World of Warships- Top 5 Power Crept Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my top 5 power crept ships. These are five ships that have been over shadowed by newer ships, enjoy! Again this is all my opinion!

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  1. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    yt: no views
    Me: then who tf gave the first like?

  2. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    3:20 trust me. As a blitz player Montana is still a no-fly zone.

  3. I’d have expected Nagato to make an appearance, along with most of the IJN!

    • IJN still has its roles. Nobody does the stealth bastard torpedo boat thing better than they do, still, to this day, and Yamato will always be relevant because LOLPEN. Nagato has suffered a bit, as have some of the cruisers, but the destroyers and battleships are otherwise pretty solid.

    • Manik Samaraweera

      @Helms Gaming I kind of agree and disagree with you. Yama has been powercrept a little bit by the newer 457mm ships added into T10, like Kremlin, which is more agile, sits lower in the water, has guns almost as big as Yama’s that turn faster and has the same number of them, as well has having better armour and concealment. Thunderer has also powercrept Yama in the accuracy department, while being more stealthy and agile. Yama still has her overmatch though, which is why I still think she’s good and agree with you.

    • The Japanese cruisers used to be good. The occasional trolly armor no longer exists with the new “standard” of 457mm on battleships.

    • I wouldnt say most of IJN. Kongo and Fuso are still perfectly capable boats ans still have their gimmicks from when they were introduced. Same with Yammy. Izumo got a massive buff. Maybe an argument for Amagi and Nagato, but its borderline. Nagato is bad for ranked and clans but its a little better in randoms

    • I have tried to make fun with Nagato in the current ranked season… get BBQ-ed from 2 Atlanta’s HE spam. You can do unlimited overpens, but every HE shell set me on fire… Good game WG…

  4. thatoneguykaz L

    When the Blys is so powercrept you forget it exists

  5. ok, you missed the entire IJN DD line… even though they were nerfed by WG by having their torpedoes spotted from low earth orbit, there are plenty of DDs out there that do the stealth torp thing so much better than the IJN DD’s “Speciality”. :'(

    • Shima should still be good

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @janneman 77 no kamikaze is still for sale

    • be carefull which IJN DD line you mean … anyway both are still good when played correctly. TRB Shiratsuyu to Yugumo are great fun and deleting 2 BBs at once with torps is kinda unique. Or flushing a DD smoke with 16 torps and watching the poor sod trying to work it out …

    • IJN torp dds have gotten powercrept, but German dds have it the worst by far. The only 2 ‘good’ ships in the line are the Z-46 and Z-52, and even then they’re worse than most other same tier dds. I’m not saying you can do well in them and they are good in ranked/arms race, but in randoms (especially standard battle) it can get rough.

    • DerPolygonianer

      @zktwo 1001 I wish they would bring back Stealth Firing. That way spotting would actually be useful again. Right now you spot enemy. Your Team shoots. They can shoot back. For me that’s the thing that makes DDs lose the most Worth. What do we even have a Damage upon your spotting counter for. As soon as the Enemy shoots back your Team can see them anyways. Nerf DDs give back Stealth Firing and give XP for damage upon Spotting. Instantly more tactical Game.

  6. I used to love my Khaba till they nerfed the range, reload……maneuverability forcing the doulbe rudder shift config…..and back then they were not many high velocity HE spammers to murder you; now you got smolensk, venezia, Henry etc……..goood times; gone

    • still one of my most played ships and my go-to fun ship. the playstyle changed now, you are more a mid/late game ship, but still good if played properly. the only problem is that 50mm plate now. with so many short fuse high caliber AP, that plate is more a liability now as it arms AP at a wider range of angles than other DDs do (oh yes, other DD’s only get overpens from large caliber AP).

    • Buff range and rudder shift to old configuration. Problem solved. Lol.

  7. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    of course the T7 keep seeing the T9 so often , really why , cause nobody really play mid tier Random, not the T3 / T4 / T5 / T6 / T7 when entering Random you see the queue with more CV than any other class of ships , then mid tier DD quits , mid tier Cruiser quits and that leave anyone whose still around keep up tiered into game with T8 or T9
    And seriously all old tech tree DD and CL are power crept to reason that they do not deserve ..

  8. UltimaBasti - Ocean Spud

    When you play Narai in a Colorado with an aggressive team, there will be basically nothing for you to shoot at by the time your make it to the enemy bay.

