World of Warships- Top 5 Power Crept Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today we go over five premium ships that have been power crept since their introduction into the game. Enjoy!

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  1. Most IJN Premiums: U cannot be powercreept when u are shit from release. xD

    • @marco fava What’s more potato… grinding for a tech tree ship or using your Mom’s credit card to buy a OP premium?

    • @marco fava Moskva had 25 mm deck upon release, not 50 mm. And GK did powercreep Montana, because Montana then got her citadel lowered, to be less easily devastated (which also helped me her less shit vs Yamato, as Yamato would frequently citadel Montana through the bow the way it now wrecks Conqs. Henri became meta with MBRB, not with IFHE.

      As to most Soviet ships releasing in an OP state, yeah, no. Kremlin released OP, but the rest either released at best in a solid state of good ships. Best example of the stupid hype would be Kronshtadt, a ship that got stupidly called OP, now gets called powercrept, despite most cruisers around it hardly changing. Only other supercruisers got added, but if Kronshtadt was OP, it’d still crap on normal cruisers that weren’t changed and other supercruisers would absolutely wipe the floor with normal cruisers. None of that materialised. It’s just that people somewhat wisened up to not always give broadside to another “cruiser” and oh wonder, the Kronshtadt was suddenly way less OP. Similar deal to Stalingrad and Petro. But people lose their crap, because of the Bismarck-like pen.

    • No one bother mention the Musashi. How sad, best IJN BB prem

    • The Atago is a monster, the most armoured T8 normal cruiser, great handling and detection and brutal alpha. In fact the Atago is one of the oldest premium ships in the game and it is, still to this day, one of the best T8 premium ships.

    • @Tony H.a cause imposible to get anymore. I wish I had.

  2. Missouri might actually be one of the few bbs that would not immediately be on the hit list of yolo emilio due to its radar though

    • Agree, the only thing that could be frustrating is the accuracy.
      I once radared a full broadside Emilio at 7km with my Missouri and only managed to land 1 shell for 1.2k dmg.
      At least our Fletcher was able to melt him away.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Radar/hydro doesn’t matter if it’s a lone BB

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Hydro and radar won’t stop the torps

    • Yeah thats very true. As “an idiot” 😀 pointed out, you will need some form of friendly closeby to assist. Otherwise only thoughts and prayers may save the lone bb

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Yes and the fire rate of a BB combined with the dispersion makes it hard to impossible to kill a bow on DD. Even with HE loaded.

  3. Could had mention that your list doesn’t include DDs, cause i was expecting Blyskawica to be on top spot when it comes to powercrept

  4. WG have solved the power creep problem, they build them pre-power crept in 2020

  5. You forgot Scharnhorst. It’s biggest quality is looks at this point.

  6. Payfast still broken in ranked tier 7

  7. Man I feel sorry for the Atlanta. She was my first Premium ever, I struggled HARD to master her gameplay, and then WG nerfed her to the ground.. Sad.

  8. What about Blyskawica? She got power krept so hard 🙁

  9. Yeah, I cry a little bit inside every time I see my ‘Lanta rusting in my Port…. 8{

  10. The Scharnhorst was a monster back when it was released, especially in the hands of a experienced player. Now it has definitively lost his edge. On the bright side: This one could be easily fixed by giving it supercruiser accuracy. Which by the way would be consistent, considering that it’s 280mm guns are smaller than supercruiser 305mm guns.

    • @Timber_Wulf You miss 33% of your perfectly aimed shells at 800 meters against a broadsiding battleship in Pommern. Bitch please tell me more about german accuracy.

    • Leonardus Raka Pradayan

      @Gtifighter at least it’s not 50% like it used to

    • @GtifighterIf you bought pommern for the main battery then its your mistake

    • @slayer35st Well mister wannabe intelligent, what are you gonna use against a broadsiding battleship 800m away from you? wait 5 minutes until your secondaries killed him??? Torpedo tubes down from previous HE spam and all you have left is guns and the ship itself

    • You got your yourself in that situation.Now find a way out of it.You and you alone.And if you want accuracy why did you pick a ship that doesn’t have it?Don’t answer the last question.

  11. clearly the FDR has been powercrept and needs some buffs. it’s planes are abysmally slow and can only murder whole teams at a plodding pace. also I have seen A boat dodge a torpedo run, once, clearly needs a few more torpedos per drop.

  12. Oh, poor poor Belfast. Not.😂 It is still the most OP ship in the game, even better than the tier 8 version! Spare a thougth for my poor Blyskawica instead.

    • The Belfast is still a good ship, but she isn’t even near OP. If you have a smoked up Belfast, what do you do? Turn around and run? WRONG you never should have done that. Rush her and she must leave her smoke as fast as she can, as she has no torpedoes and no armor for any protection. You can citadel her with other cruiser nearly from all angles.

  13. Błyskawica needs *something*…
    Whether they giver her DefAA, upgrade the #1 turret to twin like she and Grom saw over WW2, give her a tiny repair party…
    Literally any buff

  14. I’ve never used IFHE on Atlanta… Still had great fun with her. My one painful complaint was when they removed the AA range bonus from AA mod.1 and A.F.T.
    Now she’s going to loose the range bonus from A.F.T. with the current proposed commander skill rework.

  15. As others have said, Blyska should top the list. Belfast shouldn’t even be on here. But originally the Blyska was sold when Open Water Stealth Fire was a big thing. It was modeled to be the king of OWSF. Then WG removed OWSF but Blyska never received a buff that would come near to restoring it to previous levels of strength in the game.
    I don’t think the issue with the Kron are power creep. More like the guns were always trollish. Don’t have Roma, but I hear the same about Roma guns. One salvo will be dead on and you’ll get multiple citadels. Next one will bracket the ship and you won’t even get so much as a ricochet. But they’ve always been like that.
    I do agree they should bring the MO Money back. It has good credit income, but some of the newer T9 premiums/specials will do almost as well. Read elsewhere that the Roma with the hideous beer can camo will earn great credits. Not as good as MO, but close.

  16. Missouri, kutuzov, belfast: I once used to rule the world.

  17. Every single italian premium ship, just why play them right now

    Roma is okay, but same with the cruiser, we’ll see less and less once the techtree is out

  18. So in a nutshell:
    WG: It’s German? NERF

  19. What about the Texas? It got power crept and nerfed HARD from the AA rework.

  20. I think the main issue with the Belfast now is that since the IFHE rework and universal changes to CA armor earlier this year, it that even with IFHE, the Belfast can no longer pen any uptier BBs and many CAs. But these changes effected a lot of ships. It is Still a strong ship, especially at tier. While it is not clearly as powerful as before, to call it powercrept is inaccurate, as ships introduced after it are not more powerful.

    Edit: Regarding the Missouri, if I am not mistaken, while it does not have the heal that Iowa and Montana has, it does have a slightly better heal than either the Georgia or Minnesota and a slightly faster reload than all of them.

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