World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Ships That I Regret Buying

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Hey guys! Today we go over five premiums that I would most definitely regret purchasing! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
0:43 5. Roma
4:55 4. Tone
8:08 3. Anchorage
10:57 2. Tirpitz
14:24 1. Sun Yat Sen


  1. I’ve never regretted buying the Tirpitz. It’s one of my most played ships. I got the Tone free in some event, I can’t remember what that event was. It rarely gets play time.

    • Same, Tirpitz to me is a great ship. Very fun, great secondaries, looks great too, interesting history. If you love German BBs, Tirpitz is a must have. Massachusetts is better compared to Tirpitz, however the torpedoes have their uses (I use those as last resort, as a panic button).

    • Yeah, not sure the Tirpitz fits the list. It’s a cautionary tale of buying your way into high tiers, he could have just as easily put any high tier premium in that spot.

    • ​@Joshua That’s indeed what I see with ‘new to Tirpitz’ players. Sometimes they’re clueless and end up in a bad place, other times they focus only on using the torpedoes.

    • Given that I have the Bismarck, I do have to wonder if I should get the Tirpitz over the Mainz and Eugen. Since I love the gneisnau but I’m not entirely sure how German cruisers play, I pretty much use myself as a wedge to scare and dps an entire flank.

    • @Sushi X Eugen is decent but has suffered a bit from powercreep. It plays much more agressive than much of the rest of the line. Slower rof, but is tanky and has a lot of torps.

      Tirpitz is literally Bismarck, but it swaps hydro for torps which you rarely get to use and are knocked out easily. If you love Bismarck, she’s probably worth it.

      Mainz is a fragile HE spammer. She’s good at it if that’s what you want. Possibly the best HE spammer at T8 and probably the most reliable ship out of the 3.

  2. You can actually refund anything that for any reason you didn’t like with the only rule being that you shouldn’t have played more than 1 game on it, I’ve tried it from doubloon ships to even coal commanders and they refunded me every single time

  3. I got the Tone for historical reasons and ignored it for a long time, but after getting used to it with the proper set-up, it can be a good support ship. I do agree that it is not a game changer, but in certain situations it cane be fun to play. Should be offered as a coal ship…

    • i love it for scenarios. good damage with guns and 10km torps the planes just give you range if necessary.

    • I think you need to use torps and stealth as primary weapons. It’s lack of armour and dpm really hurt it and the torp bombers are of limited value.

      I also picked it up for historical reasons, but I saved up free Doubloons so wasn’t as worried about the cost.

    • 482 battles for me in the Tone. My most played ship and I love it. Yes the guns are a rad underpowered especially if you compare it to the atago. You can’t really play it like the atago either even though they are the same ship class.

      The fire chance is still crazy high but the actual dpm is awful. You need to play it like a kiter and controller. Use your torps, stealth, and rudder swing to bait the enemy into chasing you. Then use planes to corral. Most people will react and turn into your torp planes. Use that to your advantage to position them to hit your ship dropped torps.

      The Tone is not an easy ship to use but it can be a blast to play once you get more used to it.

      I don’t claim to be an amazing player.. I am more or less average (Rall_Santi NA if you want to stat shame me I don’t care) but I really do love kiting cruisers and cruisers that you play while on the move constantly. The Tone is one of those and is amazing at slowing down a push on a defending flank.

    • Tone is pretty fun because it has a lot of different tools

    • I agree. Not a game changer but I have a good time in it.

  4. I’d honestly like to see you do one for freemium ships as well. Time is money as they say- throwing away a grind on a ship that turns out to be underwhelming or bad cuz the reviews are tainted by WG still feels bad without directly paying cash.

    • For me…
      The Pommern… When you play Schliefen once, you don’t want to go back (edit: i don’t really regret buying her, as Lütjens is awesome on her and playing her in ranked is very fun. Ransoms aren’t as much though).
      Immelmann, got it out of a super container (i think, definitely didn’t buy it). Don’t like CV play style and starting at t10 with a new ship type is probably the reason i don’t like playing cvs.
      Napoli… grinded the Petro line before, wanted to grind the Italian cruisers next so I got it for coal but comparing it to the Petro or the Alaska it’s not as good (imo). I tried to get into the Napoli again, because i only heard good things about it and Konvoi looked awesome for her, but it lacks something for me. Please give me a reason to play her …

    • Don’t go down the Japanese light cruisers line. Giant ball of suck

    • I regretted Smaland for a while after getting it.

    • Heroic Testicles

      @James Taylor I’d love the chance at getting Smaland so I can regret it after.

  5. I get your reasoning on the Tirp, WG let me have one for a week and then tried to sell me the Tirp at a discount early in my game experience. I played it and hated it. A year later, I got one in a Black Friday container and now, I actually like it, but like the Bismarck better (hydro).

  6. 1000+ matches in Tirpitz. One of my all-time favorite ships. The current meta makes it rough but I still pull it out every so often. I tend to run T7 or below primarily these days. Usually more fun there.

    • 100% playing Tier VII and below- Scharnhorst is a favorite

    • I have Tirpitz on my second account , I dunno how I got it , maybe some random drop container on some event , but lately I play that account as I looking to (get rid of 😉 my main account , and I will play now for fun on that one , and Tirpitz is fun ship to play , have good guns in compare to BIsmark, GK or Pommren in my opinion more accurate , secondaries are German , have torps , only minus is that dont have hydro , but I enjoy play it in convoy , she is my main credit earner now , until I wont buy Pommren , as with every new accout first thing to do is to have 2 things 1. good credit T9 earning ship 2. 21p commander that will earn commander xp .

