World of Warships- Top 5 Personal Favorite Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys an updated Top 5 personal favorite premium ships video, enjoy!

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  1. 2am again my dude lol

  2. I think i should have kept my research bureau token instead of spending on 250k fxp before ohio was released uwu

    Lenin is also one of the cheapest tier8 bb

    The top 3 of your choice is literally a tech tree of its own…USN BB ALT TREE

  3. My Favorite is JB…

  4. Lenin has 406mm, or 16 inch guns. You said 15 which is 380mm.
    For an easy Ranger citadel, hit the smokestacks in the back

  5. Lenin is def my fave premium ship rn, as for favorite ship all together tho North Carolina. . . just something about her is perfect

  6. I have Ohio and really like it, but the RP grind wasn’t really all that bad. Of course it helps that I’m swimming in silver, because I play a lot of premium ships. But basically, use Free XP to skip A hull grinds, use juicy +200 or 400% camos + lots of Dragon flags (which conviently I just got a lot of in the anniversary event) to get to the next ship and you’ll get there before you know it.

  7. Evangeline Anovilis

    Thanks for the honest opinion on the Ohio and I can understand it. It is a brutal grind. Given how Montana performs, but now with a secondary spec and fast heal is pretty nice. As for the speed, I think one has to keep in mind, it has to be balanced somehow and the Ohio guns are more of a sidegrade than downgrade. With the option of a sec spec and a 40s repair CD (without suffering reduced repair amount compared to tech line ship, as is the case with Georgia vs Iowa or Massachusetts vs NC), it would otherwise look a bit like a straight upgrade. Also, one thing to keep in mind, unlike the Massa/Georgia, the Ohio has long-barrelled 5 inch secondaries that notably have better shell velocity. Makes it a bit less weird to hit maneuvering targets at long range.

    Personally, my favourite premiums are likely Harekaze, Alaska, Yoshino and I guess now Ark Royal. But the question of favourite premiums kind of gives a wrong impression, given there’s a good few tech tree ships I like to play, lik Monarch, Gneisenau, Leander, Implacable, etc.

  8. Great Video sir, how about your Favorite 5 Non battleship Premiums. Or premiums that are not great, but one fix would make them better. Great stuff sir, thanks for taking the time.

  9. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    Good stuff. Terp can never get her to work, rather play Scharn even if i am uptiered. The best RU BB is Sinop and with how good it is i am surprised it is not a Tier 8 Prem. I believe it is better than Vladavstok- must have hidden Vodka stats.

  10. Nice vid Sea Lord, interesting list. My favorite premiums are the Ishizuchi (got my first Kraken with her), Indianapolis, Marblehead and Murmansk.

  11. WG would not hurt my feelings if they offered a Tier 8 version of Scharnhorst, just give it what it had in real life, Radar and a 17 second reload to main guns.

  12. Lenin is my fave, my only problem is I get so many over pens. Forget long range shots, the dispersion is so wild you never know what’s going to happen.
    I have Lenin, Massachusetts, and Georgia. They’re all fun in different ways.

  13. How about best “bang for the buck” ships… your welcome!

  14. I have 5 issues with this biased video:
    Only BB’s
    No Scharnhorst
    No Missouri
    No Gulio Cesare
    No Arkansas Beta
    Next live stream is DD’s only as punishment !!!!

  15. The Lenin isn’t the whaling ship the Ohio is.

  16. My top5 atm are

    ARP Takao
    Graf Spee

    (mostly because those are the only ones I have lul)

  17. I still havent gotten aa def expert once. The closest ive gotten was 34 planes :/

  18. I think you might be, possibly, a battleship main.

  19. Massa,Tirpitz,Gascogne,Georgia,Scharnhorst: my five favorit

  20. I love the Gneisenau so i thought “hay! Georgia is better and looks even more fun!”. turns out the guns are more rng than Gneisenau for me. so here i am, feeling like a bum!

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