World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Ships That Were Let Downs

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 list for premium ships that were let downs upon their release! Enjoy and let me know what ya think below!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
0:48 5. Sevastopol
5:09 4. Novorossiysk
8:07 3. Strasbourg
10:52 2. Tiger 59
15:03 1. GZ


  1. Iwami for me. Was excited for a secondary japanese bb finally, but she’s just not quite there.

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      Its such a weird design. Other than the raw dmg potential of her secondaries, they gave her literally no other characteristics needed to be a brawler.

    • Kii for secondary build Japanese BB

    • If it ain’t German, don’t trust the secondaries. And if it is German, you should be playing something else in this meta… Which pains me as the German bbs are some of my favorites…

    • @David Potts Ohio, Georgia, and Massachusetts, two of which were so busted they had to be removed, say hi

  2. Personally I think Tiger 59 should get access to HE. Her dpm and would still be miserable, but it would be an interesting enough gimmick to have HE and short fuse AP.

  3. I do own Tiger ’59 and do play her, mostly for the meme of being able to say I own one of the worst ships in the game (Krasny Krym still king of that for me though). I don’t think it would take much to make her decent; just HE would probably do it, because the rest of the ship is typical RN CL; stealthy, good kiter, BB-shells-make-go-boom, with the fun of the “No-one expects the UK radar” games.
    Although I do think it’s funny SLM talks about how terrible Tiger is while smashing a Cleveland to pieces. A Cleveland that knew he was there as well…

  4. I love how you included Sevastopol in both this video and the Top 5 ships of 2022 video

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten What is a Times Person? Did you mean ships that represent the year? Because I almost never saw a single Sevastopol in games either (I am on EU server so NA might have them,idk

    • @Robissx on Eu aswell, maybe see 1 every 200 games. And I almost only play T9 and T10

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Sevastapol is the worst Soviet tier X cruiser. That means she’s only “good” instead of Great/Broken like the rest of the Russian bias.

  5. Александр Ванюков

    Graf Zeppelin is hard to play but it is not bad. I have just played 26 battles after a long break (from playing GZ): 113k average damage, 1.5 frags average.
    I invest nothing in secondaries and use it as a normal CV. My only gripe with it is concealment. Just give it the same concealment as Parseval and it will become noticeably more comfortable.

  6. the Tiger does seem a bit lacklustre without torpedoes but the speed at which you destroyed that cleveland was very impressive.

  7. I miss the RTS cv, was another way to play the game, playing as the captain and not the pilot.

  8. To be honest, the Hizen was supposed to be a ship to fear 12 410 mm guns the same as the izumo with one extra turret, which is a Montana broadside. However, horrible dispersion and sigma and worse penetration make any type of engagement difficult. 32mm deck and plating and the loss of one repair party down to 3 base kit. She’s a ship that I was hyped for but found that she was very hard to have fun playing. Iwami, I would rather play.

  9. I can remember the GZ debacle. After pulling, there were three versions of it at one point.

    I’ve been playing since alpha and a collector/whale. Up until GZ I had purchased every single premium. She stopped this, cvs were and are a mess.

  10. GZ has been my go to ship for Tier 8 ranked cause the lower number of people makes playing the secondary build surprisingly viable and its some of the most fun ive ever had in the game, especially when cocky destroyer players think they can sneak up on the carrier for an easy kill before they suddenly get melted >:)

  11. The Atlanta Fisherman

    My biggest letdown is Vanguard. Sure was looking quite good right up until release when they completely screwed her. I still bought it, play it, and enjoy it, but I want the version before they almost ruined it

  12. For me Incomparable has let me down completely. It has a super heal that you can never use because almost all damage you take is citadels, it has meme Big guns that they either overpen or completely miss. It has its moments but for me it is hard to perform

  13. The Graf Zepplin was a “Bait and Switch” scam. Testing had the GZ with one set of planes (I believe Torpedo planes with very good Torpedoes) and when the player base bought it, it had a completely different set of planes (I believe dive bombers and NO torpedo planes). The stink came that this switch was not announced or if it was announced, it definately was NOT widely disceminated enought that players knew about it.

  14. Wraithsong Gaming

    dont forget the Viribus Unitis. got that ship thinking it was at the right tier. found out the hard way wg changed her to tier 5.

    • I have VU and for the most part, I like it. The guns are punchy for 305’s and fairly accurate, for the most part. You do get wonky salvo’s every so often, but i find it more consistent than most T5 and T6 BB’s. And the armor is plenty serviceable for the tier and her 20 knot top speed is typical of dreadnought-style BB’s. The one glaring weakness is it’s lack of hp, that part is still stuck at T4 levels. I’ve even had a few 100k+ games with her.

  15. Yep when you drop bombs with the GZ, they defy gravity and fall at unusual angles; moreover, as if they are guided munitions which have had their XYZ coordinates corrupted. They made some improvement to this problem but still can be frustrating.

  16. I like all 4 of the all-forward Frenchies. I wish the d’acier camo was available on all of them. And we need a t10 all forward Frenchie BB

  17. While I love my Strasbourg, hard to disagree with the rest, Helped me to decide to skip the Sevastopol, Colbert or Siegfried just look so much more fun.

  18. The PEF! When it was released it had amazing AA at tier 6. WG hyped it for this. The very next patch was the cv rework which nerfed all AA making this ship a complete dud. How about the top 5 ships that are better now then when they were released.

  19. Part of the story about the Zeppelin missed was that wg actually had her in a really good state , between their to mess up of the release to the rework pretty much broke her again .
    I remember the cross drop being quite strong . ^^

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