World of Warships- Top 5 Premiums To Avoid Buying

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Hey guys, today i bring you you should avoid buying, enjoy!

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  1. Sudeshna Das Sharma

    7:04 Soviets bb from tier 3-5 can bounce yami shells

  2. Indomitable is SO BAD i ACTUALLY considered requesting a refund for it

    • @Fluffy Slippers i dont play it as a tank ship Fluffy. Sounds like I play it like you. Maybe I’m frustrated because there is no reward when you get the right position to punish broadside bb’s, when up tier’d vanguard becomes a HE slinger and in that case you may as well be in Monarch.

    • @turk thrust I tired and used to tank it but now i don’t haha If anything i play it like a cruiser haha. HE slinging is the only way now. Think of it a thunderer or hood for T8

    • @Fluffy Slippers yeah thats the way forward fluffy thank you I’m going to give it another go as its a great looking ship 🙂 As someone else pointed out its me thats making it a bad ship not the ship.

    • @turk thrust Hopefully you can make it work so you can enjoy it more 🙂

    • AlfaTau World of Warships

      @turk thrust Vanguard is a very good BB . However you need to sit in the back and snipe . HE are very good and AP are also very effective. Only 8 guns but quite accurate. It’s not meant for brawiling: if you do you will regret. That’s all.

  3. Sudeshna Das Sharma

    14:39 hail the Russians for making the first star destroyer in world of warships

  4. 2 things

    1. What was the weird effect in vid when torpedo hit you (only played mobile , be joining pc in near future)

    2. Series request / ideas
    Individual country/line breakdowns (at current version of game) including common traits (ie Kms are AP heavy and Bb are brawlers)

    Best lines for Aggresive, sitback , teamwork playstyles

    Lexicon of terms players use youtubers may not understand 🙂

    Farming ships for free to play and whales

    Easiest / hardest lines
    Rarest ships used
    Game mechanic spotlights (captains , equipment , flags etc)
    Ships to avoid fighting when your a (line/class)
    Funny moments

    Many vids on these topics are out of date 🙂

    • charles lundelius

      if i am correct in what i think you are referring to, its the effect from the ARP ship torpedoes.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      The effect is a torp getting close to you. It’s one of the many things I dont understand why we dont get on mobile, even as a togglable option

    • If you are talking about the purple weeb explosion when he got hit by the torp in the Viribus then charles here is correct. The ARP ships got “anime” effects on torps and fires and stuff..

  5. Im surprised you didnt put Yahagi or even Genova on the list…

    • Yahagi is bad but at least it’s kind of fun and gimmicky. Those 12 km torps on the small Tier IV-V maps are a riot.

    • A lot of players; perhaps most of them; who got the Genova did so by grinding some missions during the Italian cruiser event, or maybe it was the Puerto Rico event. I pity the players who paid real money for it.

      However, I’ve come to the conclusion most tier 5 and 6 premiums aren’t worth purchasing; unless the are really, really fun to play or straight up OP so they can perform at a reasonable level when up-tiered.. Until we see the effects of patch 0.9.2 on cruiser play, I wouldn’t purchase any tier 7 premium cruisers either.

    • Yahagi isn’t bad, it’s just not a good premium. Those torps are useful. Genova I got for free so I am not very judgemental about it’s poor performance.

    • Александр Ванюков

      Genova is 10 times than Poltava. At least I know hot to make Genova work.

    • Genova is so bad I forgot I had it and sold it, thank you for reminding me

  6. Matthew Wypyszinski

    There is a Russian t5 which bounces yammy as well, 72mm bow

  7. looks to me viribus unitis created by WG just for collection, like mikasa

  8. we all know that roma is an experiment for WG before they release the entire Soviet BBs,
    the gun on roma is shit therefore WG introduce the soviet trait closer you get the more accurate it is BS.

  9. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    Historically speaking… the vittorio veneto-class got some issue with it’s gun accuracy… due to speed that the shells was fired AND the range the 15in guns can do are the root cause of it’s inaccuracy.

    they have to reduce the propellant’s force and the max range they can fire to give the guns some consistent accuracy and prolong it’s barrel lifespan…

  10. andreas pedersen

    Agree With the viribus…
    I understand they tried to avoid getting another GC, but the 2 cant be compared. Soooo slow, bad AA, T3 hp. A little nerf to the dispersion would’ve made it a good T4.
    I stopped playing it when i in a Battle tried to follow the other ships to the cap, so i pushed in to bring my guns to bear To find the enemy team pushing that flank. My team had started fleeing, and as i had turned my ship i was the last ship focused hard. Got killed by CV…
    Not sure about the Roma on this list. I would’ve chosen the Vanguard instead. Sooo inconsistent. Bad armor, Meh pen on the guns.

  11. Evangeline Anovilis

    VU: “She’s the only ship that can bounce Yammy shells. Well, I mean there are other ships that can, but she is the only one that can do it constantly…” except Pyotr has a completely reinforced bow too and is better in every way and same tier.
    Roma is a far better ship than VU tier for tier. Its major issue are the guns and that’s basically it. AA is not great either, but doesn’t matter as much. The Roma guns have the same accuracy as the old Bismarck and the current Richelieu, however, they have the most insane shell velocity and penetration of any 15 inch/38 cm gun and identity issues in being too inaccurate and short-ranged to be good at sniping, while also being too strong for reliable close-range performance where they overpen anything that isn’t heavily armoured or angled. Still, as Yuro stated in his how to Roma, the Roma still can stay afloat like a pro and basically just rack up damage over time. VU has trouble staying afload even in matches vs T4s, compared to other BBs.

  12. After opening 50+ supercontainers over my 5 and a half years of this game, I can finally say I earned a free premium this way. It’s the Krasny Krym, yay!

  13. Christopher Jonasson

    The Viribus Unitis, most tier 4 BB:s will smack it

  14. lol. I only have the Roma, may have received it in a Xmas crate. Don’t play CV’s and I dont have the other 2 non cv ships. Cheers.

  15. These lists are giving me deja vu

  16. sinop is my favourite ship in the game. no t10s and when you get matched with t5 you can just charge in with the right angle you’re indestructible oh and 9 406mm guns and good secondaries

    • hmm the secondaries arent that good but still a great ship

    • Any of the T7 BBs with 16in guns are monsters when facing T5 foes. My Colorado and Nelson are brutal to the little guys. The Lyon might be the most bonkers T7 BB when downtiered to T5. It effectively has double the firepower of a typical T5 BB.

  17. In the Roma Part…I love how the shells turn into Missiles, instantly changing angles last second xD

  18. How indomitable even managed to get into live play is only a question the mystic beings at WG can answer but either way, just the idea of a CV with no torp planes sounds retarded. Definitely a ship i was looking forward to but absolutely one to avoid! Its not like its HP is superior to its tier counter parts even though armor protection was a selling point.

  19. Out of all the ships you recommend avoiding i agree except 1. The Roma. Its a brilliant unique battleship that has a character like no other and honestly one of the strongest tier for tier ships.

  20. The Viribus Unitus, is a tier 4 ship, that wasn’t even meant to see tier 6’s…. And now it sees tier 7’s….

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