World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Ships To Avoid Like The Plague

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Hey guys! Today we go over five premiums I would advise avoiding at all cost! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
0:46 5. Vanguard
2:58 4. Halford
6:34 3. Nottingham
9:35 2. Guiseppe Verdi
12:53 1. Sun Yat-Sen


  1. Hey Sea-lord, Giuseppe Verdi has the same dispersion of 254m but only a Sigma-Value of 1.7 in contrary to Marco Polo which has the same dispersion like the Verdi, but a Sigma-Value of 1.8. So I wouldn’t really call the Verdi MORE accurate than the Marco Polo.

  2. Halford makes sense of you understand that the aircraft is for spotting ONLY. You play it like a dd pretty much all the time, but if you’ve won your flank and are needed to spot on the opposite side of the map you can send the aircraft while traveling with autopilot. Not a bad ship if understood

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      And that’s the problem with spotting , to this day spotting is not rightfully rewarded and the game is all still about Damage dealing

    • ​@Mech Franka T. Lieuspotting nets almost as much xp as damage I thought?

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @King Muddy even if I believe that (and I’m not sure I do) it’s based on the DAMAGE your teammates do based on your spotting. If you keep something spotted but nobody shoots at it then you don’t get JACK.

  3. How the hell does Fletcher fit four planes? I swear WG is getting more delusional with every update.

    • It fits one and it uses its wormhole creator device onboard to get 3 others from other Halfords in parallel dimensions.

      In all seriousness, this ship has potential for interesting gameplay and they went for the lazy option unfortunately.

    • @Joshua WG cant really do good historical hybrids. Unless its something they just entirely whip out of their asses it ends up dissapointing.

    • @Sapphir If they cared about historical accuracy, there wouldn’t be any Russian ships above T5 or T6 except for destroyers.

    • @Allan  @allanbourdius  many Russian ships are historical, even if they weren’t finished and their capabilities are inflated.

      Often the designs were fairly sound, even if their manufacturing capabilities couldn’t build them.

      Soyuz, for instance, is in the right place in game being comparable to Lion. The game doesn’t account for steel quality, etc.

      Stalingrad and the other derivatives would have been powerful cruisers/battlecruisers were they finished.

      Kutezov, Chapayev, etc were powerful cruisers. Compare them to the Towns, also at T8.

      I’m happy with the paper and under construction ships being included and even with their stats being boosted due to Soviet steel inferiority. It’s also ok when they take slight liberties in order to fill the tech tree.

      I’m less happy with the artificially inflating stats of certain ships (normally paper) beyond what is reasonable and when they completely make things up.

      Soviet shipbuilding was a mess due to Stalin’s interference, so WG have to work with what they’ve got.

  4. Whaaaaaaaat? A list of premium ships to avoid that doesn’t include Tiger ‘59?! I don’t think that’s allowed. 😂

  5. Александр Ванюков

    Vanguard is a good ship but it is has a high skill floor.

  6. I have vanguard and is lacking in accuracy and distance. Shame as 15″ from that BB were the best marine guns build in Europe. I would agree also on lacking of consumables. I won Sun from some giveaway and oh boy it was so inaccurate and so low on damage that I was on verge on selling it for silver. I kept it but it is very specialised ship needing real good approach (and luck in battle). For my list I would add Pommern – for me similar to Sun but will less agile body.

  7. I got the Sun-Yat Thing for free in an event box, and I’d still like a refund.

  8. Meanwhile on console Verdi got a Radar or Sonar, as well as the fact that games tend to be closer to the enemy making those SAP secondaries pretty good

    And Vanguard is easly top 3 tech tree Battleship at its tier (1st imo) being really accurate while reloading in 22sec, and have access to a reload boost

  9. Got a Verdi from super container, no complain

    The trolling moving smoke is fun and the sap doing nice number to CL and DD

    The gun accuracy is more on RNG side 😢

  10. Glad to see the Tiger ’59 didn’t make this list. She might be a crappy ship, but she is still fun to play.

  11. I honestly think Halford would have been really interesting if it had the fighter consumable. It would give it a bit of protection from CVs, give it a little bit of spotting when in smoke and so would offer something a bit different to the smoke/hydro and smoke/radar. Thrown in Def AA and Halford could have offered a real challenge to CVs trying to deal with it, and would fit in nicely with Kidd still being a potent AA ship, and as well as the B-Hull for Monaghan.
    But no, instead of some interesting game design, WG insisted on shoving more World of Planes down our throats.
    While I wish I could disagree, Vanguard is in desperate need of some TLC.

  12. Regarding Halford, not owning it myself, I always estimated the plane most effective for sort of pre-scouting (autopilot to the first spot then launch while en route). Maybe an unintended use, but (also not owning them myself) I always planned on the tactic with hybrid BBs…

    Regarding GV, I tend to like her. Not the best in the game, obviously, especially with radar proliferation? But I do tend to get great use of the secondaries. Just me, mayhaps.mayhap.

    Side note: perhaps these ships are the intent behind the trade-in?

  13. Vanguard would be easy to fix: lower citadel water level or just below, increase krupp value of AP so it would have less change shaddering and add 16% main battery gun range. It would still be squishy, but harder to wipe out completely and it could use speed and maneuverability to dictate easier the range with additional range

  14. Vanguard hurts. She underwent several re-designs over the course of her construction and a lot of work went into optimizing her main battery and especially her AA suite, and none of that is reflected in-game.

  15. SYS is a good ship imo. She’s tough, and has a quick reload for 457’s. The only downside is she doesn’t really have secondaries and has a short range, but I still like her

  16. Vanguards guns should be laser pointers, the british 15 inch was extremely accurate and vanguard had very good late ww2 fire control and radar.

  17. I disagree on Vanguard being “bad”, but it could certainly use some love. She should definitely get some sort of consumable, with DFAA being an obvious and easy choice to add. If they wanted to be more creative, they could give the Vanguard a new kind of consumable, like: RADAR fire control, where it massively increases the sigma and/or the dispersion of salvos for some period of time. That way it would make it deadly when in the right place, but not too crazy.

    If they wanted a no gimmicks buff, it could use the battlecruiser dispersion formula, while keeping its 2.0 sigma. That way it really leans into its accuracy.

    Personally I think the ship is just “balanced”. It’s not amazing, it’s not terrible, it’s fine but I can absolutely see why people would want it to be buffed.

  18. Thanks for this video about all the ships WG will put in my Santa crates this year.

  19. Vanguard is great. Not a powerhouse, but her guns are very accurate which makes her a good battlecruiser. In games where both sides are playing non-aggressive and not pushing, this ship really shines as she can just pick off anyone who is just meandering around their side of the map. And since she is very maneuverable she can easily avoid major damage as long as you pay attention to whos around shooting. When you consider how many bad premium ships there are in the game, I would say this list is totally wrong.

  20. Vanguard is otherwise pretty good but when uptiered against tier 10s you’re in big doodoo because of your guns.

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