World of Warships Top 5 Premium Ships of 2020

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Today we take a look at the top 5 premium ships released by World of Warships in 2020. In total, 47 premiums were released by including 9 clones. The complete list of all ships is below, including their date of release (thanks to Little White Mouse). This years top includes a , two Cruisers and two Battleships. The Best premium ship of 2020 might not be as much of a surprise though, and is a personal favorite of mine. Be sure to comment on the video with your in-game name and region for a chance to win some goodies. I want to know your top 5 World of Warships premiums, or at least what you felt the best Premium of 2020 was.

The list:
01-02 Indomitable
01.24 Bajie
01.24 Wukong
01.24 Siliwangi
02.12 London
02.12 Cheshire
01 Smaland
04.01 Mainz
04.08 Marceau
04.08 Orkan
04.28 Hayate
05.13 Mikoyan
05.13 Ochakov
05.13 Pyotr Bagration
05.27 Ignis Purgatio
05.27 Ragnarok
06.10 Kirov
06.10 Moskva
06.10 Shikishima
06.10 Odin
06.10 Siegfried
06.10 Agir
06.26 Champagne
07.03 California
07.17 Z-35
07.24 AL Littorio
07.24 AL Sovetskaya Rossiya
08.05 Slava
08.05 Pommern
08.05 Lowenhardt
09.02 Anchorage
09.11 München
09.30 F. D. Rooseveldt
09.30 Paolo Emilio
09.30 Florida
10.28 Oklahoma
11.06 Belfast ’43
11.13 ARP Maya
11.13 ARP
11.27 Jean Bart B
11.27 Cossack B
11.27 Kaga B
11.27 Atlanta B
12.01 Z-44
12.01 Plymouth
12.21 Strasbourg
12.21 Hizen


  1. In game name: Matt_the_italian – Server: EU

  2. in-game name: Area_Ching
    Server: Asia

  3. IGN: General_Horrace_Warfield
    Server: NA

  4. Ign: lucdemodmasternl EU-server

  5. IGN: fergmcc
    Server: EU

    Merry Xmas all

  6. IGN: Hounosuke
    Server: Asia

    I just started playing the game and got my triple returns coupon, super excited to get my first premium ship!

  7. Must say, that I quite enjoy the German play style for their BB.
    Username is Lito92 NA

  8. In game name: Thepeacewizard Server: EU Happy New Year Dude, keep it healthy and stay safe ALL

  9. Love your videos zoup, that’s why I am a Patreon – Chremoa NA

  10. Ismael El Boujadaini

    IGN: adeffect
    Server: EU

    If you are reading this I just wanted to say I love you.

  11. Username: Steelfleet22
    Server: NA

    Merry shipmas!

  12. IGN: bino1980
    Server: EU

  13. Can I have some Soup?
    IGN: DemonsForges
    Server: Europe

  14. IGN: The_Flying_Dutchmann
    Server: EU

    Merry Christmas

  15. nice top, i totally agree!
    ign: action_stemat11
    server eu

  16. Bourgogne is strong and fun to play. In game name: Realangel Server: RU

  17. IGN: Panzerstaale
    Server: EU

    Merry christmas, you filthy animal!

  18. WG: “We have fixed the de sync in our game !”
    De sync in the game: 2:35

  19. In game name: Amperys
    Server: EU
    higher chances than trying to get missouri from steam…

  20. “Anything”
    In game name: captainskygamer
    Server: NA

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