World of Warships- Top 5 Premiums To Avoid Buying 2

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Hey guys! I’m bringing you guys another Top 5 premiums to avoid buying, enjoy!

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  1. I’ve had some good battles in the Genova and in fairness it puts the same amount of shells downrage per minute as the Exeter 24 excluding adrenaline rush of course. I’m not saying it’s great but u can make it work

    • Except it’s double the size of Exeter, has higher citadel and people don’t overpen it nearly as much: Exeter also has HC, meaning you have options when dealing with Bow-On targets and that slow RoF on Exeter actually deals consistent damage. On Genova you often find yourself with half of your landed shells in a battle being “ricochet” and just 10-15k damages on average.

  2. To be fair, In real life the Italian shells had horrendous quality control. As a result they could be wildly inaccurate.

    • Not really: at least not all along the war.
      The problem was multifaceted: Italian BB had diferent sources of problems, like Cavour class having barrels rebored which subtracted from the whole rigidity and inducing a loss of accuracy when the shells were fired at full load (BB ignition charges were made adding separate “bags of power”: the more, the more acceleration the got). Littorio class entered war as a non fully operational ship (like KGV) and after the first skirmish the Italian Navy realized the quality control in ammo charges sucked quite a bit, inducing a lot of dispersion. This was taken care and by the first and second battle of Sirte, observation confirmed the guns were behaving according to design expectation. This being said, Italians and British in the Mediterranean fleet used to open fire between 25 and 30 km for the enemy, which makes the abysmal hit rate understandable. For this reasons Roma Never suffered the “dispersion problem” because by the time it get fully operational quality controls had already been taken care of. Trento and Giussanano had a particular turret arrangement: both guns were assembled in a rigid system which did not allowed them to move separately (like each twin guns in the French quadruple turrets). This allowed the turret system to be lighter but induced some resonance which could influence the accuracy of each gun. Zara class, Aosta and Bolzano took some measure to correct this behavior with a new gun design but still there was some issues. The problem was solved completely only in the Abruzzi class and in the secondaries on the Littorio class. HE ammos suffered from bad ballistics because of the shell aerodynamics: this was never solved because the new HE remained a prototype until 1943 when it became useless.
      This being said the problem with guns was widespread: KGV guns never was satisfactory because it alway had glitches impossible to correct. Nelson guns were so plain bad that the project was dropped as a failure. French Richelieu had very, VERY bad dispersion which was never cured: still in 1953 the American rebuilt 380mm accuracy on the Jean Beart was considered unacceptable by the French navy.
      Bismark guns were also very bad: half of the shells hitting KGV did not explode because of bad fuse design.
      Most of the bad press on the Italian ships came from the British War propaganda, which had to dismiss the threat posed by the Italian navy due to their inability to field equivalent modern BB. War propaganda informations were taken without a grain of salt by military press in the fifties and sixties and still are available today. KGV was a very meh ship with inferior guns and even on the Vanguard they had to fit WWI turret because non of their modern guns design ended up being acceptable by the Royal Navy. Bad press was also coming from the Italian Navy which had to justify its own failures, most notably by writings from Admiral Angelo Iachino, which was responsible for the disaster at Capo Mattapan and yet was able to keep command of the fleet due to political connections and deceptions.

  3. I Agree with all save 1, Roma.
    Roma is yes infuriating to say the least to play, if you try to play her looking for big damage numbers like one does most other battleships.

    Roma is a mid Range Tank/Brawler, which behaves a lot like a russian Battleship with very similar characteristics (Most Soviet ships were taken from Italian design pre WW2)
    She’s got very fast turret traverse, sub 30 seconds, very good deck and citadel Armour, provided you’re not flat broadside, she’s fairly maneuvrable, the AA sucks but that’s not news for Italian ships. And very good concealment and gun angles facing forward, 31° for all 3 turrets I think.

    The best way to play her is setting up with one side to an island bow on to the enemy at 12-8km where their shells either hit your guns, the sliver of superstructure visible to them and everything else bounces, manage your damage con and repairs for fires, keep shooting any target regardless of distance since you’re mostly in the hands of RNGesus, and when the enemy gets frustrated enough they will rush you, at which point you go Full Bore and drive by them, for BB’s you wait till you’re broadside to broadside, for cruisers you fire as soon as you can see a decent chunk of side armour or just before you are within their torpedo angles.

    I’ve had fairly consistent and successful games with her using this general strategy, in fact I think I have 55% plus victories in her.

    Then again I admit I may be biased since i am Italian.

