World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Ships That You Can Buy For The Price Of ARP Yamato

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Hey guys, today we go over five premium ships that you can purchase for the price of one ARP Yamato, enjoy!

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  1. Bro, I’m so done. I just had a match with an ARP Yamato in my ally team that ONLY FIRED HE. Feels like we’re back to 2017.

  2. That honorable mention lol

  3. Nelson shouldn’t be played nose-in but backwards angles, a bit like kiting. Because of her 32mm upperbelt she can bounce all the shells that come to you if you angle properly.

    • And her HE. Ooohhh, her HE. I got her few days ago and, being my first UK ship, I’m loving her. Never saw another BB blowing DDs up so effectively with its main guns.

    • @Paul The Bored

      Back when it was allowed, My Nelson commander had the IFHE skill. This was back when the fire chance was reduced by 2%, instead of being halved. The HE shells had a fire starting chance of 46% and a penetration of 131 mm. I stove in the side of Nurnberg causing two citadel hits and starting two fires.

      Early in the AL collaboration, I was able to get the AL Nelson camo to go with the AL Nelson ship girl commander. Ship girl Nelson was my second 19 point commander.

  4. ARP is only a ship skin, wargaming is becoming 2k or EA.

  5. As an aside: Given most of Mutsu’s secondaries are 140 mm, while as a T6 improving the accuracy with skill is kinda wasted, their base accuracy, like all IJN 140 mm secs, should be Massachusetts level.

    Also, Scharnhorst vs Odin, Odin gets a hydro and better secondary range, but Scharnhorst just gets better matchmaking, more hp, better reload, better secondary dpm and better secondary firing angles. Given it isn’t guaranteed to see cruisers it cannot overmatch, I rate Scharnhorst a good bit higher than the Odin. Also, having a lack of overmatch at T7 isn’t an exclusive Scharnhorst issue the way it is for Odin.

  6. I’d swap Mutsu for the venerable Atago, still the best Japanese premium that you can buy in the shop. Pretty good list though.

  7. or you can buy 5 triple A games for full prices, food for atleast a month, A clothes, or two 1/700 yamato model

  8. I saw an Arp Yamato yesterday on the enemy team. He had no idea what he was doing. The arp got killed first. That guy actually charged ahead of his team in it! Hahahahahaha you never do that in Yamato. Hahahahaha

  9. ARP Yamato is peak EA strategy from wows

    They didn’t even bother changing any stats, *OK EA*

    • I think if it was EA they would make it overpowered, make it more desirable and stick it in unfair lootboxes.

    • @TheGlassSword Maybe lol, those usually arent as bad as EAs boxes though

    • @CORV3TT33 Ever heard of World of Tanks? If so, ever heard of Defenders? Patriots? Skorpions?

    • @Lee Marcus Having played all three though on console not pc so maybe they are different, only the Skorpion feels op and only if you play well, the Defender refused to hit anything and the Patriot seemed to fit in just fine in T8 meta.

  10. World of Warships a ‘Whaling mans action game” jump in at tier 10 and join the action.

  11. My Shimmy has already eaten 3 ARP Yamatos. They’re quite tasty and look so festive sinking.

  12. My only hope is that the weebs that buy this ship feel at least a little pathetic knowing they spent that much money. Thats all I ask.

  13. 2 years later: Top 5 cars you can buy for the price of a tier 10 premium

  14. Damn, the price they charge for a mere skin of a T10 tech tree ship is humongous. And BTW, they broke their promise not to sell a T10 ship again… But this time it’s even a tech tree one! poor weeb guys.

    • You also get the ship, if a player doesn’t want to grind the line let him spend the cash if he wants.

    • As a fan of the series i am really disappponted that wg pulled that off..
      I really want this ship but it’s just waaaay to expensive.

      I mean back when the first arp collab was a thing we were able to get 4 Kongos, 4 Myokos and an Atago for free through
      missions and now it’s just “Buy or Die”

      I wish they made a special dockyard thing or at least some missions to reduce the price of that ship

    • @Steffen I agree. I am no fan of ARP, but back in the day I still managed to get some of the ships simply by playing. Now the prices are insane…

  15. “As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote” Herman Melville -Moby Dick.

  16. @Mr. Hakim yeah i know lol

  17. “An actual Yamato” Love it

  18. I love… love my Lenin. She can tank all day and the guns are super accurate. AA and huge exposed citadel are issues.

  19. I already have all five of these ships. I need to give the Lenin another chance. I have found it rather disappointing, but it may just be me. The other four ships have my unqualified recommendations, as very fun ships to play.

    The Lenin does have what is probably the most garish skin out there. I got mine when it first came out and it came with a skin that took its styling cues from Lenin’s Tomb.

  20. Well just like with Payto Rico wg let some staff play ARP Yamato on new accounts, that have ONLY matches with this ship, so at best check the players stats.

  21. Seriously! I’m grabbing canned soup and saltines. Heck with stressing over toilet paper: simply jump in the shower for a quick rinse off.

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