    • The Defenestrator

      When it was first introduced, Tirpitz did not have the Bismark secondary range. So it wasn’t as good a brawler as it is today. After the range was increased, it became a much more fun ship to play.

  7. I know this isn’t on topic, but this morning I read an article about the USS Washington and how it was the last American Battleship to sink an enemy (Japanese) Battleship. It was a very good article. That American BB should definitely be in this game. Would absolutely love it!!

    • javier Lopez-Pacios

      Yes, the Uss Washington ( North Carolina class) was a incredible ship that hit the Kirishima and the tripulation had to sink it

    • Last built, not last to engage another battleship, that goes to WV, Cali, Tenn and Co. against the Fusos at Surigao Strait on the night of Oct 22-23, 1944, the last battle between any battleships

    • @Alan M i think he meant the last USA battleship to sink the IJN battleship, not the last battleships engagement.

    • @Fayn K. Either Way, WV and co did that, the US standards that were rebuilt after Pearl Harbor, as I said, Wash was the newest USN BB to sink another BB/BC (Kongos are BCs), but not the last

    • Yeah USS Washington’s debut in wows is long overdue

  8. Tiger 59 admiral pack when it first released. Back before I looked at ship reviews before making purchases. Needless to say you and others have greatly helped with ship selections.

    • I got the Tiger in my deleted account from christmas boxes. It’s definitely not a carry ship due to lack of rpm, secondarys and torps. But it’s a ship for team assistant play style due to its utility abilitys.
      I often used it in ranks and made sure enemy DDs would not survive early game or get contest the base successfully.

  9. Charles Larrivee

    Technically Sun-Yat Sen isn’t the first Pan-Asian BB, we have two weird clones of Izumo and Alsace from the Journey to the West event. But since they are weird clones, I don’t know whether they count.

    • If all you care about is the flags they fly and the commanders they can train, then they count, and they are the better choices if only you didn’t need to gamble to get them during the event.

    • I’d say I like the bajie or what ever it is. Think it’s a bit more accurate than the Izumo too

    • The Iranian Putin

      You mean the Wujing? I think that is based off the Alsace. Its 1 of my favorite Premiums.
      Don’t have an Alsace yet, but would like to run it to compare to Wujing.

  10. Tone is a good ship, high accuracy and very good concealment.
    Either you stay in the back and scout DD’s, what safes your HP’s for later in the game, or you just play it like the Atago.

  11. I ADORE my Tone. The excellent conceal makes her great for popping shots off, showing up somewhere they won’t expect, repeat. Especially good with IJN HE.

    Tone’s planes are utility planes, really. They can be used to devastating effect in ranked (100% WR) as you can spot and still be a decent-good heavy cruiser.

    Also, stealth torping in a CA is good memes.

  12. Roma is one of my favorite ships. It fits my aggressive play style perfectly. 90% of the time the ship I’m shooting at is within probably 10kms, and yea sometimes it does still only hit 1 out of 9 shells within 10kms. The Tirpitz is a POS. I got it free in a Black Friday crate and I still feel like I got ripped off.

  13. I do sometimes regret buying Hayate for 2mill fexp (double a tier 9 prem fexp boat) because she’s now a coalship at slightly more coal than a tier 9 premium coal boat…

  14. The tier 6 Italian dd Leone is a ship I regret grinding for. Got her in the Italian container collection, played her for 6 games, and sold her for credits. The guns are so frustrating and the lack of torpedos makes her so hard to play.

  15. I am impressed that Tiger ’59 isn’t on this list, I figured it would be a real contender for the 1 or 2 slot.

  16. If I recall correctly, historically, the Italian 15″ guns generated muzzle energies that enabled them to miss at ranges other navies could not even fire at.

    The stupidest reason that I ever bought a premium for was getting the Duke of York so the hydro-acoustic search would find that blasted Campbelltown DD, in the Narai op. I kind of regret that, but not seriously. Other then the Puerto Rico, the dock yard ships have not been great and the grind is enough that I have trouble playing for about a week after they finish.

    I have some regret for buying the Emden, as WG provides little reward for playing the lowest tiers, even if the game play can be really chaotic and fun.

  17. I’ve been playing my Anchorage more again lately and have been enjoying it but as you said, would consider it meh overall. Personally, I’ve always felt that if it had a heal or a bit better range it would be good. That’s my opinion though.

  18. Atago was my first premium ship. I have Tone and I like that ship for different reasons. You just have to play it as a kite boat and use it as a support cruiser.

  19. The tirpitz was one of my first premiums I paid real money for. Pretty much the day it came out. Time hasn’t been kind to her and it reminds me of when this game was amazingly fun. Tone I got just cause it was a real ship, I had the dubs and wanted to use my coupon. Now currently I have enough dubs for one more dock yard (prolly around Christmas I’m guessing) and after I spend it on that I’m done. No more money from me and honestly might not even play much anymore.

  20. I’m a firm believer in leveling up the capt first before going too far on the tech tree. Usually by the time I get to T6 my capt is around 14-18 pts, depending on modifiers and if I decide to give WG more of my $ for premium lmao 😅. IMO level up the capt’s first in lower tier games to make the higher tier games more manageable in the future…… 2 bits (mic drop)………

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