    • Roma can work: nobody will argue about that… It is just that YOUR contribution to her success is limited! IF and WHEN she decides to behave its fun, but I lost count of how many time, after suffering through hell I finally get in position to get my sweet revenge… and the damn guns decide to miss 3/4 of the shells and the rest of them overpen! This will NEVER happen to a Russian BB which by design is made to be super accurate inside 10km of range and usually has larger guns, less prone to Overpen. Russian BB also get very good HE, while Roma He are probably worse then German ones. Should I add Roma has tier VII comparable reload time and useless secondaries despite carrying, in reality, a Duca degli Abruzzi on her flanks?
      This is the only ship where, spotting a DD or a light cruiser at short range, I’m debating if it’s even worth taking a shot or rather keep my shells for something I can actually deal damage to…

  4. I would rename this video: “5 ships that are not Russian enough”…
    BTW, Genova is a paper ship: it was never built and it is a sort of heavily nerfed down Trento they call “Trento prototype”, but it is not.
    About Roma I’m still sad after almost 2 years: I take it out every new moon to just get the feel of it, but you don’t spend 45€ in a chunk of bits that you play once a month for no particular reason (and without a proper battleship tech tree) it is a gorgeous ship but I wish it had less success forcing WG to tweak it.

  5. yeah, the Genova sucks, i citadeled it 9 times once when it was broadside to me… while in a dd…

    • Same. I citadeled a Genova 4 times in a T-61. That ship is garbage.

    • LOL! Me too!

    • IF you treat the ship as a citadel-able DD, then it’s actually quite good (in otherwords treat it like a minekaze without smoke)

    • @Ian Mortimer but you could probably put 4 minekaze in line and still have some citadel to spare on Genova: this ship is as long as a Kongo, and probably has the same height, which is not great for a very short ranged ship that need to get close to the enemy. What is worse is that it has just enough belt armor to guarantee a penetration without the overpenning problems common for the British and French cruisers: WG made it suck by design! >__>

    • @Leptospirosi if it’s not russian, (and technically in the correct period (upto WW2)) of course it’s gonna be crap, because …………..I think you get the picture

      But…. that being said, ALL SHIPS have weaknesses and strengths, just play to the ships strengths and avoid showing the weaknesses – ADAPT. Genova is good if you use the torps as the primary armament and the guns as secondaries, use islands to your advantage and smoke screens (since you’re not using your guns you CAN get close (if you have a semi-competent DD player))

  6. Can you do a video(s) about which low tier premiums to buy/not buy?

  7. Bought the Tirpitz when it came out years ago. These days I’m not sure if she is worth it’s money.
    Yes u can have good battles sometimes and it’s overall OK.
    But do yourself a favor and get the Massachusetts instead.
    I have a lot situations in my tirpitz where my full Salvo misses an enemy broadside sailing bb at 6km and not a single shell hit it.
    It depends too hard on RNG.
    The secondaries arent that impressive, yeah it can be fun, but it’s more a lightshow without much impact while loosing the captain points for survivability. It’s too mediocre and there are just way better ships out there.

    Still hoping they give German bbs Russian bb dispersion someday.

    • Same I got the Tirpitz the day after it came back way back when I would say get the Massachusetts cause the accuracy at long range is trash but I still managed to get two random citadels at 18km in a game earlier today

  8. Nikhil Seenivas T K

    “if a dd looks at you wierd”
    lolibote: ara ara

  9. I personally still love the PEF.
    Aa is still great, you can get like 6km secondary range and your still a cruiser hunter.

  10. Do you think you could do similar list of good and bad ship, but of the tech. line ship? So we can know which lines are more worth the grind than others.

  11. the great book of grudges

    Disagree on DoY. Its damn accurate kgv

  12. I agree on genova, Genova Is a floating mess of a ship

  13. I don’t know why everyone seems to be hating on the Genova, I’m falling in love with that ship. I’ve gotten several great games out of it, and yeah, I’ve gotten deleted a couple of times, but that’s because I made a bad play. I don’t find the reload to be that cumbersome either. I’m really happy with the ship, and if the other Italian cruisers are even better, that may well become my favorite line.

  14. Seeing omaha not being citadeled while broadside is giving me anxiety

  15. Genova is best played as a Torp boat with secondary guns and no concealment – it’s not good but not totally rubbish

  16. Hey Mount what about a top 5 video of rarest premium ships? 🙂

    Keep up the vids!

  17. My ships are bad and I should feel bad.

    The Krasny Krym is the only one of the five that I do not own.

  18. Why would you give a Tier V Cruiser a Battleship reload time?
    Because it is not Russian.

    • Jesus you guys never get bored with this shittalk? Everyone has better reload than that crap, thats just exclusive Italian shitness, moreover, its historically accuraze 100%

  19. Despite of that everything you said about these ships was right, I pretty much like my Roma, Genova and Prinz E.F. Sure they need some buff but they are not that bad. IMHO

  20. Small obscure fact about Duke of York is that she gets improved open angles on her AP shells, like Anerican AP.

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