World of Warships- Top 5 Premium Ships

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An update to my list of my favorite premium ships

Again this is all 100% my opinion


  1. Yeah the Mass is my current favorite as well. Only problem is if the Reds are all island hiding which happens a lot 8-10 and you push too early you get torped to death. For 750K free XP would you wait tell the next batch gets released since i think that is soon? Don’t we have Tier 9 US, French and another RU coming?

  2. For me the atago is a fun ship and the asashio

  3. can you tell me what is your fav tech tier ships

  4. Cool video. My list would be:
    1. Missouri – Great credit printer and commander trainer. With her accuracy and radar, she is really useful ally to have.
    2. Belfast – OP AF. Can be killed easily but with proper build is extremely deadly. Also has Batman’s toolbelt of consumables.
    3. Alabama – You already said what is good about her 🙂
    4. Nikolai I – OP AF. Better turret rotation angles than Oct. Revolutsiya (3 turrets facing front), mostly plays in its own tier or at +1 tier.
    5. LoYang – Can bully DDs in cap, can play as gunboat when needed, overall great DD.

    I don’t have Massa but I suppose it could replace LoYang for me due to my love of secondaries (GK and Republique).

  5. Gear reveal and stream/video/OBS settings.

  6. draw my life 😉

  7. Where is my Giulio Cesare? :'(

  8. 1 Roma is best ship in game. 2 abruzzi is second best ship in game. 3 Duca d’Aosta is third best ship in game. 4 the caio dulio class battleship cause it is good a may many things btw this is %100 factual not at all bias to the Italians

  9. Resist the machine U2

    Naked Women, just kidding, just keep the videos coming they are great.

  10. I just stumbled upon your channel and i have to ask.. Why do you play with so many, imo, important settings turned off? Like not having ship names and hp always on instead of having to toggle it to see what you are shooting, plus last known positions and ship names on minimap. I would feel crippled with your settings hehe.

    Mostly just curious, but it also makes it a bit harder to see whats going on in your videos. To see if that red ship (just in general, not pointing at any specific point in the video atm) that popped up in the background is full hp or almost dead, if its something with torps or not, if i agree or disagree with whatever play you made :p

    And its always a good idea to know where those DD’s were last seen etc.

    Anyway, keep it up!

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      For the Ship HP and names, my mouse has several hot keys on it, and one of those is “alt” so it’s a mere click of one of these buttons to toggle it. I’ve been meaning to turn last known position on for…..ever, but I keep forgetting lol.

      I also play in 1440p so that already makes the HUD small, but with 7.8 HUD scaling will finally be added and that will help, A LOT

  11. imho Rig reveal and or the interesting stuff in ur workspace, ( eg any model ships or ship posters etc?)

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