World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Cruisers

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Hey guys! Today we go over my top five premium cruisers! Enjoy!

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
1:49 5.Stalingrad
6:10 4. Agir
9:56 3. Azuma
12:22 2. Atago
16:18 1. Napoli


  1. The USS Liberty video was excellent.

  2. If you like dakka ship, i think the Mainz probably one of the best out there

    Sure she doesn’t have a heal but the gun go brttt, HE do meh dmg but will pen and rekt sh”t, German AP can rekt any broadside

  3. Hi Sealord!
    Can you pls Do one over the NEUSTRASHIMY and how to play her right,that would be great 😊

  4. Of the five, I have Agir, Azuma, and Atago. I do enjoy playing each one, and I concur with your assessment of them as good credit producers.

    U.S.S. Liberty video was well done. How about U.S.S. Pueblo, U.S.S. Maddox, U.S.S. Reuben James? And the last American Navy vessels to receive an award for taking a war prize: USS Omaha (CL-4) and USS Somer (DD-381)? Or U.S.S. Abbot DD 629 ramming U.S.S. Cowpens CVL 25?

  5. We ran an Atago in clan battles last night to great effect. On my short list of premiums to pick up.

  6. Well, I don’t know about the top 5, but I do know about the top 3: the Mainz, Mainz B and the Cross of Dorn.

  7. One Atago trick that most people forget to mention: Torp reload time of merely 101 s. It is very quick considering it is a 4×4 setup, and each fish deals 17333 damage with 10 km range. Combined with maxed out 9.3 km detectability range, it is a lethal ship even in a tier 10 matchup.

  8. Imo the Lazo (T7 Kutuzov) is a criminally underrated ship. Great range (20km with the spotter plane), good shell arcs, and an excellent fire chance.

  9. The Iranian Putin

    Didn’t realize how large the Stalingrad was until I saw it next to a Yamato.

  10. Mainz, Agir, Siegried, Moskva, Salem – I like a bit more tank-y style ships that can roll in brawl range (with angling in some cases). While I have the Atago for quite some time, its just never been one of my personal favorites.

  11. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Good choices, the Atago was one of my first premiums along with the Missouri and the Bismarck. As to the rest thanks to you I have picked up all but the Stalingrad.

  12. Agir is a top 5 ship for me. If I feel like actually winning a ranked game I’ll take the tromp which I’m sure is a surprising pick for people, but players tend to camp and just let me burn them all down with the air strikes. Or I’ll take the Agir.

  13. Steve Oltjenbruns

    Love my Ägir and I just picked up Yoshino and I think it’s a great ship as well.

  14. This list definitely telegraphs SLM’s origins as a BB main, but jokes aside, these are five good picks.
    Five of mine are:
    Moskva, which I prefer to Stalingrad, the quicker reload, hydro and fire-duration in exchange for a bit less survivability just suits me better,
    Mainz is a great ship, simple.
    Maya is a ship I adore, I think it’s a very underrated ship, (it’s basically an Atago with a turret less and at T7),
    Hampshire is a ship that seems to vibe really well with me (But I play a lot of RN CLs so am used to AP only)
    and Atago is an absolutely top-notch, evergreen ship.

    • Shout out for the Hampshire. Often Tips the balance in Ranked – but rarely survives. Ignore it at your peril.

  15. Atago and Azuma are the ships I play when I am frustrated with the game, they both excel in their roles and are always reliable for me.

  16. Maybe I’m weird but HMS Tiger’59 is my favourite CL actually, USS San Diego ain’t bad as well

  17. Players interested in build and captain skills.
    Perhaps you can list those with your recommendations, or drop links.

  18. Absolutely agreed.

    While only Atago is doubs ship, rest of them are obtainable for either coal or steel and they are cool.
    (I don’t have Atago)

    My most played one is Agir. Probably because its really solid ship and can do at close range aswell.

    Stalingrad? Lol, reminds me 1st release of Airships mode, deleted otherwise nasty 3 Smolensk in single match.

    Napoli one of my 2 only rare Lonely warrior achievements.

    Azuma, wow that hurts. The guy in this ship finished my Ohio at close range in Convoy mode with 30K+ salvo, when his RNG didn’t miss whole mine did.

    All of these cruisers are really worthy at least considering as good to get.

    And the best thing is each of them is more or less, but rather very different play style.

  19. Schroder became the true Tier 9 German secondary cruiser.

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