    • I really think all the slow standard USN battleship should get their plating uptiered. If it was 25mm, it gets bump to 27mm etc. They need something to help them in the current meta.

    • UltimaBasti - Ocean Spud

      @absboodoo Or maybe they need to insert a South Dakota class (1936 such as Indiana, Alabama, or Massachussetts) as the USN T7 and move Colorado down to T6.

    • @UltimaBasti – Ocean Spud Also in Co-op. There will be nothing left you. North Carolina first designs with 12 14inch gun would also be a good at T-7

  9. PickelJars ForHillary

    German BB’s had an accuracy buff in 8.11.
    I just wish WG remembered to actually implement that in game.

    • Theyre a lot better now… regardless of what you think… theyre much much better than they were. Theyre pretty much at the same place as the French and Brits (and in some ways they have it worse)

    • @Jarrus Jenkins They aren’t, they’re inferior in accuracy to both.

    • German Accuracy Buff? That was a dispercion pattern change not a accuracy buff, these are two different types.

  10. Monty: Nah, just ask your server. You are underestimating Montana! Have you tried a secondary build? Wouldn’t recommend it, but I know people who do.

    Colorado: 26 mm all-or-nothing is crap armour. It’s why Sinop is good. It’s even lulzier now with Nelson’s 32 mm shattering mid-tier IFHE that cannot get enough pen anymore, while you can farm Colorado easily. Same for Nagato though.

    Atlanta: AA rework and IFHE rework left this ship to rot. Get uptiered and it’s absolutely poor.

    Khaba: yeah.

    FdG: Alsace has 12 guns that reload much slower, overmatch much less (especially with all new 27 mm cruiser plating) and has lower sigma on worse dispersion. Secondaries don’t pen crap, with IFHE they don’t pen and have no fire chance. And against non-BB, the 100 mm secs are absolute trash. Alsace is a poor example of powercreep. Maybe when it released, not now. Also, PA DDs don’t ignore torp protection with DW torps. They just have higher base flooding chance. And for FdG, they weren’t exactly powercreep, given that among all BBs at T9, DW torps with their low detectability punish maneuverable ships the hardest. A ship that cannot even dodge a Shima torp well meanwhile cares the least about a PA torp. Thus PA DW torps quickly turned out to be less anti-BB and more anti-cruiser, as they devastated any cruiser who didn’t run hydro. And FdG is the only T9 BB to run hydro too… Haku murders most BBs, not just FdG. Not exactly powercreep when Sovietsky Soyuz, Lion and such get just as wrecked.

    As for my prime example of powercreep: Hipper. Hipper not just is left as worst T8 cruiser, it gets powercrept by Eugen, Mainz, Tallinn, by most CAs getting 27 mm plating and even by its own T7 counterpart Yorck, that after all the buffs, tier for tier is just much better.

    • Alex Zasokhashvili

      @imoenbg1 do it, name them

    • New York/Texas, New Mexico, and especially Colorado are the worst power-crept ships in the game in my opinion. Colorado has gotten buffed significantly but it’s so far outclassed that even the legacy 34 second reload on the ships that precede it feels less punishing. 24 knots for Colorado, plus some 27mm plating. 23 knots, 30 second reload, and possibly improved dispersion for New Mex. 22 knots and 30 second reload for New York. 30 second reload for Texas and Arizona (maybe 31-32 for AZ). The premiums can keep their historical 21 knot speeds as a trade for the improvements they enjoy over tech tree in other areas.

    • I can name a better ship. Kitakaze. Uptieted to T10 most of the time and although she was designed as an “AA DD” WG said no and although she has pretty darn good AA she can’t even handle a persistent T8 CV even when grouped with another kitakaze or a crusier.

      As for her 100mms they were also indirectly nerfed during the IFHE change so now I can barely pen a T9 BB and some crusiers and good luck penning the Russians.

      And don’t forget, she’s a DD. Radar? Dead. CV? Dead. Although she does have smoke for the CV that’s useless against Radar. And it’s T10 mm. Very likely to get both.

      Overall although kitakaze is still playable, she had been hit decently hard and made obsolete by the french and pan euro for hybrid gunboat+Torpboat.

      Unrelated note I think instead of reworking IFHE, just rework HE and fires as a whole. If your a T5-7BB in most nations and you get a Atlanta in your match then if you are unlucky enough you will be burning for a good period of time or you would just be dead.

      Instead I think they can change it so fires deal less damage to already damaged superstructure if they haven’t already done so.

