World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Ships That Were Forgotten Almost Overnight

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that were announced, came out, and then were almost completely forgotten about overnight. Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:21 5. Constellation
5:42 4. Aquila
10:36 3. Anhalt
14:43 2. Halford
18:14 1. Dreadnought


  1. The ingame version of the Constellation is a version that would have been severely damaged in the Pearl Harbor attack, same as the California or 44 W. Virginia, since those were the only two ships that had that level of rebuild for WW2. The new line of US BB’s were also presumably equally damaged in the same attack since they were also given the same level of rebuild.

    • Not necessarily, it could be more of a Renown/QE situation, as in Connie would have been heavily modernized because of her speed, being able to keep up with her sisters and the Yorktowns. Also like her sister, despite not being as heavily damaged at PH, Tennessee was also heavily modernized along the same lines as Cali and WV

  2. Most people who have ‘Dreadnought’ would not have her if she hadn’t been free, since the ship WG put in the Tech Tree which was just a slightly improved version of ‘Dreadnought’.

  3. Dreadnought did get some retro fitted WW1 period “Anti Air” for what it was worth but by that time she wasn’t classed as good enough for the main battle fleet and was leading a costal defence group of pre-Dreadnaughts where she attacked, rammed and sank the U29 making her the only battleship to sink a German U boat. 🇬🇧

  4. It’s not quite overnight, although it was never THE ship to have, but the Indianapolis is a ship that doesn’t deserve to have been forgotten but definitely has been.
    T7 Belfast and Atlanta stole the T7-Radar-Ship thunder back in the day and so Indi was the unwanted 3rd T7-Radar child, and now it seems like players have forgotten she exists. She’s not as squishy as the Pepsi-Cola, although is still lightly armoured but a 10km radar at T7 can be really strong if she is played right, and having radar and hydro means she can still do something when up-tiered, even if she suffers like any T7 up-tiered to T9 games.
    Like all of the US radar cruisers, she can actually still work even in the current meta.

    • Also don’t forget she recently got a armor buff a few months ago.

    • I was grinding commander skills on her last night lol, i love my indy, she’s like the perfect representative for T7 American Heavy cruisers, the only thing i wish she (and other T7s) would have is a basic little heal, doesn’t have to do too much but it’s rough sometimes, getting slapped for 70% of your hp (while angled) and having no recourse for it just feels bad.

  5. I had the Constellation. I even bought an expensive ocean liner camo for it. It looked great, but I got so frustrated playing it, that I sold it for credits, (I’m sure the problem was my lack of skill at the time). I know that was dumb, but I really wanted that thing out of my port. Now I wish I had it back, just for the novelty of it.

  6. We need more pre dreadnoughts and a reason to play tier 2 lol the Mikasa needs some love.

  7. To be honest, the only times I bring the CONSTELLATION out is if Clan Battles are T8, or if I get the occasional itch to do scenarios for the 2 that require radar at the start… Cherry Blossom and Ultimate Frontier.

  8. I have the Anhalt she is a very long ship, but she does sit very low in the water which reduces the area to take damage from the enemy. Plus the fact that she has so many main battery guns makes it really entertaining to play, especially with the spotter plane. I play her when I just wanna have some good old fashion battleship fun. Of course her main battery gun dispersion is not very pleasant, but do not get me started on this balance nonsense from war gaming.

  9. christopher shrank

    Constellation should have the 16″/50s. They don’t need to be USS Iowa’s guns since Connie’s were early versions of those, but something more than Colorado’s guns.
    As for Dreadnought, the whole sub tier 6 needs a lot of love. I would love to see a special mode/event focusing on WW1 where tiers 2-6 get moved into a protected match (no CVs and subs too) to fight each other, but XP and credits are calculated at a higher tier level. Maybe even have missions and/or a campaign with a bunch of freebies to get players to go to it too. There are many ships at the bottom tiers I would want to play more, but MM is sad.

    • Odin Kralgerät 040 041

      Yeah, my mikasa would be an option

    • If I remember correctly, the designs of the Kansas and Minnesota, which was based on the South Dakota “standard” class battleships, were designed with the 406 mm/50 cailber guns as their armament which was a design influence of the Tillman/Vermont class design with 12 406mm/50 caliber guns. Also, the 18-inch tillman design was also 50 cailber ones, not the 45s in game.

  10. imo the most underrated Tier 8 is thr Harekaze II, yes, she’s a collab ship and thats why you literally don’t see it, but she’s a fun little thing
    Kagero Hull, 150mm (german) guns and a 5km hydro… With 5.4km concealment
    Literally nobody expects the Hydro trap, and yes, she has really low DPM, but as said before, if you manage to hydro trap a DD you will have the upper hand
    For a tier 8 she’s a decent enough ship imo

  11. Belfast 43 would be another addition to this list.

  12. I like the constellation. I dont use it tons but I do occasionally.

  13. I had the Constellation, and she is a very vulnerable ship. Sure its fun to surprise a dd in his smoke or torp a bb in a brawl. But at the end of the day her armor is pretty bad…

  14. 1 note on Aquila , its Ah-Key-lah , Fishing boat out of Crescent City that was also a Camera ship for Deadliest catch tv series has same name and ship was owned by an Italian ww2 vet who named her and had a history of getting into brawls if people said ship name wrong 😂😂😂 Ship is WELL known amongst Pacific fishing fleets and ports .

    Constellation is meh but lotsa tricks in her toolbelt.

    Anhalt is popular on Blitz

  15. Like the Dreadnaught, many tier 3 to tier 5 ships have no AA. I enjoy playing the Rio de Janeiro, a tier 5 BB. She also does not have any AA. But she’s still a fun ship to play.

  16. The anhalt is one of my favoutites besides sharning enemys horsts with my sharnhorst, but the anhalt is vary fun with 15 guns

  17. The Anhalt is my go to German battleship , I have 4/5 of the ships in the clip and it is the only one I like to play .

  18. Dreadnought did get a pair of AA mounts added during WW1. It would not have been unreasonable to add these, even if they were largely ineffective

  19. In Dreadnought’s case I think it’s less forgotten ships and more forgotten tiers. As much as I’d like for WoWS to treat the very earliest pre-war era as something other than the paddling pool for brand new players. I don’t think hasn’t been a genunine new premium ship at below tier 5 for years. And why would there be given WGs own treatment of it.

    I got surprisingly high in the top-damage games on the EU about 2 years (16th IIRC) in the Deadnought thanks to the vast number of bots.

    Her AA is of course very amusing given these two dates:
    Flight of the Wright Brothers: December 17, 1903
    HMS Dreadnought Commissioned: 2 December 1906

    But according to Wikipedia at least she did not only get anti-aircraft guns but actually fired them in anger!

    “She was refitting at Portsmouth from 18 April–22 June 1916 and missed the Battle of Jutland on 31 May, the most significant fleet engagement of the war. Dreadnought became flagship of the 3rd Battle Squadron on 9 July, based at Sheerness on the Thames, part of a force of pre-dreadnoughts intended to counter the threat of shore bombardment by German battlecruisers. During this time, she fired her AA guns at German aircraft that passed over her headed for London. She returned to the Grand Fleet in March 1918, resuming her role as flagship of the 4th Battle Squadron, but was paid off on 7 August 1918 at Rosyth. She was recommissioned on 25 February 1919 as the tender Hercules to act as a parent ship for the Reserve.”

  20. For the tier 8 Ranked matches I really enjoyed using the Anhalt.

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