World of Warships- Top 5 Players You’ll Meet 3

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys another list of players you’ll meet while playing World of Warships. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Congrats You found my Channel

    *Man the last Time I was this early Germany still had a decently sized Navy.*

  2. Got torped by a 20km shima who was sat on A line in my yammy yesterday. He then said FU you made me pink lol

    • I know that feel… I got torped by a Halland in my GK just the other day…
      He told me I’m a retard for not dodging his torpedos…
      was like: “sure, let me swing the ship around in no time”

    • @Aroop Roelofs You were expected to turn the GK’s dump truck hull?

    • @Evergreen XCVI Yes. against Halland fish… you know… those things even cruisers have a hard time turning into…

  3. 1:27 the funnel tanked 4 shells

  4. Next time u should add the Chad Unicum. He has at least 100 mil credits, takes most of his hits at the start but carries the team to victory, drives at 1/4 speed when showing his broadside and all shots miss, fires HE on angled BBs and just find the rest here

  5. Another Stereotypical player that you can meet, i call them, the chronic down voter. Now the Chronic down voter can be found even in coop games which has far lower stakes than any other mode. They will down vote you even thought you remained silent in chat all game long, killed 6 ship, tanked million damages and supported your destroyer. It could be because you decided to support the destroyer on the left instead of the cruiser on the right, you inadvertently stole a kill with the fire you started 30 seconds earlier on a dying ship. dodged a wall of torpedoes and ended up colliding with a friendly charging strait into the melee or simply because you are an aircraft carrier or play a controversial ship.

    Or as a Destroyer, you are down voted because you chose to delay capping and made a strategic retreat because of the presence of a destroyer supported by a radar ship and a Smolensk while you are chased by the carrier. Whether you play a little too aggressively with your Kurfurst or a little to passively in a glass canon ship, they will down vote you even thought you are top on the score and won the match.

    The Chronic down voter are either silent and you only find out after the game finished that you’ve been down voted, or they yell angrily that they reported you without telling you why.

    They will find a reason to down vote you no matter how you perform and what action you undertake.

    In my case, if i see a player yelling angrily that they reported someone without a good reason (team kill, rage in tchat etc) i will give the player on the receiving end of the down vote an upvote to compensate that.

    As for myself, i can say i am definitely guilty as i used to be a wallet warrior in my earlier days (i was still in tier 5 back then) i bought the Tirpitz because of it’s history, I quickly realized in the span of 2 coop match that i was absolutely clueless on how to operate the ship and i started viewing video on youtube to learn the game. Then when i acquired my first tier 8 Battleship, North Carolina is when i truly started to make Tirpitz work.

    then i evolved into a semi whale in the sense that i would keep my free xp to upgrade to the top hull and convert if necessary to get the top hull and buy quite a few premium ships here and there, especially if it is a ship i actually visited in real life.

    i thought i was somewhat an historian for ship but i never encountered extreme type you just described.

    As for the weeb. I bought the Rossiya but not for the Azur lane theme. As someone who like the Sovestky soyuz. I wanted a high tier Battleship to train my other commander. Plus the camo is somewhat tame for a (weeb ship) Also what i like with the and might be contradictory is that unlike other ship. The Rossiya abide by what used to be the rule of premium ships. A slightly weaker version of the in tier tech tree with the trade of of having additional income and being able to move your captain around.

    As for rank, i avoid that mode like the plague.

  6. just fyi, if any weebs out there really want an azure lane captain and you have amazon prime, you can get a mission for an AL container through twitch prime. super easy, just 4000xp, i got a captain and a bunch of flags.

    • daniel quagliaroli

      @wert tyui wem files?, are those the voice files. And you changed the voice language to the language you dont use and got you the azur lane voices. Where can I get these wem files?

    • @daniel quagliaroli ye use the wows unpacker, find where the files you want to replace are, rename the new files to those and drop them in the same path in the mods folder. I suggest you watch Aerrons video on modding to get a gist of how it works. He doesn’t do audio mod, but it’s more or less the same.

      I did mine a very blunt way, and required a tedious amount of file renaming.

    • daniel quagliaroli

      @wert tyui How did you get the voice lines though, are they already in the game or something or somewhere else

    • @daniel quagliaroli they’re already in the game; use the unpacker

      res->banks->Official mods ->Azur Lane

    • daniel quagliaroli

      @wert tyui ah ok,thanks

  7. Sometimes the historians right, weegreedy usually uses “historical accuracy” as a means to implement things

    • thats why Shima should get a torpedo stealth buff since historically Japanese Oxygen torps were the most stealthy of all torpedos in ww2

  8. ❱•❰JustMatt❱•❰

    The weeb is kinda friendly actually, at least, thats what ive seen but im a weeb as well so yeah

  9. As a professional wallet warrior historian weeb rank burnout, this video hurt me on so many different levels.

  10. the 1st type are the worst players I’ve ever meet in this game…
    well, I ever get torped by my team Shima from 12 km away when I rush enemy BB with my Hinden, and u know wat he said? he said “Why u blocked my torp to that BB f*ck?!?!” and that Shima ended with get deto from my 203 mm HE…

  11. The Bearded Warrior

    I think I may be a partial historian, i love history and love certain ships but i did have a game were i argued with someone on the enemy team for the hole game about a historical battle(forgot what it was). Reason we had the hole game to argue was we both got first blood on each other

  12. This is such a fun series, I imagine these could keep going as long as you can be bothered to make them for us.

    The Backstabber clip,when the camera turned to see the torps my reaction was “oh sh*t!”. Loved the guy telling to watch his torps literal seconds before they landed…

    “Is that a goose dying when they talk??” 😅😅😅

    Still waiting for everyone to acknowledge the Cruiser Master Race player. They are just the best 😁😉

  13. Frizky Destrian Galistan

    9:50 is it……


  14. I am the weeb I can confirm at times I wonder if that is a goose dying or trying to tell me that my ship is on fire

    Either way my ears are blessed to have them scream at me until I’m dead to which at that point they tell me that I died

  15. “How do you listen to this for how many hours you play this game?” As a user of Akai Haato voiceover mod, I do not understand the issue.

    And yes, while I did study history, I do not post it here. Most isn’t naval anyways.

  16. shadow4 everytime

    A Type of Player that you dont see often be the nice guy
    He doesnt care about a win wishes luck to everyone and say gg/KG wp

  17. Historian here! Advice for lack of motivation Grinding Paperships (Monarch) to get a papership (Conkek) required.

  18. “The historian” ah, finally one that describes me the most

  19. Here’s one: “the escort” these guys will basically stick by your side no matter what

  20. Rank burnout: the guy whose teams have refused to let him get to rank 1 all 15 something seasons and probably won’t let him get there this season either.

    Also listen to Ashigara’s voice for one battle, it’s stupendous.

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