      Note that all that was said above is only my opinion based on my experience with IJN BBs and DDs

    • Still crying about the Atlanta. My most played ship.

    • My Monty is a 2nd build.

  11. Montana is still pretty strong I play it often, with its AA I think you not taking into account players CV skills and they mostly know how to dodge flack which does most of the damage to planes…. take away the Montana name and replace it with almost any other ship and the same would be true.

    • It is a decent ship against fighting cruisers within 15km but in a BB on BB fight it will lose almost every time. It was my favorite tier 10 for a long time but with ships like the kremlin and thunderer it is definitely hard to play the Monty over most other BBs nowadays imo

  12. Powercreep? Admiral Hipper

  13. IJN seriously… Except for some of the DDs you almost don’t see IJN ships anymore. Specially the cruisers. The IJN cruiser line is so powercreeped. Bad turret traverse, super squishy, no heal, no smoke, no radar, bad rate of fire. At least USA got great premiums. Compare Alaska to Azuma… You almost never see Zao, Ibuki, Azuma very few Yoshino. And u see a lot of Alaskas, Des Moines… At least Atlanta got radar. Nagato got the guns, that’s it. Amagi deck armor is bad for today’s standards. Kongo was the best, but still ok. Fuso still Ok. You see a lot of Massa, Georgia, Ohio(all great ships)… Who plays Ashitaka or Kii or Mutsu? They all come with sooo huge weak points that people don’t wanna play it.

    • I personally like the Azuma. Squishy, but more accurate than Alaska, fast reload heal, more heals, and powerful AP. With dfaa the aa is pretty good as well. No sense to use hydro with the Azuma. I do quite well in her

  14. I expected to see: Ibuki, Nagato, and even my favorite, ZAO! Because for some STUPID REASON Zao has LESS HP than tier 9 LIGHT CRUISERS! 40,800 HP on a tier 10 CA – with Rocket planes capable of knocking off ~5000 HP or more in a SINGLE PASS, and soon to come German AP ROCKETS! Capable of 15,000 damage per pass!

    And the Ibuki?? How can ANYONE STAND IT?! It has NO ARMOR – like Seattle, but LESS HP, and lower DPM, and you cannot even stealth torp in Ibuki to make up for lack of DPM!

    • Actually Zao is still one of the best T10 cruisers in my opinion. Sure it has fewer HP and no radar but her torpedoes hit like an asteroid. She is definately no open water gunship or brawler but with her legendary module she has the best accuracy in the game with one of the best concealment values. She is the definition of the rule: kill what is faster or outrun what is stronger than you are. You can almost oneshot every other cruiser you see if you have the patience to wait for the moment to strike. And if the battle is not working in your favour… just burn them and run

    • @Raketenmaulwurf Venezia has superseded Zao in almost every aspect except for obviously the fires.

      Zao is still in my top 3 favourite cruisers sure and she’s not weak but at T10 she suffers a lot the second she begins to get mildly focused by anything.

  15. That first shot is why I really did not like grinding through the Seattle at all..

  16. FYI Mountbatten: Atlanta is still good. She’s been power-crept, as have all of the older ships. However, Atlanta, in my opinion, shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 5 “Power-crept ships”… If you play her more you’ll understand my position…🇺🇸

  17. Hey WG will finally buff the FDG:
    Its called “Ludendorf” and it will cost money or steel, coal whatever.

    • Manik Samaraweera

      It’s coal iirc. They mentioned in the data mine that Ludendorff was the ‘promised Tier IX German coal BB’

  18. Henri IV, was the bane of tier 10 everywhere. When have you last seen one being played?

  19. thechampion awesome

    12:06 I thought he was gonna Sea lord thats a soviet ship (cannot get power crept :P)

  20. I might get hammered for this, but I think most of these powercreep problems could be solved by bringing back the old carrier system. Like you said, one of Montana’s main strengths was her massive AA armament, and no carrier player worth their salt would attack a Montana unless it was absolutely necessary. But now after the “rework”, AA means nothing. “Oh, I lost an entire squadron? That’s fine I’ll just launch another one, it’s not like I can run out of planes.” This would also benefit destroyers, and I think I speak for all destroyer players there. Also, Soviet battleships and heavy cruisers should go. Petropavlovsk has powercrept every battleship in the game. Wargaming should just admit the Soviet navy will always suck no matter what they do, and stick to historical ships as much as possible. Lastly, get rid of coal and steel ships. Just do it. Please.

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