it to a degree. I find I Overpen absolutely everything. That being said I saw that in this video so I know I’m not alone in mass overpen Odins.

  6. California! is at moment one of my favorit shits in the game winrate is around 78% and its great fun to play. i like the slow Behemoth Super Dreadnoughts.

  7. Don’t do that again Sea Lord, almost got a hard one on the gun sound of the Shikishima ^^

  8. Would you recommend getting Siegfried first over Ohio when grinding the research bureau? I have 53,000 research points and I’m really torn between the two ships.

    • ❱•❰JustMatt❱•❰

      Siegfried is a gneisenau with precise guns, in terms of experience. Ohio instead looks like something more unique

  9. ❱•❰JustMatt❱•❰

    Personal list:
    5: Atago: fun and very effective
    4: kidd: power crept? He doesnt know what it means
    3: bourgogne/jean bart: reload boostah baby
    2: cheshire: not strong, but i like it
    1: Roma, the most beautiful battleship (and a good credit earner)

  10. My faves top 5 …. ANY and all…. but my absolute fave has to be a joint winner, the Jean Bart and the Musashi.

  11. Tarquinius Superbus

    I was surprised that massa was not on the list. For me shes the best and most fun ship in the game

  12. The last year i pick the Stalingrad… This year the only i need is the dec coupon and ¡BHAABOOM! x6
    This is the way…

  13. I have my some favorites, the USS Charleston, USS Wyoming, and October Revolution. (I don’t want to spell the Russian name, this is the English translation.)

  14. 1000% agree on the mainz! I call it my “mini-hindy” and to all my clanmates, thats a nuff said as Im probably at my best in this game in the hindenburg! Nods to Henri and jutland:)

  15. I love the Georgia like going 40 knots in a bb is just amazing en the secondaries.

    • Alperen Özgür My favourite part is actually the guns – mine are literally laser accurate and hit almost anything I shoot. The 40s heal is also a godsend when tanking.

  16. Well, regarding my top 5 favourite premium ships, i’ve got few premiums that i play (i’ve got few premiums overall…).
    -1 thunderer, my highest avg dmg ship and blast to play with 30 mm overmatch on the AP and the pretty damn good HE…
    -2 my sec build tripitz, my second most played ship and i have good stats in my opinion, as my only sec build ship, even if i haven’t got Lutjens, i enjoy it (it’s not easy to get close and let the secondaries work, but god it’s thrillig to go up-close shooting guns to right, secondaries and torps to left…). Regarding the Odin, i have it but i’ve played like 5 games in it, i think that you have to be really carefull with that one, i have to grind the commander points to reach 19, and to spec secondary build after. But untill full build commander i’m gonna keep a surv build on it. Odin’s armor though i don’t know how you rate it better, the upper belt is 90 vs 150 of bismarck and tirpitz…
    3- Alaska, even if in 30 games i haven’t succeded in nothing amazing with it, it’s pretty consistent in dmg and utility and i like the mini-iowa gamestyle
    4- the prinz eugen, the last noteworthly played premium i have, 50 mm he pen, good ap, good yolo potential, exceptional survivability also thanks to the 40 mm turtleback. I’ve got also an alabama (from the us bundles at 1500 doubloons, alabama was the first offering…) but as Flamu stated, it’s the poorer man’s NC, which with 350 games and 1 M exp it’s my most played ship.
    I have a doubloon discount coupon and i want to decide between mainz and the massachussets, but i haven’t a high point commander for neither of them. So that’s it!

  17. Jose David De Levante

    “the ship is pretty darn maneuverable” said while ramming a island.

  18. My experience against enemy Mainz is just them island camping slinging HE

    Seems to be the only play style I ever encounter

  19. Honorable Mentions: Warspite and Diana Lima
    They’re on the list because, while good ships, I didn’t buy them. I got them for free via recruitment and I likely wouldn’t have gotten them outside of historical value otherwise

    5. Ex-Gangut and Blyskawica
    More good ships, but I didn’t get them because they looked fun. I got them because I had a hole in my fleet and I needed ships fast that could fill the gap for directives. They were the best fit at the best price plus they have historical value to them

    4. Charleston
    Another ship I got for free, but she’s just so dang fun. I don’t use her as much as I’d like to because between she’s so low tier and I can’t use her like other ships for events.

    3. Marblehead and Mikoyan.
    Two sides of the same coin for me. They’re both fast, squishy cruisers with bonus torpedoes and are the first ships I got with coal and via an event respectively. They compliment each other really well since one is a great HE spammer that can always bring guns to bear while prints citadel ribbons.

    2. Graf Spee, Nelson, and Dunkerque
    Ships that are fairly competitive, useful for directive/daily grinds, and really fun but have some kind of flaw to them. Spee’s guns are a pain to bring to bear and reload plus she’s a bit on the slow side for a cruiser, Nelson has squishy sides, and Dunkerque’s main guns will occasionally perfectly part to straddle a target. But Spee’s got a full arsenal of tricks and can reliably citadel ships, Nelson’s HE can burn everything and her AP hits really hard, and Dunkerque’s guns when they hit are solid _and_ fast loading plus she’s got a great secondary. On top of that, Nelson and Dunkerque both have the all forward layout which makes it super easy to swing all guns onto a target while angling or staying bow on.

    1. Pommern
    She’s been an absolute blast to play. I haven’t even touched the German tech tree yet and playing her makes me want to experiment with uniforms made by Hugo Boss. She’s got the full kit of tricks, she’s fast, she’s durable, and her weapons system is top notch. I don’t know why some people complain about her guns, they hit hard and the spread mixed with twelve 15” guns means fewer wasted salvos. She’s also been really easy to slip into as someone that usually uses cruisers. I had also originally grabbed her for grinding some directive missions, but her performance has just blown me away

  20. My top 5 premiums, first to fifth:
    Dunkerque, amazing ship, consistently get kraken and deal 150k+ damage almost every game.
    Scharnhorst, also great, put a 19pt captain on him with a hybrid secondary build and laugh as you carry your team to victory.
    Kirov, fun cruiser that is hard to play but rewarding.
    Thunderer, cause it’s OP.
    Tirpitz, correctly played you can win against t10 ships and rack up amazing credits per game.

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